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One Minor Problem regarding Steering Adjustments and one question...

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by DMAIX, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. First of all. I totally like the game and drivability of the cars is awesome and major step upwards from F1 2010.
    Only thing I have witnessed so far and might be a bug is the fact that my adjustments for Steering are NOT saved, no matter how often AUTOSAVE shows up or I save the profile manually. Each Time I start the game I need to change my steering in the options from KEYBOARD to my WHEEL!
    Any Ideas what I may do wrong, or is it a bug ?

    And the Question is... how do switch the SafetyCar ON / OFF?... in the DEV Diaries, they claimed it would be possible to switch it on or off. But I didnt find a point to do so (except for multiplayer). Well I wouldnt mind if it is set ON, I just want to check ! Or is it ON all the time, which would be cool. (Havent tried it yet by causing an accident :tongue:)
  2. when it says 'Press Start / Enter' - use your WHEEL's button, NOT the keyboard.

    SC is only with Damage = Full in races 20% or more
  3. what exact menu are we talking?... I change the button selection to my liking, then I get out of the steering options with escape and the game starts the AUTOSAVE. but after I close the game and restart it the setting for Steering Input is back to KEYBOARD

    thanx for the quick reply though
  4. when you start the game, it says 'Press Start or Enter'

    what do you press ?

    SC is set in Grand Prix setup
  5. if it is as dirt 3 you have to push start button on the wheels when you start the game...
    I mean not the pad button xybc but "start" on the wheels!
  6. AH ok...Got it now!

    Will try that next time I start the game. Will give you Feedback.