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One setting for all tracks?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by KamyL, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. 1-1
    Gearbox: All MAX

    This is another mistake game..

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  2. It's not mistake, it's TT setup and this won't work in 100% races at all.
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  3. Eric Jaeger

    Eric Jaeger
    2012 GP2 Champion

    That setup isn't going to be the fastest for every driver on every track
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  4. It works because it checked. The online races better exercise than in TT

  5. So it depends on driving style. But the times are good. The exceptions are Monaco and Singapore.
  6. I drive with completely different setup than this one and I still can set very very good times in online Q and R. I don't think there's a bug/glitch like last F1 2011, it's more the driving than setups in F1 2012.
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  7. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I just found out there is a guy in my American League that is using a setup similar to this... except his brake balance is 49/51 and his camber and toe are 3.5 1.5 0.05 0.20
    He has won every race by a large margin. And uses the same setup for every track.
    No assists.

    I have to say i am really disappointed. I haven't tried the setup myself yet as i only found out last night. I imagine that you have to take it really easy through the corners to make it work, but the straights should be super fast.
  8. Maybe, but still you'll have issues with closed DRS and this high gear ratio.I'm not an expert but i think you'll be driving with 6th gear in most of the tacks(DRS closed).:O_o:
  9. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    You might be right about not utilizing the gears.... but it doesn't seem to matter in the long run.
    Last night over a 50% distance race the guy using that setup lapped the whole field.

    I've raced with him in this version of the game in 12 league races now.... he has won them all. And most by a margin of 20 to 40 seconds.
  10. No way you can use maxed gears on every track. You lose too much time. Probably there are 2-3 tracks like Spa, Monza where you can use maxed gears, others is just stupid. You always need to search for balance.
    Karl I usually play with same setup on every track which is almost the same as one you described but I haven't won every race cause. Actually there are guys faster than me who use completely different setup. As I said - setup is not the thing that makes you fast, it's your driving. Are you sure it's not you being slow instead of him being fast because of the "magic" setup? I've seen many people playing with that "magic" setup and they haven't become aliens.
  11. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I'm not saying that the setup is everything... if you make a mistake ontrack you lose time no matter what setup you use. Some setups can make some drivers make mistakes more often. I try to find a setup that allows me to make the fewest mistakes over the race distance.
    But, if you can limit your mistakes to close to none then setup will play a bigger part in the race.
    If the guy i race with is a good driver and makes very few mistakes then what is left but the setup to account for it?

    Practice with the setup will allow you to make fewer mistakes.....
  12. Karl Fuss I agree with you mate If your Opponent was Very good who does very less Mistakes then Setup is the Only thing we need to Look to gain time over him and I know how much advantage the 1-1 Wing setup can give the Player. It was just like the Car was planted to the Track and you will have Better traction.
    I have one friend who uses Gearing like Redbull style and he was very quick especially through the corners. With the 1-1 setup he almost Found a sec or more.
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  13. It is normal that the gearbox before the race is shortened. I gave these settings only to people not wanting to play in setting tried on the ride.

  14. is real? can i try?
  15. You can try but if you have No Problem of Locking Fronts then you may use

  16. Yes. Thats good setup in Q.
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  17. Camber, toe and wing settings are universal, the rest is not.

    But, there is no such thing as magic setup. Everything depends on your driving style. Agressive style: more front wing = more rear spring = more front camber, and so on. Agressive drivers are traction limited (rear tyres suffer in heavy acceleration zones) Soft style: less front wing = more front spring = less toe and so on. Smooth drivers are front grip limited (front tyres suffer in fast corners). Thats it. Don't search for magic setup, dig into yourself and chose your preference.
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  18. I do not understand why these lectures on the settings. I wrote only operating settings for each track, and so, for those who do not want to play in the arduous task of setting up.
  19. Im a very slow racer as those in the tnc and fnc know. Ill try this setup in one of our races. Ill post the times I get with this and my own...
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  20. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Unnecessary thread, use the existing threads and stop posting the same setup (in the wrong format) to all threads. Thread has been moved to general F1 2012 board to prevent cluttering the Setup part of the forum.

    Don't bother to post any setup if you can't follow the rules. Please do not use your own format again so that all threads can remain nice and tidy.

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