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Pcars funding is nearly complete.

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by David Ignjatovic, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. 300k+ invested this month, so it's possible funding will be completed anytime within the next few months as only about 300-400k remains.
    December might be a tight month, but it might also be the last month as people get in before the door shuts.

    My understanding is approx 270k units must be sold to break even.
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  2. Peter

    who cares Premium

    The funding will never be complete, they find a way to get more.
  3. That might have to go to a non weighted vote, but I could be wrong.
  4. Well Gran Turismo is near 8 million in sales, mean while Shift 2 is right at 330K

    According to vgchartz which isn't always accurate.


    Wow..., just wow. Your cristallball must be awesome.
  6. Peter

    who cares Premium

    No crystalball, They always find a way to get more €€€$$$£££:rolleyes:
  7. Just tell us then how to make an omelette without breaking some eggs. :rolleyes:

    You don't really need a crystal ball to understand the more funds they have, the better. Now, you don't want to contribute, so don't. No one's forcing you, me or anybody else.
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  8. I guess its really not accurate.
    If Shift 1 sold more than 4M, why Shift 2 would sell only 330K ? I maybe completely wrong but i don't think it has sold so few copies.
  10. That means i was right then? :)
    Need for Speed SHIFT 2 - $91 million in sales – 1.975 million units sold-inSo it wasn't just 330K copies. Still just a half in comparison to Shift 1
  11. Well that list is just estimates. however I'm sure it's considerably closer to the 1 million mark than 330k
  12. I thought Bram linked a figure of 850k....
  13. You still don't get it...or pretend you don't, Rober-to? :)


    Anyway, while not spot on accurate, vgchartz is not usually way off the mark. Gotta wonder what made them publish that figure.

    Between the analyst's predictions, those 850k and Ian Bell's figures (another thread), the real number is quite probably around the million mark. Which is understandable considering 2 NFS titles concurrent releases.

    Hopefully, pCARS will reach that number...at least.
  14. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell
    Slightly Mad Studios

    You're missing that it's 2 million sales approx for one quarter guys. 3 months.
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  15. That tops even the most optimistic predictions by some analysts. Surprisingly, I'd say - EA launched 2 NFS very close together.

    That being said, global sales up to now - have they surpassed Shift 1's?
  16. Would really like to have already got the money im expecting from my last work to get some senior manager accounts :cool: Too bad i don't see it coming before Feb/2013 :cry:
    I hope after the release of P Cars WMD shows its a great success and more projects come. :thumbsup:
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  17. Trully i still don't got it.
    Isn't saying 1.9M sales? So its not only 330K, or am i wrong?
    Anyway NFS sales is something different in my point of view. Its know as a more arcade game with some cop chases among other stuff. Sim racers (most of them) don't target NFS games. So i believe NFS Shift is something in between, which in my point of view explains the sales. When talking about GT and Forza people already new what to expect, but shift is something new in the NFS world. To me pCars shouldn't be seeing as a NFS, its something new, so i dont think that using NFS sales can be a good comparison.
    Sorry about the english, hope i've made myself clear :D
  18. Seems I might have to get that Senior pack soon, before they won't accept anymore money/Upgrades in packs :)

    Full Member at the moment, and been a member for 1 year almost!
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  19. So 4fiddy for October, and approx 235k remaining.
    The typical rate was about 100k+/mth, but if some of the seniors dump more in, it's quite possible funding will be complete by early Dec.{just a guess}.

    I wonder whether Gamespot/GT/ING reviews are on the cards, if so, one would assume 250k units would be a cakewalk+ytube marketing.
  20. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Happy to see this getting closer to enough funding. That hopefully means closer to release. Which in turn, means closer for chance to try it with someone that buys it. And then, finally I'll be able to decide if I want to spend money or not.