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Montreal Track Feedback and Bug Reports

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Still not finished:

    -Starting grid spots textures missing
    -Some scenary objects still missing
    -Grass finetuning

    Let me know if there are grip issues like driving on astroturfs or something like that.
  2. Some additionall things I saw today:
    1. the astro turf at the last chicane is like in china - ice
    2. there is a white line in the middle of t2 which does some funny thing to the ffb when you go over it
    3. there is no pit lane exit line

    Apart from this the track looks stunning. Great job!
  3. Thanks, Victor. Gravel traps are also gripless for what I've heard, will be fixed for next update.
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  4. Curbs at T9-T10 send car airborne, this is really a big problem.
  5. Is this the Wall of Champions? If yes, its normal, that such high curbs send you to the sky ;)
  6. No, it is not. Watch the map.
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  7. So some additions to the list:
    (all corner numbers are taken from F1.com
    1. T1 - the curb has more grip than the tarmac
    2. T7 - if you understeer and catch the beginning of the curb the car just flies in the sky
    3. T8 entry - there is a piece of tarmac on the left under the bridge which has 0 grip. If you touch it you instantly spin
    4. T4 - if you go just a little bit wide on the exit, there's an invisible wall
    5. Last chicane - there's a point on the entry curb where there's 0 grip and it spins the car into the wall. There is more grip if you run over the anticuts than the normal way cause you're never really sure if you're gonna touch that sliding point.
    6. All gravel traps are broken. They are like ice.
    7. Looks like the overal grip on this track is less than on the bumpy unofficial one but it's probably me.

    Cheers :)
  8. About 1 and 5, all curbs have same grip (0.96), however some are modeled in 3d (with edges etc, like last chicane) and others are pretty simple. Maybe T1 kerb is a bit too flat?

    2. Are you refering to the exit of the first chicane of s2?

    3 and 6 will be fixed easily. About 4, there aren't invisible walls :/
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2014
  9. 1. I don't know about last corner but everybody experienced that instant spin and it's so unpredicable

    2. yeah. I'm talking about the curb on the left

    4. Maybe I've been too close to the wall but I hit something and it destroyed my car.
  10. 4. The exit of T4 if you brush wall there is someting indeed. It is at the point where the wall changes from height. Probably doesnt align up properly i guess. And red astro turf there is like ice.

    Other than that great job on the track.!
  11. Yeah exaclty did some tests to see if I was dreaming - managed to destroy the car several times. It's exaclty where the wall changes.
  12. turn 4 just before the wall goes to the black sign just being on curb it will either rip off front wing or the front wheel it looks like the car drops into to track slightly
  13. Final corner, seems like the 100m board is a little too far forward. And maybe the brake boards into the final turn could be lowered slightly, to make them more legible.
  14. This thread you can report all bugs on current track.
  15. Seems like there is a glitch similar to what Victor found at the exit curb of T2 as well. If you ride the curb the whole way to the end sometimes I get flipped horribly.

    Also dunno if supposed to be there but in the braking zones of 6 & 8, the little strips of run-off will spin you as if you were racing in the wet.

    Would also put a sausage curb to block 1/2 the re-join path at the wall of champions chicane, to stop any Rosberg-esque speed-offs.
  16. I have redesigned that kerb with a bit different shape (also T4 exit and s2 last chicane kerbs), I hope this will help.

    Yes, it was related to some material naming bug. All those things have been fixed already.

    I like the idea :D
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  17. so instead of hitting the wall you just fly over it lol
  18. When will the updated track be released?
  19. I want to have it finished for tomorrow.
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