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Skins Old-New Liveries for 12C-GT3 v1.2.8

Full liveries version of 12c-gt3 car

  1. kfiross4 submitted a new resource:

    Old-New Liveries for 12C-GT3 - Full liveries version of 12c-gt3 car

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  3. mod in testing...BROKEN
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  4. Doesn´t work for me, but I have the unlocker for patch 8.0! I placed the 12C GT3 livery pack and the New Skins file in the Mod Folder and activated both with JSGME. I still have only the standard skins for the McLaren GT3.
  5. Did you used the JDougNY Unlocker mod? (v7.1..) . Unfortunately It doesn't work with the autoprophets v8.0 Unloacker.

    edit: I figure out how to enable it for the 8.0 version! New Version ASAP!!
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  6. Yes, I think it depends on the unlocker. It´s not compatible with unlocker 8.0
  7. You absolutely right.. That's why I made an update that is compatible v8.0 Patch.
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  9. http://www.mediafire.com/download/637atcy464zo2vy/MP4-12GT3.7z

    I checked the VehicleHRLiveries after I noticed your liveries are only 1024*1024. I found them in 2048*2048 plus some additional liveries (not sure if all of them are actually for the McLaren, didn't check in game, but first look is good; also not sure if these are ALL liveries that can be found for the McLaren).

    (Stock liveries included, too lazy to sort them out)
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  10. Thanks for the feedback.:)
    I pretty happy to hear your opinion - and as you requseted, I plan to release updated HR-liveries.
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  11. Can you add the HR liveries of the standard in-game designs (59, 60, Art 12, Hexis 1 & 2), too? The way you did it, they are only 1024x1024, because these were supposed to be on the AI cars.
  12. Comes in the next update.
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  13. kfiross4 updated Old-New Liveries for 12C-GT3 with a new update entry:

    Minor improvements

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  14. Thank you for this 12C - GT3 Liveries,

    Is it possible to have the Custom Livreries with the wireframe? I would like to create my own skin but is a bit dificult without the wireframe.

    Thank you very much
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  15. Thank you very much
    It´s good to have some more real liveries in pcars
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