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New to Race 07

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Alberto Casado, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I happen to have a copy of race07 that for some reason I never tried for more than 10 minutes. Today, after getting angry at the stupid online system of F12011 and of twitching movements in RF2 I just decided to redownload it from steam and give it a try, and... hey, I like the handling (tried the F3000) and it doesn't look sooo bad.

    I have a couple questions:

    - How do you nail your braking points? I was driving in valencia and there is hardly any visual help to judge where you are. Is it a general thing or I got one of the worst circuits to try? (I have every graphic setting at max)

    - Which (free) mods are worth to get? Interested especially in popular circuits for online (and if they happen to have lots of detail to help my braking, that too).

    - I have the formula raceroom add-on, are there any others worth the price?

    It seems there is quite some activity online (and you can filter properly, take note codemasters), I might stick to this one for a while.
  2. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium Member

    There's a topic on this in the mod forum. Most of the links are broken due to being MegaUpload, but google "Race 07 + mod name" and you should find them easily enough. Check here.

    It depends on what you're intending to do and what your interests are. For example, GTR Evo is a good buy if you like GT cars, but a waste of time if you don't. Also, if you intend to race in RD's Race 07 club there are a few expansions which you will definitely need. You can find which ones in this thread.
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  3. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium Member

    Personally, I love Valencia for testing. When you start driving more and more, you get the idea when is time to brake. But it's always good just to focus on corner exits and then master your braking. It needs time.
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  4. I would still appreciate very much those nice white and visible 50m-spaced boards at each turn, but it is what it is...
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  5. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium Member

    Yeah, but you can guess your braking point from rubbered skid marks sometimes. :) You use 100m board or even 150-200m boards sometimes.

    Really, when you start driving some car, you know after some time how strong brakes it has and when they start to lock. And if you have a problem, try adjusting brake bias or pressure. Just do what real guys do, apply brakes earlier, than later the next lap, then later, later...
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  6. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Most tracks have some form of markers. They just are not always the 50 - 100 - 150m signs. Look at the scenery around as well.
    F.i. on Macau, at the end of the start/finish straight, most of the buildings have different shapes and forms. They make good markings ;).

    Also, as suggested above, the skidmarks are good reference as well. Not that you always hit the brakes when markes start, but they are reference as in a steady point on track.

    For the addon question, as Ross already said, check out those 2 topics. They have a lot of info there. If you are looking for a highdetail track, search for the VLM tracks. They are SO nice to be driving on. Some links are in the race club topics. Just look through the topic titles to see which ones I mean. VLM LeMans and Sebring are very nice. MidOhio is very good as well.

    Reading through the former racing events might look like a lot of work, but I can tell you that its worth the time. There are a lot of nice and popular mods and tracks used there. Most will have the download links in the topics.

    Anyway, Welcome at the Race07 club :) I am sure you will like it here, and be addicted like the rest of us soon :p
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  7. I got the four VLM tracks I could find.... woah... beautiful.
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  8. re-braking.....what wheel?....if DFGT, put a sponge under the brake, if G25/27, just keep practicing, it'll come to you.
    F3000 strikes me as being one of the more realistic cars in sims.
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  9. Its a force EX (cheapo wheel), although I know about the pedal tricks. (But my dog loves to steal the squash ball so I have to find a more permanent solution).

    Anyway, you misinterpreted my question. My problem was not with braking per se (locking, spinning, etc), it was that particularly in Valencia I could not find many visual references to know how far/close I was to the apex.

    I race at Okayama with some guys and in that one I had no problems (it has the 150-100-50 boards), so my guess is that I was unlucky with my first circuit.
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  10. Interesting. I actually work with microfluidics guys, plenty of syringes, tubing and connections at hand.

    I just don't get why would you want to make the pressure on brake dependent on the applied pressure on throttle (and vice versa).
  11. Yeah, I'd agree that valenica isn't one of the best for visual markers....but you can always use speed....
  12. That has been the main thing everyone keeps asking.. It doesn't transfer a lot of pressure between the two, it just a feeling what you get from the other pedal but i do have to try isolated circuits too. The transfer pressure is only ~1kg when they both are at 50% position. It's of course much stronger if one presses them both but such an occasion never occurs..

    I've also thought of separating press/release cycles to their own circuits with couple of one-way valves so that the return would be faster than the press motion.. That would be nice but it might slow the press action too much.. But the parts are sooo cheap since the pressure isn't in the industrial scale, it easy to experiment.