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Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Richard Eriksson, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Ok...

    As evident by my thread regarding the sim itself, and its feel, i am loving RRE and the driving feel.

    So i decided to spend some cash on DTM and ADAC and some separate cars.

    Now i am slightly pissed off instead. The point for me with DTM was so i can do full grid single player racing like i did with the free content.

    But this is impossible for me without dropping below the target 60 fps, even in the prerace menu using the new tracks and cars i bought.

    I thought this to be very strange as back when i ran the free stuff it ran great.

    So i fire up some trusted old monitor apps to see what gives. And lo and behold, starting at hockenheim at the back of the grid, full grid, all settings at max, gives me 51 frames, 55 in pre race menu. This is with frame limiting off.

    Now for the fun stuff... GPU usages is never above 65% ever. Highest seen CPU usage on one of the cores is 78%. Still massive stutter and frame rate issues.

    Even drops frames on the track overlook animation.

    It is all good on some tracks, but some (Hockenheim, Nurbergring) are awful.

    As i said, i have monitored everything there is to monitor, usages are pretty low. Gpu, cpu, vram, ram, disk, buffers. Nothing is nowhere near being pressured.

    So what gives!? Is it some setting i have missed that is a buggy mess?

    Am i the only one having this?

    Oh... And taking the limiting off, yields a maximum of 72 fps for me, even with a gpu usage at around 10%.

    Tried uninstalling RRE, switched driver sets, etc. Still the same issue...

    I paid like 50 euros for content today, i want the experience i payed for. Not this bogus...


    Intel 3570k I5 @ 4.3 ghz on all cores (throttling and speedstep off)
    NVidia GeForce GTX680 factory oc @ 1250 MHz. 4Gb. Vram, latest WHQL driver
    16Gb. 1600MHz. RAM
    SSD drives
    Win7 64 with all current updates

    Anyone else having these issues? It has to be some fishy coding or modeling going on gere for sure...
  2. I have had no issues whatsoever, out of AC, RF2 and R3E i get better more concistant frames and no stutter on R3E. Apparantly turning off shadow split makes a big difference, there is one other setting as well but i cannot remember what it is atm. I run all settings maxed as well.
  3. What is your specs and framerate? Do you have the DTM tracks to test on?

    Seems odd withthe low usages on my system. Trying to track it down...
  4. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Try the reflections setting.
  5. Ok... Set to what exactly? I tried the shadows settings and that did nothing at all... Neitjer the AA.
  6. topik starter, what do U want from the game that even dont have released as official complete? Very strange to read such thread, game in beta so... sh*t happens, nothing like new. :cautious:
  7. Well... If i pay 50 euros for content that i have to buy separately from an in game portal, with the developer making more of said content to be sold soon, i will say that this threads a fine line in the Beta discussion, if they chose to still call it that?

    It is not a beta. It is ongoing. Rolling releases if you will. Like iRacing or is iRacing a beta to you as well?

    If you start selling DLC and addons and host a huge portal for selling stuff that you continue to put out, then i argue that you are past the beta testing phase for the core software....

    Also, not marked as Beta status on my Steam install.

    So that being said, i would say i expect the sim to not only use 65% of my hardware in total while struggling to keep framerates, indicating obvious code issues (my guess is rendering loop stalling due to some effects of either ai or visuals locking cpu somewhere).

    To claim beta like you do, and say it is to be expected would be harsh to someone who bought all their content for more than 150 euros of their earned cash, wouldn't you say?
  8. "If you start selling DLC and addons and host a huge portal for selling stuff that you continue to put out"
    Its new politics of the company :D, I think, they sell unfinished and unoptimized content its okay :roflmao:
  9. @Tony Hope, Ok, i do not have the option with cubemap setting for reflections? Only one option for reflections, can be set low or high. Set it to low, then turned off shadow split.

    Still seeing really poor utilization levels, but now it keeps above 60fps at the back of the grid, on full grids, Moscow and Hockenheim tested. So it is now ok for me to run, but the 60% GPU utlization lock is worrying still... It is a render thread bug for sure. The good thing in all that is that there is massive performance to gain for all by patching it later...

    Two further issues now prevail, missing track pictures on some tracks, and also my Fanatec wheel makes a really low buzz noise while running RRE, keeps at it until switched off and on after quitting RRE. Does not happen in other titles, so must be some FFB actuate thing...
  10. Some of the DTM tracks just kill framerates. The Moscow track is the worst of them all.
  11. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I have every thing high now, except I left motion blur settings default and Shadow Split/FXAA off.
    Still have more than enough fps with a full grid.

    CPU is around 70% and GPU 98%.

    I think these save and smooth midrange settings (GTX 660ti) to begin with.
  12. 'Still seeing really poor utilization levels, but now it keeps above 60fps at the back of the grid, on full grids, Moscow and Hockenheim tested. So it is now ok for me to run, but the 60% GPU utlization lock is worrying still...'

    v-sync in nvidia driver is on or off?
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  13. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Cubemap setting went with the last update. That was the real fps killer. Reflections must have been optimised hence the new low/high setting.
  14. I don't have the DTM but i have all of the other tracks and the adac cars. I have a 780 in sli but only run it on one card. Usually at the start i have between 70 - 95 fps depending on the track and that is with 24 cars on track
  15. Tried both on and off, same result. Never more than 65% utilization... Hence my speculation of something not being optimized...
  16. Ah i see... Well, on high it still appears to be. But in a strange way...

    My utilization on the gpu is about the same between high and low setting, but setting it high slashes framerate by about 40 fps at the start of the race... Same with shadow split, causing stutters as well.

    Without knowing how the engine is made, i would say, some things may be run off the cpu.
  17. Can only agree with you. This game is so CPU intensive, I've a R9 280X with even low utilization around 60%, too. My AMD X6 CPU (strong OC) run out with a full grid aswell.
    Till today, it seems that they've only optimized the graphical side e.g. Reflections and no really looked to the CPU optimization.
    I could bet that the most gamers who complained about FPS had more a CPU than GPU problem (CPU-Bottleneck).
    I'd remark this in so many topics but unfortunaly nobody really cares ... hopefull in near future.
  18. Surprisingly the Moscow track takes a framerate hit just from the motion blur setting to complex, even before the race begins and the camera is just panning around the track and the starting grid. Its just bizarre.