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No grip in 2011?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Francesco Bonifacio, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Guys i ask for help.....i have buy today the 2011 and how i do on 2010 i turn off all assist but the handling for me is impossible -.-"
    i lost the control of the car in 6 gear at 250 km/h ???? -.- from when ?? i was playing in valencia with redbull . the turn is the 6....... and i have to fix the trajectory in all fast turn with full trotthle... but is normal do these turn with full.
    i play with keyboard but in 2010 this turn isn't a problem ! maybe on wet!

    i cant believe. i cant play without assist after i spend 60 euro ?? -.-"
    Any idea for fix this?

    sorry for my bad eng...im italian. plz help me !

  2. This is turn 16. !!!

    warning - swearing in video
  3. Ummm yes you might want to really play with your Car set up. Suspension and Antirollbar will play a bigger part in your stability besides the casual aero pacakge and tyre set up.
  4. And do not use DRS...
  5. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Keyboard use has to be a big factor here too.

    From what I have read and seen, 2011 does have a more lively feel to it.

    Keyboard obviously has no gradual steering element, it's either turn or not turn.

    I would suggest at the very least a good controller, with thumbsticks and graduated triggers.
  6. yes. i try to put hard suspensions and max antirollbar rear. The handling is improved but my time are very slow.

    i have play the first race in career without simulation, ABS and TC on. Difficulty: Legend and i was 4 sec slow than the first.
    im very disappointed because i have do 37 lap of practice with some setups. But it has not changed... always 4 sec.
    if the simulation were active could be very worse.

    i should necessarily buy a controller for play this game. i have think to buy the xbox 360 controller. it can work in this game??
  7. U use drs too soon u make the turn and with the drs u need to control the air flow and yeah this happens when used incorrectly
  8. Hai provato a usare is setup di base? Ho notato che se selezioni is "quick setup" e scegli il piu veloce con le gomme dure e` molto difficile maneggiare la macchina.

    Ma ti assicuro che con in setup giusto il grip c'e`.

    (in english): Have you tried using the basic setup is? I've noticed is that if you select "Quick Setup" and choose the faster the hard tires is very difficult to handle the machine.

    But I assure you that with the right setup in the grip there
  9. i couldn't help to notice you were using a keyboard or a d-pad, every time you make your turn there is about 4 jerks in between which jerk you car alot and in really life you would have also spun out, you cant drive with jerkiness because in 2011 the cars are a bit more loose, i suggest you buy a game pad or a wheel and yes don't use the default dry setups, carefully set up your care according to the track
  10. English only please.
  11. Joel DRS or no without TC i cant handle the car in fast turns.

    The car respose is very weak with keyboard. and when i keep hold the key for turn happens what u can see in the video.

    Also i cant understand the brake point. the dynamics trajectory are not very helpful to me. Or i brake late or i brake sooner.

    For the turn im sure need a pad but for brake point i think just need more trainning with this game. anyone have any suggestion for brake good???

    @Corrado: was the stock setup. i dont touch nothing. just after i try to decrease the roll with new settings.

    the funny thing is that im the same as a week ago was 1.12.3xx (time trial) or 1.13 in race without controls, all simulations and with keyboard in Montreal with f1 2010.
  12. Don't se your wings with more than 3 steps difference. When I first started the game I copied my 2010 setup and the car was absolute nightmare. 11/1 wings just doesn't work here.
  13. Try planting your foot into a turn like that in real life and then jerk your steering wheel like you do in the video. A recipe for a spin, every time.
  14. Right, aero grip is too litle here. I noticed it in Spa - no chances for Eau Rouge or Blanchimont with full throtle (no DRS), where real F1 cars can do
  15. Real F1 cars can do it when properly set up and with F1 drivers behind the wheel. And I'm sure a lot of people can take those turns flat out in this game as well.
  16. Pretty obvious you just open yr DRS before diving into the corner... It shows on screen...
    Do not use DRS in that turn = problem solved...
  17. DRS or no DRS, some of these tracks are like racing in the rain at all times. I finally gave up on Shanghai and just set the race distance to 3 laps and just go on to the next race. I couldn't even complete the R&D objective, just slip and slide everywhere. The green track effect is exagerated. Green or not, the tyres are still RUBBER and the track is not ice, so there should be enough grip to do reasonable speeds. In real life a green track will effect your lap times, but it does not make a track barely drivable and turn a F1 car into a ford minivan.

  18. Im sorry for the Offtopic question.. I would like to know the name of this song please..

    Thank you.
  19. That vid doesn't seem so unreasonable to me. He gets the back wheels off into what will be a very dusty area, right by the wall there, and if he's still turning to the left while putting the power down that's exactly what you'd expect to see happen.
  20. Quick answer not to use drs in a turn and but a decent controller like the xbox controller for pc