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Nico Rosberg

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Hampus Andersson, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Nice comment from Perez,

  2. Nah, he just trying to play games with Vettel..Vettel will smoke him this year
  3. like a blunt
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Well there might be some truth in that statement actually. I find Nico together with Heikki the most underestimated driver in the current Formula 1.

    Curious to see where he stands with Lewis as his teammate.
  5. I expect Hamilton to beat Rosberg, but not by a larger margin and if Rosberg actually beats Hamilton, it won't come as a huge surprise.
    It should be awesome to watch the two duke it out in qualifying. Hamilton may be regarded as the fastest driver on the grid, but Rosberg occasionally puts a pretty insane lap together. In Shanghai 2012, he didn't just get pole, he actually beat MSC and HAM by half a second. Qualifying 3rd in Turkey 2011 ahead of Hamilton in a dramatically worse car is also a good example of what he can do.
    So they both have great qualifying pace, Hamilton is a bit too agressive in the race and Rosberg a bit too cautious. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

    Also, for the record, I think Hülkenberg is, if not the best German, then at least the one with the greatest potential.
  6. They are not in the same cars.
    Regarding what Perez said, i think he´s right actually.

    I have said it many times and i will keep saying it, the fastest drivers in F1 do not get beaten on pure pace by their teammates, it just doesn´t happen.

    Vettel being beaten by Di Resta in identical cars in F3 says a lot.

    Hamilton and Rosberg has been driving karts for years, Hamilton is definitely the quicker one but i don´t think it´s by much frankly.

  7. Checo Perez is just shooting blanks in the dark,trying to intimidate Vetel ,cuz he knows he's got a good car this year,but imo that wont be enough to save him....Vettel will punish him..hard! This Checo guy needs to take care of Button first before he sets his sights on Vettel:)

    If Alonso cant intimidate Vettel,why would Checo...ha

    what hapened in F3 stays in F3...this is F1...faster,more difficult,quicker reactions,refined concentration....many buttons to push...no comparison really...

    Nico Rosberg is a great qualifier,no doubt,he can light up those Pirreli tyres on the outlap as good as Hamilton can..and im sure he will give LH a great run for his coin during Q,but if the car is bad they'll both suck during the race...........,so who cares
  8. Intimidate? The guys are driver´s, the guy who gets a superior car will win, simple as that.

    Not really. Truly fast = always truly fast.
  9. Someone like Vettel will,but we dont know about that Checo guy ...yet!
    He cocked it up often when he was at Sauber,so lets wait a bit and see,hmm?

    Di Resta hasnt won a race yet, has he?.......,in fact he hasnt even come close !...but Hulkenberg was on his way in Brazil,...so that logic seems a bit flawed, unless u mean Sebastien Vettel!...with which i would agree 100%
  10. Yeah, Vettel would never do anything like that...
  11. I'm not sure I understand Markus.Can you be more specific with what that photo is supposed to suggest
  12. You said that you're unsure about how Perez will perform because he's made some mistakes in the past, while praising Vettel at the same time. However, Vettel has been involved in a whole bunch of crap in his first four seasons and the incident above even earned him the nickname "crash-kiddie"...
  13. True ,but Checo hasnt even begun his tenure at Macca yet. How can u be sure he will actually live up to Vettel's standarts....i mean you're comparing him to the current 3xWDC ,arent you?
  14. No everyone who gets a superior car will win the championship.

    So far it´s been Schumacher and Vettel who has enjoyed that particular feeling.
    Maybe Button as well for half a season.

    Not sure why you are comparing Perez to Vettel, Perez made a Vettel/Rosberg comparison.

    Di Resta haven´t been in a car that´s been dominant for 3,5 years.
    Neither have Hulk.
    And looking at mistakes they probably made less mistakes the Vettel in 2012.

    I see you are one of those guys who looks at the amount of titles and judge how good the driver is from that.
    When in reality it´s 90% car 10% driver meaning whoever hits the jackpot at the right time gets to go home with all the cash.

    Schumi did it, Vettel did it. Vettel got into RBR at exactly the right moment. And twice he narrowly taken the title in which he was never considered to be the best driver on the grid.

    Just imagine Red Bull without Newey. Still think Vettel would be a 3 time champ?
  15. Im not comparing them: Perez is: and why do you think the Vettel/Rosberg comparison? Whats the reason behind it? Obviously this poor block has no clue who is faster,so why the statement?

    Here's my reason: He thinks he can beat him this season because he has a Macca car under him........so he tries simple intimidation tactics! Very simple tactics..almost cheap!
    But Checo's a long way from being a WDC

    Brother look at it this way: it doesnt matter how fast Lewis Hamilton is...what matters is how many WDC's he got under his name...it's about the cars you drive and the teams you race for...thats it.!!!! If you aint got the statistics .......you got nothing

    i keep repeating myself here
  16. I respect Perez's Opinion as every one has their one but i don't agree with him about Rosberg is the quickest.
    Yes Vettel do mistakes but that doesn't mean he was a Slow driver who has the quickest car.
    He Pulled amazing laps when he was not in a situation.When ever he was pushed he just Pulled a Good lap.
    Like Australia 2011. Surely even the RB7 was quick i don't think it was capable of Having 0.7 gap over a Driver like Lewis Hamilton who was Quickest driver on the Grid ahead of Vettel. Laps like Monaco 2011, Spa 2011, Monza 2011, Japan 2011, Abudhabi 2010,2011. Valencia 2012, Montreal 2012 or Texas 2012 are examples for that.
    Rosberg is Quick but i don't think he was as quick as Vettel. You can be on Pole when your car is good but Edging from the Field by 0.3 or More gap in one Lap is not a Easy thing and Doing it more than twice in a Season is Phenomenal thing in my view. In doing this Both Vettel and Hamilton are experts.
  17. Yea because saying that will in any way affect a driver... people are not superstitious and they don´t get phased by simple comments on who a driver thinks is fastest.
    The season haven´t even started. Do you really think Vettel is gonna think about that?

    Clearly it´s not to intimidate anyone but rather his opinion (which i´m sure holds more weight then yours or mine)

    There´s a reason why guys like Villeneuve ranks higher then Schumacher despite his 7 titles.
    Titles means nothing. Speed does.

    Also a reason why Senna is regarded number 1 by most and not Schumi.
    Titles are dependent on car designer making a good car, it says nothing about how good you are as a driver.
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  18. Villenueve ranks higher then Schumacher?

    Break that down for me,plz..

    and lets leave Senna out of this,since i intend to get some sleep tnite

    edit: Also touch up on Perez's comment and how he came up to the realization that Rosberg was somehow faster then Vettel

    edit 1 : no essays plz,just give me a couple of solid lines that'll make me see your point
  19. In terms of being one of the absolute greats, yea without a doubt.
    Again, titles means nothing when you speak of greatest.

    Now if you were to talk about most successful then Schumacher is definitely number 1.
    Successful does not mean greatest though.

    Watch Villeneuve instead and you´ll realize it yourself.

    Will be hard to counter that argument so i fully understand you.

    it´s his opinion! how he came to his opinion maybe you should ask him.
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  20. Villenueve is one of the absolute greats? ..greater then Schumaher you say!
    You know ive watched Jacques drive ,but his career was more down then it was up,that it really never made much impression to me....he is no greater then the average one time WDC winner to me...i put him in the same braket as LH....sorry.
    He is definetely one of the greatest complainers that graced the face of F1 though

    As for Senna...there is nothing to counter....Schumaher raced him in an inferior car and gave him a hard time to the point where it rattled him enough to play dirty...enough said

    As for Perez:I could care less for any of Sergio Perez's opinions...the guy has speed,but also makes a ton of mistakes and lacks consistency...so instead of comparing drivers that are years ahead of him ,he should address all the areas that make him an average driver with a huge financial backing....a Petrov of sorts if you will ...but much much luckier

    And how can Vettel be more complete as a driver when Rosberg's been around much longer...total crappola that makes zero sense