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need help with gearbox

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by SupaTrolol, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. so, i'm converting a 2013 SRT Viper from GTA (yes i have permission)
    when i run the car, it instantly goes into 5th gear and won't come out of it.
    it has something to do with torque.crv and the gearbox in car.ini; i know that much. but if anyone could help here it would be much appreciated.
  2. engine.shifting.shift_up_rpm and engine.shifting.shift_down_rpm are the primary things controlling the automatic gearbox.

    Should be near the ends of the rpm range, eg. on a car that idles at 1000 and redlines at 7000, they could be shift_up_rpm = 6500 and shift_down_rpm=2000.
  3. Well, i already did that. are there any specific values you would recommend for a max. torque of 814 Nm. and a max. RPM of 6400?
    I've got this problem fixed, still need a bit better of a torque curve but now it only stays in 1st, and attempts to shift up but shifts right back down. ANY HELP is awesome.
    Double Edit:
    It's also @ max rpm very quickly after beginning acceleration.any ideas?
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2013
  4. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    lower your shift down rpm...compare your gearbox ratios to the real car and if you car have a max. torque of ~800Nm+ your value for the clutch should be higher than 800...
    if this not helps, use a car.ini from a existing car and change it to fit to yours....
  5. Also I'd actually change the vehicle from automatic=1 to 0 then it won't automatically shift (as far as I know all Vipers ever, have had manual transmissions). and like Alex said change the clutch torque to above the engine torque.