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only v8?.....why

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Manuel Garutti, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. i just buy gsc extreme and i have activeted with the serial number they gave via email.....
    when i activeted the code everything was ok,i also run gsc sync but i can only use the v8 2013 and also the new tracks are not available....why?.....what could went wrong?.....it seems like i have a trial version but i activate my code.....
  2. 1. Select different car screens via the arrows, on the main menu.

    2. Which new tracks? A1 Ring is not available yet, if that's what you are referring to.
  3. Lazarou


    Not the first and wont be the last. Press the little left and right buttons highlighted with my quality red arrows.

  4. Basically what I said.
  5. Lazarou


    Beat me to it! I was adding my red arrows. This problem crops up a lot. I will sell Reiza my red arrows for the right price :)
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  6. ooops....thanks mate,i feel so stupid:)......i just run a test day just to try the new sim and i diddn't see that arrows buttons ......
    this link http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/pc-game-stock-car-extreme.2025/ talks abuou new tracks and cars:
    • Austrian Ring 1976
    • Kyalami 1976
    • Jacarepagua 1988
    • Bologne 1988
    • Austrian Ring 2014
    • Buenos Aires 2014
    • Formula Extreme
    • Formula Vee Brasil
    • Metalmoro MR18
    • Opala Stock Cars 1986
    • Superkart
    • Stock Car V8 2014
    when they will be available?
  7. Lazarou


    See here, it has been delayed until they get it 100%. Not all of those are coming in 1.20 though i believe.
  8. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    Don't feel dumb! I did the exact same thing haha! Took me about an hour before I finally saw those two little arrows. I think Reiza put them there to mess with people! hehe.
  9. A bit offtopic, sorry, but i'll say it anyways.
    They need to update this part of the menu. It's far too clumsy and slow.
    I press the arrow and i have to wait 2-3s for it to switch screens...It's quite outdated.
    Make the content scrollable on a single screen or with tiles or smth...

    But in the end all i'd really like is for it to be faster. Only the slowness of the transitions annoys me, nothing else.
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  10. Nevermind
  11. +1

    Please make all series clickable from the home screen. :thumbsup:
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  12. off topic, where can i find the wec champ mod?
  13. Lazarou


    Its the Enduracers rfactor mod converted and a few extra cars with my own custom rfm section.
  14. is it possible for you to share this? hows the ffb for a g27?
  15. Lazarou