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Skins MP4/4 Williams FW12 Ricardo Patrese 1.0

For use with MAK Corp's fantastic MP4/4.

  1. blackcelica submitted a new resource:

    MP4/4 Williams FW12 Ricardo Patrese - For use with MAK Corp's fantastic MP4/4.

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  2. It would lokk better if window is not transparent but yellow. And more closer to real car I believe. :)
  3. Hi, appreciate that. Remember it is a mod car and only the files submitted can be modded. It's just a quick recreation to make the numbers up. I'll look into it.
  4. I'm not at home (but I'll be in a minute:D) but, if I remember well... there's a window. I'll hold my breath. Not literally though. =)
  5. Looked at the yellow glass, not convinced as it reflects the light differently making the colour look wrong. I'll look at it again over the weekend.
    20160310023048_1.jpg 20160310023110_1.jpg
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  6. Early morning Silverstone practice.
    20160310162925_1.jpg 20160310162138_1.jpg 20160310162429_1.jpg