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No release until June?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Andy Thompson, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Just seen the new Fanatec deal where purchases of their kit earns a serial code for the tech preview.

    They are releasing the codes to customers in May. Which says to me that we won't be expecting the final release until at least June/July time?

    A shame but I don't mind the wait. More time to polish and perfect.
  2. If that's the case, it's only a couple of months away dude. Anyway, when you get to my age those couple of months will pass before you know what's hit you! My poor brain still thinks it's January!

    I agree that it all looks worth the wait, especially when you see some of the modding content being worked on as well :thumbsup:
  3. hopefully this will not be the case...
  4. Simple question to all of you; when does spring end?

    There you have your answer.

    And, let's be honest, it'd be impressive if they make that deadline, but not unsurprising if they run into some delays.

  5. So about the end of June thereabouts.
  6. May?
    impressive or not impressive
    if they release any time later than that
    I will have to wave bye bye to AC as the man platform for my project.

    Simply I will not have the time to optimize the models for a platform not released yet/
    and also the only person willing to tackle the physics department will be away in late june
    so yeah cool....
  7. Well, because specifically you need AC so soon, I'm sure they'll release it before it's ready. Never mind the bugs and the imperfect netcode, or the software issues for Ati cards (just making stuff up, but you get the point I hope...).

    It will be done when it's done.
  8. Well it is already delayed 2 times,
    this will be the 3rd if applies.
    It is logical to be frustrated.
    and of course I see this from my personal point of view since It will effect my plans.
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  9. buzzin.. this game is going to be fine... june/july is fine with me. the game will be good enough to wait for,.
  10. NO, I will die if it is going to be released that late. I can't play anything besides AC. rFactor feels like **** after trying AC, Netkar is so old and almost dead. iRacing is to expensive. What's left?! I need AC right now!
  11. there's still pcars [​IMG]
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  12. mapu13

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    oh yeah, I remember...

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  13. The company would receive massive benefits from the tech demo if they release one more car & one more track to learn about & teach us about the whole mod distribution system they plan to implement...

    They would also gain a much deeper understanding of performance changes on a wide variety of user PC's with that second car (and maybe even two ghosts) in a nice little multi-player test..

    I'm sure you all agree with me, right?
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  14. I would agree sheerly because it's another car and track, lol.
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  15. in such case better to release the modding tools...so modders can start realising the workflow needed for AC integration...
  16. Just bloody wait guys, LOL
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  17. You comment is implying waiting is an option..maybe in most of the cases it is.
  18. :laugh:

    Why not work on some nice car meshes/textures so they are ready to go straight into AC when the tools arrive?!

    Pretty sure it's just 2048x2048 sheets for the main car unwrap and ~ 60k polys for the highest LOD...

    I wonder if the original content will be moddable though, it'd be good to know if the high quality tracks can be edited to make historical versions to use with historical content people make!

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  19. I'm already doing that.
    The problem is with that time frame I definitely wont be able to work with a good friend of mine on the project.

    Personally I do not give a flying F**k about being without a physics\2d artis member,I'm pretty sure someone will kick in
    But not being able to work with a good friend,really sucks...

    Also please note regarding specs, I'm aiming for much higher details than 60k
    ,thus we need time for extensive testing and optimization. And by then I will have limited time to do that.

    So please allow me to be frustrated,disappointed and have any other negative feeling towards this possibility..
  20. Its a free world. :)