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New license expired in 48 hours.?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Jim Cassi, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Hey Brendon, i updated my BTB to the latest version, not the Beta.
    and i had 2 license left, it's been a while since i used this program, so i thought i was try to make a new track.
    so i moved my folder from my storage HD to my main programs folder. and updated using the patch.
    just incase, i used one of my license to make sure everything was working right..
    I was having issues with saves, as i wrote you in a email i sent. so i removed the program, saving the license.
    and downloaded a new full version to replace it, dropped my new license in and fired it up.
    now today, it is locked and i can't get into the program to finish my work.
    also i sent for a new license, my last, 18 months, same as last, now i have 0.
    will i be able to get more if needed.? Thank you.

    also, looking for a Xpack that has fencing, chain link type.
  2. thanks.. is there a site, or thread that has detailed info and pics of what is in these xpacks.? i found that a lot of the xpacks have nothing i want...lol