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new thrustmaster t300 1st problem

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by rizzee, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. this is what i just had it would not calibrate then all of a sudden after 10 mins it worked fine..not sure if this is going to happen again but who knows.
  2. AHH NO now it wont calibrate at all not even a week old lmao...not very happy!!!
  3. Might try updating the firmware again, but no guarantee that would work. That sucks.
  4. jimortality

    Premium Member

  5. haha tell me about it..i knew these wheels had an element of reliability but 7 days is a joke lol.
  6. in all its glory.. thrustmaster more like have no trustmaster
  7. That's not good. I am hoping my latest revision T500rs fares better. Touch wood, no problems at all yet. Smooth and powerful, bloomin powerful.

    Just start the returns process. I am sure they will replace your T300.
  8. That would bother me too, but I had no better experience with my Fanatec CSW v2 which cost twice as much as the T300RS and it broke after 11 days. That being said, my 10 month old Thrustmaster TX is still working great.
  9. The T500 has proven to be very reliable. Its pretty rare that they give problems for a few years.
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  10. i think i may have solved the issue...before starting the wheel if i turn it all the way to the left then turn it on it calibrates like it should with no problems..if my wheel is to the right for some reason it will cock up..is it like this for all these wheels?..i suggest you thrustmaster t300 users go test for yourself..
  12. I'd still contact thrustmaster support if I where you, my T300 did not behave like that so I suspect either a bad firmware (aka software update might solve it) or faulty hardware. Either way, you should have the wheel replaced I think.
  13. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    my TX did that, just kept on going right and left and would never calibrate. So took that back.. Althought the power supply was wrong i still feel the wheel was FUBAR>

    anyway my t300 GTE, is okay for now...
  14. does your wheel calibrate correct even if the wheel is all the way to the right.
  15. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm not fast, but I'm wide! Staff Member Premium Member

    Hey guys, I've run into a problem with my T300RS on PC sims. I've been discussing it with some friends, here's a copy/paste from our discussion.

    In all my PC sims the wheel feels wrong, when turning the wheel it will suddenly go completely limp right at the point when you expect it to start getting heavier. It seems to coincide with the point when the car starts to exhibit understeer, as soon as the tires start protesting in a turn the wheel flops over. It's so light that I can literally spin the wheel around with one finger, no resistance at all. I can still feel bumps and vibrations and the steering inputs still work, there's just no weight or resistance. This varies from car to car and from sim to sim but all are exhibiting it to some effect. For example, the GT3 Camaro in AC feels pretty heavy while the Z4 has almost no weight at all. In GSCE the "tin-top" cars feel decent but the open-wheel cars have no weight to the wheel (though if I crank up the realfeel settings I can get weight in the wheel, but I have to go to the extremes and it still feels strange).

    I have reinstalled the Thrustmaster driver and double-checked my profiler settings and ingame settings, no improvement. I have tried multiple USB ports (both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0), makes no difference. I got the wheel about a month ago, the first week or two I had the T300 it did not feel like this but it has gradually gotten worse and I think I can even feel it getting worse during the duration of a race. When hooked up to the PS3 with GT6 the T300 feels fine, lots of feedback and very heavy (to the point it was hard to steer with the torque at the high end of the setting. So I think the wheel is fine, it's something with the PC.

    Any suggestions? I sent an email to Thrustmaster support four days ago and haven't heard from them other than a confirmation email with a case number.
  16. Mach

    #47 G.R.Webb Sidecar Racer 1962-1972

    Sorry to hear you guys are having some troubles with ya wheels, I'm hoping mine holds out....I will take a look about tomorrow, see if I can help, I have a short day at work.
  17. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm not fast, but I'm wide! Staff Member Premium Member

    I don't think mine is a problem with the wheel because it works fine on my PS3. Must be something with the PC related to the T300.
  18. Brandon, your issue really does seem to be something strange with drivers. But the behaviour you are seeing is almost like some kind of overload protection, since it happens at times when you would expect maximal FFB. So maybe the wheel itself is the problem, and GT6 simply doesn't ask for the same force level (or sudden spike) as PC sims?

    Have you tried reflashing firmware?
  19. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm not fast, but I'm wide! Staff Member Premium Member

    By reflashing, do you mean reinstalling the T300 driver? I have done that, didn't change anything. I've still had no response to my email to Thrustmaster five days ago, starting to get a bit frustrated.
  20. Mach

    #47 G.R.Webb Sidecar Racer 1962-1972

    I wondered whether manually resetting the DOR would help?

    or This might help give it a kick in the ***

    Sorry if that's no help at all...