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Osella @ (WET) Spa-Francorchamps - Wednesday September 28th 2011

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Senad Subasic, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Server name: RACEDEPARTMENT.COM (click to connect, requires jump2nkp)
    Class: Osella PA 21/s
    Track: Spa-Francorchamps (Download + Flags)
    Weather: 100% Wet
    Damage: 60%

    Practice start time: 19:00 GMT
    Qualification start time: 19:15 GMT
    Race start time: 19:30 GMT
    Race distance: 2 x 7 laps

    Rolling start
    Once the light goes green, the leader gradually speeds up to around 160 km/h (not too fast, not too slow), all other cars follow in one line with the same speed. No brake test, no swaying. If you spin your car you drop back to last position and start from there. When exiting the Eau Rouge the leader can go full throttle, and the rest of the pack follows.

    Server password: click here
    Racing rules: click here
    Osella skin pack: Download, extract to your nkpro folder

    Signup List
    1. Senad Subasic
    2. Sérgio Marques
    3. Adam Farmer
    4. Daniel Ouff
    5. Nigel Atkins
    6. Steffen Lauge Sorensen
    7. Kevin Leu
    8. Stuart Baker
    9. Tudor Morris
    10. Christian Grzybofski
    11. Lars Wylensek
    12. Martin Kapal
    13. Rudy van Buren
    14. Driver
    15. Driver

    Results here
  2. Apologies to Tudor in advance :tongue:

    This should be quite tricky, did a few laps now, no time to relax. Aquaplaning everywhere :eek:

    Added the rolling start. Since the lap is quite long, I figured we might as well start at the straight after Eau Rouge. If there are any issues or suggestions regarding that, post away.

    I'll put up a ranked server shortly, please let me know if anyone experiences any crashes or anything.
  3. Count me in, great choice Senad!

    Maybe just 100% rain will be a bit to much, but I haven't try it yet.
  4. Good practice for your Osella league.

    It is too much, but that's half the fun :D
    But, if more people think there should be less rain, we can do that :good:
  5. Adam Farmer

    Adam Farmer

    Sergio has an unfair advantage when at sea! Sign me up please.
  6. I'm in. Drove a few races there last night in the ks2 in the rain and it just got so hard to stay on track. The tyres were gone after 4 laps, zero grip.
  7. I hope you don't sink!:D:D
  8. Count me in!
  9. Geez Daniel, in the few laps I did, I was barely around the 3 minute mark, you're 20 seconds faster :D
    Thoughts on the amount of rain, too much?
  10. I can come too ...
  11. Well, with 100% rain I love the lightnings and the thunder sounds!
  12. Yup, looks and sounds awesome :thunder:

    Lower rain would help racing, but this is an experience on its own.

    Good to have you back :letsgoracing:
  13. In!
  14. Thanks Senad - Glad to be back :)

    Good to have you back :letsgoracing:[/QUOTE]
  15. Sounds like a good combo this week, count me in :)
  16. put me down to please :D
  17. Put me off the list please, i got massive fps problems here and i don't want to cause any trouble.
  18. That's a shame. Is it the track in general, or with 100% rain? Have you tried it without or with less rain?
  19. Sign me up please Senad :)
  20. There's a couple of laps up there, I'm assuming the amount of rain is okay? And the rolling start as well?