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Featured MotoGP 15 announced by Milestone

Discussion in 'MotoGP 15' started by Alex Franchini, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. The Italian developers have announced MotoGP 15, their fifth title in the MotoGP franchise.

    Looks like a busy year for Milestone: after Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo and Ride (available tomorrow), the dev team has announced their third title due out in 2015.

    The defining feature for this year's MotoGP game will be, judging from the press release, customization: bikes, riders and teams will be customizable with over 100 accessories and 3 motorhomes will be available.
    You'll be able to purchase those items with GP Credits, "a virtual in-game currency earned in both online and offline modes". Whether this means the game will feature micro-transactions, we don't know yet, but it doesn't seem like it right now.

    Other, major features include an enhanced career mode in which players will "start racing as a Wild Card and subsequently be able to negotiate their future career by choosing one of the official teams participating in the 2015 championship, or choosing sponsors to race with their own Private Team, taking to the track alongside the existing teams".

    Sounds spiffy, at least on paper. MotoGP 15 will also include Real Events from the 2014 season, the new Beat the Time mode and two-stroke bikes.

    You can watch the first trailer below. The game will be out in June on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
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  2. realitychecked


    Sigh... oh dear.
    (Milestone made 2 other MotoGP games before, MotoGP07 for PS2 and MotoGP08)
  3. Huh. That's correct, they made the 07, 08 and 09 games. They just didn't mention it in the press release for some reason.
  4. realitychecked


    Not the 09 game, that was made by Monumental and published by Capcom.
  5. Whoops. It's kinda confusing.
  6. Milestone have made 2 passable games: SBK2K11 and MXGP. Everything else has been awful. I`ve played the demo of Ride, and definitely won`t be buying it. I`ll also be avoiding this game and the Rally `sim`.
  7. The full game of Ride is better than the demo, I can't really say more than that. I wasn't blown away with the demo either but I took a chance on the full game and its been quite good so far.
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  8. Can't wait, I hope finally Milestone achieves what it can. MotoGP13 was quite a ****, 14 was pretty good but IA sucked, also they could improve the handling of the bike, so is it more realistic (I want to be smooth in the corners like in real life).
    Good luck Milestone, we can't wait
  9. Don't expect to much this year. From the moment when I saw in the trailer the same 3D track models all my hopes were instantly destroyed.
    The only reason to be looking forward are the new Suzuki and Aprilia factory bikes.
    And some nice skins from this season. (e.g. Reddings Honda etc.)
  10. in trailer were gameplay videos from motogp14 as you can see... There are a different 3d models of tracks.. just look at Catalunya in a trailer...
  11. Yes, I know that some footage is from '14. But can tell me what you want these Catalunya track model is nothing new, this is exactly the same old from from '13 game. You can recognize it on the view at last corner (curbs to high, the background and some other details).
    It's a really shame if they will use it again. The only good track from quality side is Argentina.
  12. But there will be a different engine . i think the same in RIDE. Yebis 3 and it will change a view of a track , altough it has the same 3d model.. just look at games such as rfactor with Transfa and Assetto Corsa with Transfa exactly the ame version. It looks better because of engine. Just don´t waste your time saying it will be terrible game.. I think if we said that it´s a 3rd game , JUST 3rd from Milestone , the game like that. You can compare with the F1 series from Codemasters.. i think the best was 2010, there was 2011 2012 .... the games are a little bit different.. i think we, the milestone fans can be more interrested in MotoGP 15, because series of motogp is more different than the F1 and there will be the most interresting title , it can be the MotoGP 15 or not. WE don´t know but RIDE can be a perfect test for the next title from Milestone. Just keep interrested in this years MotoGP.. It can be soooo interresting.
  13. For sure I really looking forward to this game. But my problem isn't the visual part of tracks but rather as mentioned the 3D layout. If this isn't correct you can't reach accurate laptimes (e.g. Brno, Sachsenring or Silverstone).
    This is important not the improved engine. New - brand new - models is what we need.
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  14. I still need to play MGP 13 because I can't run MGP 14 on my PC. I hope MGP 15 will be more optimalized. Milestone are for me just sh**makers and lazy developers (bad support, not answering to community, lots of bugs, weird patches etc.). If something will change I will change my words about them too. If MGP 15 will be same as 14 then Dorna really need to think about new developer for official game (Codemasters would be great idea) like FIA did because WRC 5 will have new developer. And I'm not talking about multiplayer (RakNet :D)...
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  15. realitychecked


    Yea, like Codemasters would actually do a motorbike game out of the sudden.
  16. Codemasters' f1 games are horrible...I never play them. They are only good for the 3d models that provide and that are converted for much better sim/games.
    Milestone has a huge potential, 2013 was crap, 2014 is fine but it has a lot of problems that could be solved so easily...I can see them making a great game.
    Enjoying ride in the mean time

    things to improve:
    -3d models of some track (as someone said barcelona is just ****, termas the rio hondo is beautiful)
    -3d models of bike, please ask the official cad to the constructors (they have already done this for Ride)
    -different size of riders
    -close to reality riders's style (at least the major protagonists) it would be awesome
    fix the damn difference between quali and race of AI lap times! (we went crazy trying to fix it for 2014)
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  17. Sexy!
  18. Finally, glowing disks. (0:50)
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  19. All the footage is from 14 game, don't expect to see something new until the real trailer.
  20. realitychecked


    Footage is from MotoGP'15 with 2014 liveries as the 2015 ones are wip atm.