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Apps Odometer 0.4.2b

Persistent car mileage display

  1. Stereo submitted a new resource:

    Odometer - Persistent car mileage display

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  2. so say i close the game and come back later will it still count each of the cars as before or will it reset?
  3. It'll only reset if you delete the app. It only saves if AC closes the app cleanly though (my AC's been freezing sometimes recently, not sure why) so at most you lose the distance you drove in the session that crashed. I could modify it to also save between sessions (eg. switching from Q to race in multiplayer and vice versa). I just don't want it writing files while you're playing, causes stutters.
  4. no thats fine i think, if it reset that would be a problem but losing a bit of progress isnt really an issue
  5. Stereo I got a problem, mine is all red :(:O_o: what I mean is that everything that should be black is dark red colored, while white is ok :O_o: instead of b&w mine is r&w

    Great idea! I loved this utility in Gran Turismo 4 :):) bravo! :thumbsup:
  6. That's odd, I've only tested it on my own system though of course - other apps with pictures on them don't have the same issue?
  7. The only non Kunos app I use is MiniTime, but yes they are all fine
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  8. Yeah! same here! its all red
  9. Had to wrack my brains a bit but I think I figured out why some people see it as dark red... AC doesn't reset the graphics context so another app is setting it to draw something red (ui element or whatever) and then mine just continues on that trend. I'll upload a fix once I've packaged it together.
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  10. Great mod, gonna use it for 24-hour Nords. Possible to get a ingame resetbutton so I don't have to delete and reinstall?
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  11. Stereo updated Odometer with a new update entry:

    Reset buttons

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  12. Stereo updated Odometer with a new update entry:

    Accuracy improvement based on tire size

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  13. Stereo updated Odometer with a new update entry:

    Calibration accuracy

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  14. How can i make it smaller?
  15. Go to the app's folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\stereo_odometer or wherever steam directory is), open config.ini, change the scale to a smaller number.
  16. i understand if this is not possible but can i change the this to record in miles?
  17. Same file, set units=0.6214.
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