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Modding Questions Thread

Discussion in 'MotoGP 13 Mods' started by Technique, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Post your questions here. :thumbsup:
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  2. No, its contained in XWB File While its impossible to Unpack/Repack
  3. My question is short and simple:

    Can new 3D files be added to the game or can the existing files be modified (e.g. changing bike shapes)?

    I'd like to have a fictional Kalex-Yamaha bike in the MotoGP, if this is of any help.
  4. Can we somehow race Moto2 and Moto3 in Laguna Seca?
  5. where I can find a suit psd template Dainese and AGV helmet
  6. Is it just me or could it that they used footage from this as the menu backround :D
    Might lead to some other footage if the files are still avi

  7. realitychecked


    I'm pretty sure everyone can make that kind of colour correction and slow motion with After Effects.
  8. Yeah but not anyone has those angle shots in HD you know :D
  9. hii, mate, i'll ask, can i edit 3d model of track???
    because i think i have model file (in bin format),, but i don't know how to convert it to 3d file format.. :)
  10. Thanks, but I do also not
  11. Can anyone give a tutorial to explain how to change a riders name, plus changing the teams names aswell.

    I have noticed the tutorial about the name of rider change but unfortunately, its quite a difficult one to understand as the users language isn't English in origin.

    Basically, what i'm trying to accomplish is to change the LCR Honda team to that of the 2011 San Carlo Gresini Team. I was planning on changing the Gresini team as it stands but it is going to be much easier with the LCR team.

    I am working on the textures at the moment but its the changing of the names(Rider and Team) that is causing concern.
    Changing the textures is the easy part, but to have a complete mod the names have to be changed.

    I hope some of you can shed some light as to what to do, and what files need to be edited.
    What would be easier is, someone could edit their database and upload the file here so I can then complete the mod with everything complete.

    Hope someone can help!
  12. bin files are container files that have a method of shrinking in place, just like an archive like zip or iso yet the bin files are all individual and you'd have to go through your own method of reverse engineering in order to develop a way to make it a 3D Editor to be put in the game.
    It's not just a model file you can place around, it contains how and where it is placed aswell and probably all is just binary code mixed with encryption.
  13. guys,can anyone give me a 3d model of an helmet?so i can modify it with 3dsmax without going in the game everytime i change the texture,i would use 3dripper but i've got 3dsmax 2013 and i cant get the plugin for this version....
  14. hey all, im new here
    how to change the speed of like honda, yamaha and other from 312 km / h to 400 km / h, this probably very silly, but it is not wrong to try, and if it could without the free practice and qualification to the position of No. 2 or the first gird at the time the race started. if possible where I can edit it ???
  15. khairin

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Hey bro i reques green mamba helmet
  16. this is not the request thread
  17. hi all ive been trying to make Bradley Smiths helmet available in career, however im not very good at Photoshop so all i did was copy and past the layer from smiths file onto the helmet that i wanted to replace, while i have Smiths helmet now it is not symmetrical or in line, is there a way i can fix this, Cheers for any help and i apologies for being a Photoshop idiot :rolleyes:
  18. khairin

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    You can not help me make a helmet green mamba
  19. khairin

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    :laugh:Hahahahahahahaah .......
  20. Hi ! iám new hear and i have a question.
    which programm do you use to open the files like MOTOGP.mix (skins from Bike) ?
    i would like to create my own skin.
    i use the geditor to open skins from other game, for example GTR2 , but this programm can´t open files from motogp 13.