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MotoGp 14 Career Thread

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by Jonix, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Here you can share you career info, let us know what did you achieve as a young rider!

    I'm currently racing for KTM ajo, but right after Mugello I've signed for the SKY VR 46 team (what a dream!) and I will be racing for them for the rest of the season. I'm playing on realistic difficulty, pro physics, so much fun!

    I just found out Milestone put Test sessions in the career, just like in real life! There are test sessions in Mugello, Brno and Valencia (I guess here you start to work on the following season), the day after the race. Well done Milestone!
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  2. This is how my first season ended. Jack Miller is hardly beatable

  3. Nice!
    I won my first race in Assen, quali was hard, I started 5th but I managed to stay close to Miller and Fenati in the first lap (wasn't able to do so in the other races) and then I built a gap every lap.
  4. I was able to win some races by overtaking Miller in the last corner, but to make a gap, not a chance, this kid was always there. In Valencia he crashed in the 2nd corner, and finished eight, I won, but eight place was enough for him to take the championship by one point. But now, I am Marc Marquez of Moto2, driving for the PONS team. lol
  5. realitychecked


    Wow, such an unrealistic career so far. It took 3 years for Marquez to finish the 125cc class as a champion, and he was the youngest driver to achieve a podium in the whole history of modern racing, with 15 years (2008, but that was due the bad conditions there were in Donington Park). I finished my wildcard entries, finishing 14th in Brno and 11th in Valencia, I got myself a contract with Avant Ajo Motorsport. I'll start my season when the other drivers come in.
  6. Yeah. Moto GP is even easier. I won in my second race. In Austin. Driving for Aspar team. LOL
  7. panande


    I already got my Moto2 Championship Title. I won about every race so far and Im driving on pro with manual gearbox, tuck in, without the racing line and my rivals set to realistic.
  8. rkh


    are you all playing on realistic and pro? with no aids I hope?
  9. Lol @rkh, let people do what they want to do.. I'm on Pro - Hard (until they patch the AI) all assists off but i'm running auto gears.
  10. I'm playing on Real, Pro driving, autogears on. I started in San Carlo Team, after Mugello I signed for Gresini Go&fun. Next race will be Silverstone. For now: 4 podiums (3° Austin, 3° Jerez, 2° Assen, 3° Indianapolis), 3 poles (Assen, Sachserning, Indianapolis), no wins yet.
  11. rkh


    you didn't understand me. of course, people can do what they want. Just know that everything set to realistic and no aids, ideal line, etc. delivers very realistic results for me. I tweaked my own version, just like in MotoGP 13. Very happy with results!!! Always so many complaints, play the game on 100% realistic settings and if you still have insanely unrealistic results, tweak the files.
  12. First seaon : Finish 3rd in Austin with Mahindra San Carlo Team. Started in pole, my best lap was 2:16.591.I have found a good setup for the first part of the circuit (better 0:33: 500) then but my max velocity was only 235 km/h and i lost Fenati and Muller.

    My setting: ps3, pad, a.i. real, pro mode, 100% race, non aids, non tcs,no rewind.
  13. My impression is the AI is really slow in change of direction (in Austin and Silverstone they lost half a second in the first sector).
    And imo there are tracks in which AI is unbeatable (literally: Brno, Mugello, Philipp Island, Catalunya) and others in which is so easy to win or take pole (Austin and Assen overall, on the wet in almost every track).
    From Milestone would be nice an "adaptable AI" that adjust its speed on player's ability.
    In general some tracks have a HUGE grip: in moto3 I can get 1:41.550 in Indianapolis where the real moto3 run on 1:47, but in Catalunya pole was only on 1:53 instead 1:50 like the real life.
    Modders need to adjust a lot of things this year
  14. Just won in Aragon by 0.056 seconds, what a race. Alex Marquez crash in the first corner, forcing Rins to go wide and losing a lot of positions. Vazquez leads the race for two laps, then Fenati overtakes him. I watch the battle from third place, until Miller closes the gaps and overtake me and Efren, who loses time. I make my move in the final lap, but I brake too late in the last corner, fortunately I won the gap by 0.056 on Jack and 0.156 on Romano
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  15. I currently racing with HP40 Pons team, season 2
    the season 1 is horrible until at the end of mugello Red Bull KTM Ajo offered me a contract, and i got the title with that team, with Realistic difficulty and Semi-Pro physics
    every race it's always 5 pack racing with Miller,Marquez,Fenati,Rins,and Me
  16. Currently in Moto 2 in my 2nd season, i'm in the team of Sandro Cortese, i will stay there through all the season. Good start in Qatar with a 2nd, Austin retired, Argentina 8th and in Jerez i was winning until the last lap when i crashed (i don't use flashbacks) and i finished in 3rd...
    Real difficulty and Pro driving
  17. Just signed for Gresini Moto2, I didn't want to race another year in Moto3. I ended my first year in third position behind Miller and Fenati, 60 points separated me from the first place in the championship.
  18. From Qatar to Mugello I rode for Avant Ajo Husqvarna and almost every race was the same. Good start and battle with Jackass and Romano, but after 4 laps I was falling pace and I was losing next positions.
    I see difference in Moto14 collate to '13. In '13 game prefers Jorge Lorenzo style (smooth riding and fast curves), but in '14 game prefers more Marquez, Rossi, Dovi... style (counter-attacks by hard, "delayed" braking)
    This second style (which is my style for this game) was the best for Le Mans and there I can win and stay on the podium for the first time.
    After Mugello race I got offer from Red Bull KTM and in Assen I win by 3 seconds of Romano Fenati! :D I win in Indianapolis too and now I'm while British Grand Prix.
    Underneath my post I share few images from great victory in Assen. Hope you like it :)

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  19. rkh


  20. Just got 2nd place in Jerez, starting from 9th, best result so far in my first year of Moto2. I retired in Termas because I kept losing positions and I crashed in the last lap.
    I'm using the physics and AI mod, tcs off on real difficulty. I hope to sign for NGM forward soon, I need a more competitive bike