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Moto 2015 1024 textures (stutter fix) 2015-07-04


  1. Lukilla submitted a new resource:

    Moto 2015 1024 textures (stutter fix) - motogp

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  2. Sorry but I have lost the Mixfile ReMixer Ver.0.1.6 and when I try to load the file MotoGP15.MIX get an error and can not continue

    Unlike other files as if loaded properly MotoGP14.MIX

    version which used to it?
  3. I think you will need 0.1.6 and don´t paste the path to your file, browse to it or it´ll give you an error.
  4. I don't get it!

    Most of the Mods work well but everytime i try to change something in the MotoGP2015.MIX the ''exe'' crashed or the ''MIX-file is damaged''?!?!? What am i doing wrong? Looks like a typical user-mistake but i don't get it to work.
  5. don´t forget to check the format to SBK-X/V8 when packing the new mix file.
  6. Thanks man!