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Misc No Session-Ending Legends. Invisible Quick Menu 1.0

Full sim-like realism racing experience by removing all un-necessary OSD

  1. Salut Gilles submitted a new resource:

    No Session-Ending Legends + Invisible Quick Menu ++
    Enjoy a sim-like-realism racing experience by removing un-necessary OSD (the distracting stuff).

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  2. Excellent.
    Perfect to remove messages that appear in vision.
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  3. Great mod. I very satisfied with it. I didn't even know that it exist but Sebastien recommendent it to me. :) Just one little thing... when I made mistake and lap "won't be calculated" - how can I know that now ? I still push like hell, only to discover at a start line that was all in vain. Is there some other way to know that my lap won't be calculated ? Thanks once again.
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  4. Well quite easy just watch the indicators next to the wheel and if it's lighting off whitely each 2 seconds then you most likely corner cutted.
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  5. Like w1n1x just said, but that's for race-time penalties if I'm not mistaken, and that's for "realistic" penalties settings. If you set your penalties to 'none' or just 'corner cutting', you will not be notified in realtime (flashing white arrows + LED's hints), only on the RACE DIRECTOR's menu option (toggled with = or -).

    But on the subject of Practice & Qualy's hotlaps with this mod, if you want to see when your hotlap is invalidated (for corner cutting), you'll have to at least turn the OSD option LAP TIMER to ON.


    So when you see that red LAP indicator (without any Sector Time in it), it means your current lap will not be valid, and that you'll have to do another one.

    You can turn the LAP TIMER option ON or OFF by selecting Options, then OSD, in the ENGINEER menu while sitting in the car inside the garage, or when you're driving in the pits or on-track (ESC keypress, by default) or < (gamepad's default button).

    You will get used to the whole thing (how it works, and how it doesn't) after a while.
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  6. For more explanations, let's say you want to start a 100% Race Only session driving in a Williams car. You set the Rules to realistic (not really all "that" realistic, but I digress), all OSD options to OFF, and with this 'cleaner screen' mod. Let's say sometimes after starting the race, you get a penalty for, I dunno, causing a collision. You will be notified by WHITE arrows flashing alternatively on the left-, and on the right-side of the steering-wheel's LEDs display, not by a lousy and distracting FLAG appearing in the middle of the screen. Then, if it's a drive-through penalty, the LEDs display will light-up PIT on the left side, and IN on the right side, meaning that you have to enter the pit lane at some point during the next three laps, or you will be disqualified!

    For BLUE flags, the flashing arrows will be BLUE (which means you have to let the faster car - that is coming behind you - lap you within a few seconds), or when there's a yellow flag issued by the marshalls, the flashing arrows will be YELLOW, followed by GREEN arrows when you'll be permitted to overtake a car again, and so on.

    Applies to Career mode also, but it has not been tested for Multiplayer & any online features. Some say for online, everybody has to have the same files. I only play Single-Player, with all connections to WWW cut off (no Steam 'Lost server connection' lousy notifications).
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  7. Thank u but one problem, I get the warning message when cutting corner :O_o:
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  8. Ok, that's one thing that did not happen in F1 2012 (as far as I can remember). Oh, well. I guess it's only minor. Thanks for posting your finding, but to be honest, I have no idea how to remove these now. :(
  9. Thanks for through explanation :thumbsup: but... remains to be seen, I guess, since I drive with T-cam - will I be able to see all these tiny wheel warnings... :rolleyes:
    But even if I be able to see them or perhaps not, couldn't watch dumb CM warnings anymore. They look so out of this world unrealistic. [​IMG]
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  10. Agreed. I guess nobody ever told them displaying big distracting bad-looking blocks right there in the middle of the view is the worst thing to ever do in any truly modern 3D game.

    If not, then why don't they wake up, smell the coffee, and take the initiative to just display them in the up-left, or up-right, CORNERS instead of where these wacko game-devs love to keep annoying most of us with since 2010?

    Really, these guys are as thick as a brick.
  11. Salut.... you're my kind of guy !!! :)
    Dunno..... maybe it's not you, maybe it's up to Gilles. :O_o:
    Only two drivers I supported in F1 are Alen Prost, in those ancient times and, more recently - Jacques Villeneuve. And for his father I got nothing but respect. Just saying... maybe that's the connection. :rolleyes: But, nah.... you're some smart friend simmer, community (not Codemaster though:roflmao:) oriented and always, always, very helpful, so... it's obvious I guess.... Friends ? :D

    Last edited: Dec 13, 2013
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  12. Yes, and I remember the first time I learned about Formula 1 was when Gilles Villeneuve signed his first contract with Ferrari. I won't reveal my age, but suffice to say I was around 19 at the time. Both Gilles and son Jacques were born a few hundred miles from where I live here, and Gilles was the first French-Canadian to ever succeed in the sport. Before that, he was a champ in... snowmobile racing! ;)

    When Jacques made it first with Williams, he won the US Indycar championship for two years in a row before that, if I'm not mistaken. He was pretty impressive with the then Williams top team. Not so much after he left them to start anew with BAR, though (after his manager and him bought Tyrell).

    Glad you like these mods! To be honest, I'm not that good at modding. I give credit to the expert modders at RD for helping me to learn how to mod. I didn't know anything about modding before finding this community here.

    Welcome! :)
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  13. Great mod, i like immersion. But i like to keep the brake/fuel windows because in the heat of the battle i mess it always up and you can't see your settings on the wheel since it's only a basic animation when you switch fue for example.

    How can i keep just the brake/fuel boxes?
  14. Hi, RoccoRacing,

    Maybe you could try the many different options in this more advanced (and more recent) mod:

    I'm not sure what you're really looking for, but you may try all the options one-by-one, and see if one of them works for you. When you navigate through its folder/subfolders/subfolders/... there are screenshots of some of what will and will not show up on the screen.


    You can open all the screenshots at the end of all directory tree branches to see what they look like.

    Other than that, I'm afraid I cannot mod more versions (there are 16 different setups in that mod).
  15. I´d like to have that also for the 80s and 90s Grand Prix Mode, is this possible?:rolleyes::whistling:;) pleeeez!
  16. Good idea. I will take a look at it as soon as I can find the time, early next week, Feb. 2 or 3. I can't promise any release date for now. If it's the same process, just a few different files, it should not be too long to do! Hopefully.

    I'll keep you posted about the results, sometime next week. Thanks for posting! :)
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  17. thanx!!!:)

    edit: btw. if you could make the :poop: AI ghost car in one shot qualifying sessions (historic gp mode) also invisible, you´d be my hero and I´m gonna call you the great Houdini from there on! :D
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2014
  18. Well, sorry for I cannot do anything about that AI ghost car, because I have no idea how to do that magic trick :(

    As for the flags, I have tested it without them in classic mode, and I found problems caused by the lack of indicators on each sides of the classic cars' steering wheels when penalties are given: there are no visual clue until, for example, the race engineer says you have to "take the drive-through penalty on this lap" (if it's a drive-through one) over the radio. Also, there are no race marshalls waving blue flags (or any flags) at all, so I think it's too much a big problem not to have the flags displayed in classic mode. But anyway, if you don't take any penalty and don't have to let faster cars overtake you, you can use the Osd\config.xml file from this mod to remove them (it works the same in both F1 2013 standard and classic modes). OTOH, if you'd rather see the flags in classic mode, only restore the original Osd\config.xml file (but you will also have the fastest laps rectangles back in the game after doing this).

    I will work on making the classic mode quick-menu transparent and the rest of the OSD backgrouds, and wrong-way indicators, though. The results will be posted here as soon as they will be ready, sometime this week.
  19. Hi, thanx for your efforts :) haven´t been here for some days, but I´m going to check that right now! Sounds great! :thumbsup::thumbsdown::thumbsdown: