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Perspective from a 51 year old Gamer

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by ETandK, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. “Grazie Infinte” dear Kunos Simulazioni Team, I mean this sincerely.

    This brings me to the point and motivation for this post, PERSPECTIVE.

    You have taken gazillions of zeros and ones, mixed it with your technical ability, added passion, talent, and precious time, and cooked this fantastic dish called Assetto Corsa,

    It is not only a racing game or simulation, it is much more.

    Assetto Corsa is a platform for us to live our passion, to create memories, and have fun.

    To explain this is not that easy but I will try,

    I have been a PC gamer since the early 90s and always enjoyed 3 genres, Flight & Racing Simulators and First person shooters. Played Doom no cheats, flew in EF 2000, Fleet Defender, MS Flightsim, raced in the epic GP2 by Geoff Crammond and later GTR.

    Autoexec.bat, Config.sys had to be fine tuned to squeeze every byte of RAM to optimize the early games. No Gigabytes of this and GHz of that, basic hardware only, the days before Pentium processors and high speed graphics cards.

    And as simple as these games were it created memories, even today I recall some of those from my virtual life.

    And this is what I experienced most recently and made me think, driving the beautiful F2006 and now the epic the F2002 F1 Ferrari of Michael Schumacher, and watching my replays brought a lump to my throat, understand why since I am a very old fan since 1993 who followed his entire career.

    To experience such strong emotions from a game, how is this possible?

    Only because of the passion which was used to create this beautiful game and the fantastic mods by our talented community can explain this sensation.

    Thank you for letting us live this fantasy, creating memories and having fun, this is after all what it’s about.

    To the rest, don’t loose perspective, have respect for the talent and enjoy this era you live in with all the choices, software and hardware power options before you demand more, criticize, troll, whatever you call it.

    Wake up and smell the coffee sunshine, life is too short and precious to waste.

    Only burn rubber!......................


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  2. i second that statement iam 39 lived thru al de development in hardware and software we are very lucky to live in this time and space thanks kunos
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  3. Nice words mate and u are right. Im only 25 but i still remember when i was just a little boy playing grand prix 2 with a old momo wheel. I was simply amazed by it and now look what beautyfull games we got. And its only getting better with virual reality right around the corner. I have played many games from many different genres but the racing sims are the only ones i can keep playing for years without ever getting bored with it. The pure adrenalin and sweaty palms u can get while your heartbeat raises sitting in your rig is just truly amazing. Its adictive and im hooked.
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  4. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    I'm 54, and have to agree, I'm slow, and frankly can't seem to get near the times, but that doesn't take away the thrill of racing against live humans, it is amazing, RD Australia is a great community, run by @Chris Stacey, although I'm a last place add on, after a year at it, it is still exciting.

    Well done.
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  5. William Wester

    William Wester

    Same here but I have you by 11 years (62) :confused: Been a computer geek/virtual racing nut since we could first do this type of thing from our homes. Cars IRL have been my passion since before I could legally drive the roads.

    I do give credit to Kunos for another good racing sim, but today we have a smorgasbord of racing games/sims - I don't remember another time when there's been so many quality racers at a single point in time. I do enjoy AC, but I also appreciate the excellent games put together by Sector2 (R3E), ISI (rFactor2), Reiza (SCE, soon Automobilista), to a lesser extent but still quite an achievement pCARS and Dirt Rally. It's good times for virtual racing enthusiasts!
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  6. I agree with all of the above, we have never being in this position before with so many good sims.
    Happy times :=)
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  7. Thanks for this post. Idk why, but i feel better.

    Can't forget the hours spent playing F1GP by Geoff on Amiga 500.
    Just a bunch of colored polygons. But it was so deep, much challenging as rewarding.
    Same today with AC, after 25 years. I'm 35 but sometimes i'm just a baby. :)
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  8. I'm 48 and used to be thriled playing this game using the cursor keys (see picture). Now I play AC on triple 1440p screens, 980ti, G27 steering clamped to a Playseat. We have come a long way !! Thanks to the PC racing industry in general including Kunos !!
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  9. Anthemius


    I remember myself playing "Pole Position" on ΖΧ Spectrum +2 (with the "embedded" cassette player :))

    The funny thing is that I enjoyed it!

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  10. I have been a gamer/simmer just as long as you, if not longer and I agree to an extent. But RRE is miles better in accomplishment than Assetto Corsa. Try it and be amazed. :thumbsup: And open your perspective a bit more.:D
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2016
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  11. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    This was my first "sim racer" back in the early 80's on Colecovision, we even had the wheel and pedal set! It's really no wonder I turned out how I did. :roflmao:

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  12. We are spoiled with good sims these days. I grew up with this (and still play it from time to time on my Atari Lynx!):
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  13. [​IMG]
    This was one of my favourites on the Atari ST. It used sprites not polygons, but it was fast, exciting, and it used the mouse to steer. That probably makes it the first computer game I played with analogue steering. No Second Prize was probably the second, anyone remember that one?Edit: formatting is impossible on the mobile version of this site:(
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  14. William Wester

    William Wester

    You guys came along when the graphics had already advanced.

    This was from one of my closest races in Pong Racing Experience - the AI was very good :D

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  15. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    I bet the FFB on that controller was awesome too!

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  16. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Premium

    My first consol and game. Those memories.....and you know what....WE HAD FUN :) ;) ;)
    Atari-2600-Wood-4Sw-Set.jpg Braingamesbox.jpg :D
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  17. I can remember now my exausted moments in monaco track with the Supernintendo "Exaust Heat" by early 90's...After that, Grand Prix series, the unforgettable Grand Prix Legends, still active for some whiles, rFactor, GTR2, GTL and now, this amacing Assetto Corsa...
    Ufff....so many gas and miles....62 here, almost a legend!
    ;) lovely post!
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  18. Great post!

    I used to love playing Pole Position on my dads TI 99! Wish he was still around to try AC on my rig, he would of loved it.
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  19. Piotr


    well over forty here and I share the emotions and experiences of opening post and many posts that followed.
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  20. Turning 49 this year, and loved reading this thread. How I wish we saw more threads like this and less threads griping about everything under the sun. As is the case with most things in life, we just don't appreciate how good we do have it most of the time.
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