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[MOD] VW Polo Cup 2007-2009

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Sven Hielscher, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. While working on the final version of my Corolla Cup I startet this second project. Started for rFactor I now changed the platform to Race07+STCC2 due to the fact that I needed a cockpit (used the Scirocco's) and I felt in love with Race07 modding lol just kidding ;)

    The project is WIP and needs help. Especially the painting of skins is a great task which needs some assistance! Of course painting community skins would be a great addition too and if you want to do that, you're welcome! You can download the current template below. There is no alpha/beta of the mod available for now and no x-files or such too.

    Download Template

    Of course tell me what you think and if you have an idea for other countries' cup seasons you may want to see/help with ;) Cheers!
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  2. how does this look?

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  3. The model looks superb! Great job :)

    Nice looking skin there too, Rob, nice colours!
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  4. amazing skin Rob! I like it ;) but tell me is it based on a real Polo Cup team or fictional?

    Leon the model was made by Matthi (racebit.de, team NLC) and donated to the public, so full credit belongs him for this amazing model!
  5. fictional, whenever ive seen polo cup clips most of the cars have just been plain with same sponsors but different colours
  6. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    I love these manufacturer race series mods, there needs to be more of them. I love the Toyota corolla cup mod and would love to see that as a weekly event along with this one if it takes off. Great stuff :D
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  7. Hm...yes you really can come to that conclusion, but all of the cars have "regional" sponsors which have just small stickers. Will be a real challenge to get all of them :cool: But there are some bigger teams with larger stickers, like Castrol or Scania or Dunlop ;)

    Happy to hear that! I really like the Corolla too! Just had a great short race against the AI yesterday :D
    We at racebit.de currently think of starting a online cup season when the Polo is finished ;) But it would make me reaaaaallly really happy to see a Racedepartment online season with the Polo too!
  8. Short update without pictures :)
    Focus is now on 2009 season. All drivers and teams will be taken from the Hockenheim race in May 2009. Some of the drivers had changed liveries at Norisring which are very interesting, so maybe those will be used instead of the older ones - but we will see :D
    Currently all driver files (CAR-files, 31 in total!) and skins (copy of one basic blue skin) of that race in Hockenheim are created. Next step will be to get the template finalized and start painting the cars! Firstly I will just create all skins with their respective basic color to show you some more about the updates I made on the visual side of things :D This will be tonight or tomorrow I hope ;) With that step I will upload the new template too ;)

    One question to those of you who are familiar with fonts: What font was used on the numberplates? Does someone know or have a good guess? Here is a picture from 2007, but the font should be the same from 2007 to 2009. Maybe there are other/better pictures on the net ;)
  9. Previews
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. We MUST have club races with these! As soon as they're completely finished hit up one of the Race 07 Racing Club organisers :) Awesome work, can't wait to see some liveries
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  11. Would be great pleasure for me to see this particular mod in a RD club race or a full season :D
  12. Not sure if you still looking for it, but it seems the font you looking for is: Franklin Gothic
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  13. Still looking for it, yes and found Franklin Gothic too but wasn't sure about that ;) Will have a closer look at some examples later, thank you! ;)
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  14. the ADAC is not the problem it's just the number ;)
    for my logo searches I use wiki and google :D most of the logos are available in SVG format at wiki, so that's great source :D
    for fonts I allways try using whatthefont...great search engine but last time I didn't use it as I had no good reference picture to upload there :(
  15. Well, from what i have looked at it seems Franklin Gothic is the right font.
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  16. looks quite good......cant wait for the release

    maybe I´ll go for some fictional liverys
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  17. that would be really great GeForce! :thumbsup:

    hm...just had the idea of making a little quiz...maybe someone can guess which bonus car is hidden here? I don't currently know if the first correct guesser will win something...but maybe he will be the first getting the final version or even the beta - we'll see! :thumbsup:
  18. Couple of guesses:

    - Volkswagen Beetle RSI
    - Peugeot RCZ Cup
  19. Right! :thumbsup:
    You will definitely hear from me ;)
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