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Oculus support + driver animations

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by DavidSSS, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone knows about oculus/vive support? I've read Reiza's boss interview (by RD) , he logically said that it was not a priority because of no existing commercial hardware yet.

    Now these supports are (almost) and I cannot find any more info.

    Also, playing VR is fully immersive when driver model and arms can be seen inside the car. You modders know if this feature gonna be implemented in AMS, is it possible using ISI gmotor?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Martin Vindis

    Martin Vindis

    I pretty sure I read somewhere that Reiza is planning to implement driver arms but there are other stuff high on the priority list so I guess we just have to wait.
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  3. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    It will not work with the Oculus Customer version because AMS is still DX9.
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  4. But I've read somewhere that they plan to move on DX11 or 12 no? Am I wrong?
  5. For the 2017 game, yes
  6. I dont believe Reiza is the kind of company who releases new titles every new year
    And, as i read somewhere, Iracing did move from dx9 to dx11. So, it is more likely to Reiza make the same move than release another title just to have Oculus support.
    I think it will obey market logic: if enough people asks, they will move as quick is possible.

    ps: count me in the group of people who wants Oculus support
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  7. Well there is some things we have to consider:
    AMS is the crowdfund stuff that would go to SCE.
    2017 has 365 days and we are still in March 2016.

    It does seem to be a lot of work tho, who knows maybe some things already began and won't be made by 100% Reiza? I did read in ISI forum from Tuttle about DX12:
    "In the case of DX12, porting and/or patching the sim from DX9 to DX12, would be like an elephant in a glass store and of course not going to add anything to both performance and visual eyecandy, unless you don't start killing backward compatibility and probably introducing a funny variety of problems, as with such low level of hardware abstraction in the API (that's the core advantage of DX12), developers will have to really pay a mental relationship on hardware level (using the same abstraction on DX12 as DX9 means doing just very bad), and that's 100% possible just starting from a white piece of paper. Developers are already scratching their heads because that tiny layer of abstraction forcing a more strictly talk with specific GPUs/CPUs, to reduce previous DXs bottleneck. "
    "DX9 to DX11 it's not the same thing as DX9 to DX12. DX12 it's gonna require a very different (and demanding) approach because of the HAL. "
  8. I edited my post. I think any move Reiza officially do now meant another title will kill automobilista hype.
    This is a great f** game. I am almost switching from rf2 only to AMS
    Rf2 is great but their developing pace is horrible. Besides that, they never give a clear answer about this.
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  9. Regarding VR support: see this.
  10. LFS is DX9 and has very good VR support already so it's totally possible.

    Whether or not VR is worth the effort for Reiza at this point remains to be seen but, it's also possible they already have it working in-studio, just not in fully functional form for public release. It may work in-game but, if the menus are not fully usable, it's an exercise in frustration for users and a constant source of support requests for dev's. At any rate, the fact that Reiza have said they plan to support VR is good for the long-term outlook.
  11. LFS as iRacing and R3E are all DX9 and have all a good oculus support, but only for oldest runtime versions (0.6, 0.8 etc). But I've read somewhere that oculus won't support anymore DX9 in CV1 version.

    This means oculus support can only be maintened for DX9 sims by using DK2 and oldest runtime softs.

    Maybe someone knows if it'll be possible to run CV1 hardware with oldest runtimes or are they imcompatible because of hardware evolution (i mean different head tracking, screen resolution, etc)?
  12. Im getting this message:
    You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action

    Anyway, just when some developer say something about planning to move to dx10, 11... whatever and/or oculus support we will know for sure

    os: already read something abou oculus cv1 do not work on dx9 also. Will try to find where

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    DirectX 9 (DX9) Will be Deprecated Starting with Next SDK
    Postby cybereality » January 21st, 2015, 10:54 am

    Due to API and resource limitations, we’ve decided to deprecate DirectX 9 support and will be removing it from LibOVR in the near future. This will allow us to focus on future work using DirectX 11 and OpenGL that will help deliver a great VR experience on Windows.

    Apps that use DirectX 9 will continue to work for the foreseeable future, but they won’t compile in future SDK releases and may have additional runtime latency after we remove DirectX 9 support.
    Oculus - Community Manager
  13. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

  14. I know a very vocal minor keep campaigning for VR support, but I just don't get it. Yes, it's cool. Yes, it's "the future". Yes, it could be a great marketing bullet point to sell on. But here's the truth of the matter: how many people that play AMS are going to actually buy a VR headset? Given the surprisingly large number of people on RD complaining about not having fast enough internet to download 11GB for the game, considering the significant number of people on RD complaining about performance issues and not being able to handle the updated polling rate for physics and FFB, considering the number of people who are still playing at just 1920x1080, do you *really* believe that the AMS community actually have the hardware and the finances to go out and buy a new VR headset in any significant quantity?

    TrackIR is only 25% of the cost of a CV1 and yet there only a very few of us who use it. Triple monitors is a little cheaper than CV1 and requires similar GPU horsepower and yet only a very few of us have them. In all of this campaigning for CV1 support, does it seem like a reasonable request given how few of us will actually get it (I'm not talking about everyone on the forums who are just talking about getting one, I mean *actual* people buying the device)? Consider how few actual copies of AMS they're selling since the rest of us are being grandfathered in with SCE. Consider how small the Reiza team is. Consider how reasonable the price of AMS is.

    If I were Reiza, I would be largely silent on the matter and work on it for the next game. If it were up to me, I wouldn't see the business case for implementing Rift support in AMS unless we suddenly see a *huge* spike in interest and sales for AMS. Until then, Rift support will just be stealing resources from doing other cool things in AMS.

    I think it would be very cool to get VR support, but I don't think it's realistic to expect it.
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  15. Thats why people that is planning to get any of VR gadgets on the Market should show their interest. And Reiza as a serious company should talk about their plans to not fool anybody (as what they already did since from beggining)
  16. Reiza's not trying to fool anyone, people get confused because they don't read carefully.
    Like the whole debacle around the game engine. People don't understand that ISI's gMotor 2 is the engine behind rFactor 1 and *that* is the engine that Reiza has licensed for AMS. ISI's gMotor 2.5 is what powers rFactor 2 and Reiza has stated that they didn't go after the rights for that engine since they're already very comfortable with gMotor 2 and felt confident that the learning curve of moving to gMotor 2.5 wouldn't fit well with the short development cycle for AMS.

    They've always stated that the new graphics engine would come for the 2017/Senna game, and not before. There is no deception, just confusion from engine version numbers. They've always said that they would look into Oculus support but have never explicitly promised it. So I honestly have no idea why you believe that they're fooling "anybody since from beggining".

    As far as voicing support for hardware that you intend to buy in the future: I think that it's a good thing to state that you would like to see support for VR. But we also know that there are *a lot* of people who say "I'm buying CV1 on Day One" or "I've already pre-ordered" even though they don't have the money or hardware to do it. Merely saying that you intend to buy it doesn't mean anything because anyone can say as they like and there's no evidence or proof to support it. I don't know the actual figures (precisely because so many people talk on the Internet about things that they have never owned) but I'm willing to guess that fewer than 1 in 10 people who are talking about buying the Rift will ever actually buy one. I'm also willing to guess that fewer than half of those who will buy it at some point will buy it at full price, day one.

    Now, I have a friend with a DK1, and he lent it to me for a week (this was about 2 years ago). It's a very interesting piece of hardware, and even for such an early prototype with low resolution, sluggish gyro response, and heavy display, it really showed a lot of promise. The demos were cool and there was definitely that "whiz-bang" effect of "whoa, I'm in VR". But I also realized that these devices will go through a couple generations before it's worth buying one because there will be updates to screen resolution and interfaces, etc, probably every year. If I'm spending $600 on a peripheral, I'm intending to get at least 3 years of use out of (often as many as 5 years). So I spent my money on a curved 34", 21:9, 3440x1440 display. I won't be buying the CV1 at launch and I'm planning on sticking with my curved ultrawide monitor at least until the end of 2018 (3 years from purchase).

    But that's just me, I guess.
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  17. have to stop Reading. My bad, did not mean the are fooling anyone.
    What i tried to say is that they are NOT fooling anyone since they never did something like this
    Sry about my english
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  18. I should have read your comment more carefully, whoops. It's all good! :)
  19. ABout the oculus, i did agree they pushed too much on prices. I bought dk1, sold, then i was waiting for cv1 because besides the incredible immersion already on dk1, the resolution keeps my away from playing.
  20. Completely my fault. Reading again, its hard to understand what i was trying to say... which brings me back to another request: where is the portuguese fórum??? LOL