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MotoGP 15™ Modding Requests Thread

Discussion in 'MotoGP 15' started by Technique, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. [Reserved]
  2. Could anybody please make Aspar Team MotoGP livery for 2015 ??
  3. please, make livery honda pata WSBK, I want to use for my private team
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  4. I really dont know if is possible made new livery for private team (I using right now) but if is possible let us know please, most of this livery are versy basic, also if you buy another bike I noticed you have others different livery , well thats Good ;);)
  5. rkh


    Totally different bikes, it will look weird and additionally makes no sense as this is MOTO GP, homie!!
  6. It always makes sense, but the problem is in a few places it should be different than on CBR.
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  7. rkh


    I know what you mean, but I have just only seen rather bad results with this type of mod. Just saying due to the difference in bikes I didn't see the sense. There might just be someone doing it. I would not be too worried. Hoping for the best result.
  8. Yeah, you're right. I started doing this livery and what I can say is: frame and shape force me to a lot of simplifications.
  9. Would it be possible to have a different Helmet in Career mode? like the Arai, AGV, etc..
    Honestly sick of the xlites, i have spent ages looking at the helmet files and i honestly haven't got a clue on how to do it, i seen that someone done it in MotoGP 13.
  10. I would like to request a physics mod for moto3, in braking, so you can't brake for long during cornering of you crash like in real life. In the game you can continue braking hard while in corner, which is not realistic at all. It would make the game more challenging
  11. Can someone edited Antonelli model's and Isaac, Antonelli is using original rider model and Isaac using Dainese Model
  12. realitychecked


    Hey uh, don't consider my Yamaha R1 mod a bad result... :p ;)
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  13. rkh


    nope, because i honestly have not seen yours and was not speaking of your work :geek:
  14. Would someone please do a colour edit/mod for the Pol Espargaro 2015 black Yamaha ?
    The wheels are a light grey . They should in fact be BLACK no?
  15. wait for my MotoGP mod
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  16. I was wondering if is possible create a new scheme for the custom bike livery , I just want to create my personal modifficate livey, but I dont know which files must be edited , I still looking 10174904b2.jpg
  17. For what I see the custom livery are separate in 3 differents .dds so I guess I need to edit all :mad: 3 parts
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  18. theres 2 things i would like people to mod, the first thing was to have a Marco Simoncelli helmet i could use in career and the 2nd was harder AI cos i seem to be able to win (on simulation AI) by miles every race.
  19. easy fix to this is, the 3 marking textures make them all black with all black alphas and then just work on the base texture itself