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Tracks Misano MWC 1.2

Misano World Circuit "Marco Simoncelli" - Italy

  1. foyol submitted a new resource:

    Misano MWC - Misano World Circuit "Marco Simoncelli" - Italy

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  2. DutchDevil79


    Great work. Will try this new version out soon.
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  3. Really liked your response about road noise in the reviews. Just seeing track modders caring about physical bump mesh is great since a whole bunch of mod tracks completely skips it.

    And yes, i think a mix would be good. A tips would be to add low noise and then add the bigger bumps and dips from videos where they should be. But a general noise is important to feel the road surface in the wheel. When there is no feeling its like driving on glass.

    Thanks for building and sharing. Will test tonight. :)
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  4. Is there any possibility for any pics or, even better, video of driving on the track ?
    I'm sure many will appreciate that.
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  5. You are right, sorry for not having already posted them but had to release for some league racing and didn't find the time to do previews. I will make some pics, not a video though: it would be a deadly hit to my potato PC and connection :D
  6. Thank you for your answer.
    Well, video doesn't have to be made by you, you can link someone's else.
    Maybe to ask first but I see why they wouldn't agree it's your track after all. =)

    Like this one for example. Is this your track ? Nice one. =)
  7. busterwolfeman


    So it is not allowed for RD to use it for their RaceClubs?
  8. I don't know the rules of RaceClubs, if they allow free access or non mandatory donations, the use of this track is allowed as well. This track is given away for free and must remain free for everyone to use.
  9. It seems Mugello, AC original by Kunos.
  10. busterwolfeman


    You have to be a premier user to take part at the RD Races and this costs money. Would be gentle from you if you make an exception here because of hosting your track here.
  11. Short answer:
    No, sorry for this, I can't make an exception. But if you, or RD staff, think the disclaimer sounds too strict or unkind or whatever, the track can be removed: it's your home after all, and if you think it's correct I will leave without any anger or delusion and will be fine with that. You are in charge.

    A bit longer:
    putting together released and unreleased ones, I have 34 versions for netKar-Pro, and 38 for AC of this track. It isn't such a fantastic 3d work, but whatever the quality, it's something I kept working on year after year, sometimes because of real life track changes, sometimes upon requests of leagues or friends, most of the times because I feel it isn't good enough for me (and still it isn't).

    I always refused to add a PayPal link for donations, because:
    1) I have no legal right to use the Misano MWC name, images, marks etcetera.
    2) some textures have been derived from aerial views found on the internet (guess by who?)
    3) some friends helped making objects
    4) some objects I used have been given by the authors under a Non Commercial license.
    I gave all the necessary attributions, and did everything I could to show that the use of what is inside the track is in good faith, and I released it for free, asking whoever use it to do the same.

    IMHO this is the best choice to allow everyone to use it. I know there are paying leagues, they have to cover costs for the servers, or for the prizes or whatever, but there is plenty of tracks that don't have this kind of disclaimer, most of them are much better than my Misano, and I don't think any league will ever fall short of tracks.
    This one can be still used for free promotional events, test races, fun races or sessions, all but the events in which you have to pay something.

    All the best,
    Don Quijote de la Mancha ;)
  12. Version 1.1 almost ready.

    Some things added/fixed/tuned:
    - new physical road mesh separated from visual. Bump noise added to the mesh, it may have to be tuned/reduced, critics welcome!
    - Ac forum's user Classicpark found a BIG hole in the grass after T8, fixed
    - tuned shaders to reduce brightness a bit (pictures added to the first post are already from the 1.1 version).
    Planning to upload it in the next 24hrs.
    In the meantime, should you have critics or requests, please feel free to reply here and if possible they will be addressed. Thanks :)
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  13. Someone hit me with a thick stick I only now realize that this is not MISANO but MUGELLO.
    Somehow... not sure why but I often mix those two. Pardon me, I'll go cover my head with paper bag now. :x3:
    Btw, amazing work you have done here! :thumbsup: Thank you for your time, keep up.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2016
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  14. foyol updated Misano MWC with a new update entry:

    Misano MWC 1.1

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  15. Nice update :)
    The road mesh isnt quite there for me, it feels fine on the straights but in the corners it gives quite notchy ffb (formula renault 3.5 is nice car to test and compare with) and can upset the car quite easily.
    Not too sure increasing friction to 1 is a good idea, I dont think any other track has friction higher than 0.99 and therefore cars will be able to perform better at this track than any other which is kind of weird
  16. Thx. On the road I agree, will make turns less bumpy in version 1.2.
    On the griplevel, I have to find a compromise. Now the AI @ alien level in race lap around high 1:35 - low 1:36 (the fast ones). Real life F4 in 2016 had a best lap in race of 1:35.3 (in one of the few dry sessions, beneath reported as wet by the race commission). I think I will be able to re-lower the grip after smoothing the bumps.
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  17. Very good job @foyol !!!

    Such a great start and it looks super already. With some more details it will be a hit (even though i dont really like flat stop and go tracks lol). :) But i got into it after a few laps and it drives great. AI did good too. Tested with GT3.

    What i noticed:
    Straights could have a little more physical bump. I dont mean "bumps", but more like a tarmac noise. Nothing drastic. I think it would elevate the feeling a bit more. Corners are fine due to your own added bumps and i guess the mesh itself. But just a little "noise" where you just get a slight hint of a road under your wheels.

    Another smaller thing, in the last 2 corners i think you havent added or missed penalty stuff. I cut very big in the race and i did not get a warning there, so might want to check that. At least one of the two last corners. Give it an extra check.

    Performance seemed good with almost full grid on my PC so thats great.

    Keep it up. Appreciate your work and thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:
  18. Thanks for the continued updates! :)

    I noticed the reverb zones are quite a bit stronger than what you'd expect. Also, the asphalt texture is repeating itself very often. Might be worth taking a look.
  19. Thx to twizzR and MegadetH_44 for reporting a timing bug.
    I will check if I can reproduce it and possibly upload a new version with only the bug fixed ASAP.
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  20. been doing a few laps on the track for our upcoming ACRL race this sunday sep 18th. it's really great and good quality! thanks! The track reminds me a lot of Circuit Paul Ricard regarding turns etc, but just a few more turns.