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Old Australian Circuits Group (OACG)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by woochoo, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. Old Australian Circuits Group (OACG)

    This thread is to propose a collaborative effort to produce some more old Australian circuits. The idea is anyone interested, be they Australian or otherwise, can get onboard and help with creating an old Australian circuit. By now most of us are well aware that it takes quite a while to produce a good rendition of a circuit, so by pooling talents and dividing workloads we might be able to produce higher quality circuits and more quickly.

    Tasks could be divided into circuit layout, terrain, textures, trackside objects, gathering reference material, etc.

    Some people have experience with the major programs like photoshop and 3D studio Max, others are quite new track making and are just getting into BTB but are full of new ideas and enthusiasm. Some participants might live much closer to the old circuits or roads and be able to provide material and real-world experience.

    Obviously this has a chance of turning out badly with people getting in a huff and withdrawing their work from projects, but hopefully a common interest in the circuits could keep people together and working happily. Users can be as involved as they wish, or merely model a building or two if they choose. There should be no obligation to continue with a project if you lose the inclination, but it would be nice if you could allow others to continue your work.

    and here is a link for some inspiration : http://tasman-series.com/misc/lostcircuits/lostcircuits.asp

    http://rfactorcentral.com/list.cfm?cat=Tracks&region=Oceania has a list of currently available rFactor circuits from the Oceania region though most are more modern versions.

    So, if anyone is interested (you don't need to be Australian), post a reply and perhaps name an Australian circuit that you would like to see in rFactor/Simbin titles.

    I'll start the bidding with Lobethal 1937-48 :smile: It would be a lot of work and that's why I wouldn't want to do it on my own. And I don't live anywhere near Lobethal.
    more info: http://tasman-series.com/misc/lostcircuits/lobethal/lobethal.asp

  2. I tried out the demo a few weeks ago (this is a great program, I have to say), and on the day that my demo license ran out, I got Caversham down. Just the basic route, though... no trees or pits or anything much, for that matter. I have only seen one proper video of a real life lap, so I am unsure as to my track's accuracy.

    I'm not going to purchase the full version for the foreseeable future... I can't justify spending $80 on a software program at the time of typing, but I was sufficiently impressed with BTB that it's on my wishlist.

    I might create a video of what I managed to finish that day... :smile:
  3. Thanks Rhys, I don't know too much about Caversham but maybe someone will chime in and help move the project along. Personally i don't have much time outside of Uni and Longford but i don't mind making some trees and powerpoles etc available at some stage.
  4. I'd be very interested in helping out as long as we had a ts3 channel we connected to whenever on the job. That way we we can also learn from each other. I'd love to get better at Blender but using online tutorials alone is very daunting. Quasi from Online Racing Australia has kindly offered to create a permanent channel for the project if we want it.
  5. A TS channel would be cool
  6. You can count me in I am very intersested in making a number of extinct Aussie tracks.
    Iam working on a few at the moment Catalina Rallycross,MtDruitt,GnooBlas
  7. Well it's good to see that there is a bit of interest and a bit of work already happening. GnooBlas would be cool. I believe someone else was thinking about starting up a version of GnooBlas so that could be a good opportunity for collaboration
  8. Here's what I managed to achieve with Caversham until the demo ran out:

  9. I for one would love to see a good Homebush. Or maybe a good Adelaide. Just as long as it's not a track that's already been aced by someone (Eastern Creek laser job, Oran Park laser job etc. (well those are on rFactor anywa, maybe a simbin version would be good)) but rather focus on those that aren't already made accurately yet. :)
  10. Hidden Valleys already being done
  11. Mikec87

    Premium Member

    Hi guys. My Lakeside is getting an update, plus a 1984 version, plus a 1965 ish version. The 1984 version is really easy to get done, and I have access to some very rare 1960s photos.

    I have the greenlight from QLD Raceway (same people who gave me the licence to Lakeside) to do it. There are no accurate versions exept for the old EA V8 Challenge which is dead on. That is an easy to do.

    I will also do Gnoo Blass, but not for a while. I am in the middle of a huge project now and others are on hold for the next 2 months.

    Mike :)
  12. BLeeK & Bungonia

    Gday All,
    Bloody good idea,count me in.
    Dunno where I can help out though being a complete & utter noob to BTB(& computers in general) plus with work commitments taking a large portion of my time ontop of already commiting myself to Bungonia,but I feel it would help me to learn BTB easier.
    Maybe some of you out there would like to contribute when it gets a bit further along.
    In the next few weeks I'll have time off & the first place Im heading is Gouldburn to GPS & film the track,I'll be posting all 77km's of the track strait afterwards.
    By the way,Catalina has already been done by Bangers(congrats bloke),its a great little rumble,my vote is with Woochoo;I reckon Lobethal S.A.
  13. Catalina Raceway has been done not the rallycross thou,this is in the middle of the tarmac version,
  14. Now you have all this interest Woochoo,whats next???or where to from here
  15. Well, yeah, this is starting to look pretty good. Since we have a few people interested it might be good to pop up a note on NoGrip and similar sites to see if we can add a few more people. Then get a forum and short-list and pick a couple of tracks i guess. Anyone know anything about forums?

    Here is Lobethal on the 7:30 report last year (~5 minute segment) :
  16. How far along with that are you buddy?
  17. i would have to say about 80%