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newbie saying hi and one question

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by ezechiel47, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I recently discovered this forum. Seems nice and full of informations.
    One of my favorite game is netkarpro. The last version is awesome.

    Now my question :
    With a g25/g27 : Which value do you use for the steering ratio in the car setup and which angle in the logitech driver ? Say for... the ks2 and the Vintage.
    I would like to set something a bit realistic.
    If there is already a topic about that, thanks to redirect me...

    Good racing

  2. Hi :welcome:

    You should use 900 in the profiler, the game determines the rotation for every car.

    Steering ratio is your preference. Don't know the numbers from the top of my head, but I tend to use higher steering ratios for non-winged cars.
  3. Netkar's ingame steering ratio is the opposite of rfactor's. Here the ratio = lower# for greater (more at the front wheels)steering angle. A tight track in the KS2 might be a low of 9 (sharper turn in)or a high of 13 (slower, more steering wheel travel)depending on how much turn in you want. Generally the tin tops have a bigger # for a slower response.

    I find that 900 degrees in the Logitech setting is good but the incar steering wheel doesn't match up with your wheel. @About 540 degrees in the logitech profiler and the wheel in the KS2 matches my wheel when I have it enabled.
  4. Thanks for your quick answers, Senad and Dan.
    Going to test with 900°.
    But what is the exact fonction of the steering angle box in the in game controller settings ?
    Only a graphic one ? Or does it override the steering angle of the logitech driver ?

  5. It should automatically mirror your logi setting, and it then adjusts - I believe - each car's range of turn etc. It works really well, so I usually leave it to it and adjust in the car setup menu for more response/turn etc. You can always adjust this in the controller setup if 900 is too much.
  6. Thanks, Daniel.
    But... not quite sure about that.
    It seems the g25 and the in game wheel are only synchronized if you set the same value in the logitech driver and the steering lock box of the in game controller settings. Other important thing : if you set 900° in logitech and the maximum angle in the car is 540°, when you turn your g25 from 540 to 900, the in game steering wheel doesn't move anymore.
    So its better to do that :
    -jump into a car
    -note the maximum angle of the in game steering wheel
    -set the steering lock box to the same value
    -then exit the game and set the max angle of the logitech driver to the same value.

    Or is there something wrong with my system ?
    Or my comprehension ? :)

  7. umm sort of. first set 900D in the Logi setting and tick the "Let Game Adjust settings" box, you then go through the controller setup in netkar. It asks you to turn your wheel 90degrees and then automatically sets the wheel range. So 900 logitech = about 880 or near enough as makes no difference in the controller config of Netkar. This then adjusts the steer range per car but leaves you to adjust the incar ratio for your own preference. So changes from say, 900 to 540, should be done in the Logitech profiler first then run the controller setup again from the start menu.
  8. Ok, going to try that.

    Many thanks.

  9. It works but i'm not 100% satisfied.
    For instance : the steering range of the little singleseat (f1800 or f2000) is 400°. If my g25 max angle is set to 900, and the in game controller also to 900 (or about 880 as you said), beyond 400° the steering wheel (and the wheels !) in game doesn't move anymore, but the g25 continues to move to full extend (900°).
    Its not satisfying and not realistic...
    Is it not the same thing on your system ?

  10. Set the rotation in the profiler to 400, set the lock at 400, enjoy.
  11. Ok. That does the trick.

    Many thanks to both Dan and Senad to have spent some time to help me.

  12. As you predicted above, you'll have to do that for each car.

    I have both those settings set at 900 all the time. I rarely get to full lock in all cars (Osella may be an exception), so the wheel going over that number is not an issue for me.