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Mid-Week Club events poll

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Ramon van Rijn, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    After the summer-break (end-July / August) I would like to organize mid-week Race events if people like to join.

    So far I have the following Days available for such events:

    I think about a start time aroud 18.30 GMT (and when daylight saving is shifting one hour later).

    What I like to hear from you, iRacing drivers.

    Yes or No
    If Yes, which Day suits you best. Every week or once every two weeks?
    What format do you like to run. Every week a different event or stick to one car for a while on various tracks?

    Your input is highly appreciated.
    *Please only reply if you are seriously interested*

    [Edit] Read post #19 for proposal info
  2. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn


    Current answers are at the moment:

    Monday 4
    Tuesday 7
    Wednesday 8

    Mixed Class 3

    So far I am thinking about this format:
    - Odd weeks on Monday: Ovals (both Nascar/Indycar, medium distance; 30-45 mins)
    - Even weeks on Tuesday/Wednesday: Road (different formats (including mixed, medium distance; 30-45 mins)
  3. -yes
    -Tuesday/Wednesday (Monday this time most poeple are doing/waiting for "High SOF"/weekly races)
    -every week if we would have enough interested racers
    -regarding format would like to have 2+ cars multiclass, sprint races 15 min practice, 7 min qualy, 30+ min race on 3-4 different tracks (is this too much?! :facepalm: )
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Monday nights. Any content will do; oval or road
  5. yes
    Tue or Wed
    Every week
    US time 9:00 Eastern approximately
    Mix it up each week - races that last between 30-45 min.
  6. Yes
    Tue or Wed
    Cannot do 1830 GMT (still at work). 2230+ for me.
    Mix it up
    If there is enough interest on both sides of the Atlantic, I would be more than willing to self-fund a duplicate US event @ 0100 (It's only $1).
  7. Ditto
  8. Havent competed with you RD guys in Iracing yet but from my experience of RD Rfactor, it’s probably better to use the same car every week which gives people a chance to build a range of setups that can be used at a variety of tracks. I know a lot of people won’t like racing if they have had insufficient time to prepare and a new car/new circuit every week might make things a bit more awkward. Running the Star at a selection of different circuits every Tuesday night for example would be my ideal solution.
  9. tuesday & wednesday is fine with me
  10. Monday, Wednesday or Friday are all good for me, any content road or oval.
  11. Yes...Monday...Nascar
  12. YES Any day really dont matter. Been on Iracing for a few months now and must say the trucks are most popular.
  13. will there be a sub-forum for this, so it's easier to see upcoming club events?
  14. Wednesdays for me (Mon/Tue already accounted for)

    Would need race starts to be from 20:00 UK (and could wait until around 22:00 at the latest).

    Will go with any car/track combo (as closing in on 100% content, lol).

    I'm not asking that the start times be moved for me, just wanting you to know how the idea sits with me, to be able to commit. If the race starts are any earlier then 20:00 (due to the majority votes) then I'll have to sit out the mid-week races.

  15. hmm I must've been drunk when I posted my first reply.. I've been to that sub-forum lots of times.. :/ lol sometime when I go and sit by the computer, my brain stays in bed, sleeping..

  16. Why not start right now, this week? I see about 5 rd drivers online whenever I login during the week, not always same drivers. So there could be +10 drivers in an event even now. Maybe we can post an event each week, and see how many register, and decide if it's worth it from there?
  17. +1

    Even simple skippy races at short courses or Late Models would work - low impact pick up and go.
  18. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    I have this proposal in mind and can use your input guys!

    - Every week on Monday night Oval racing (mostly nascar types of cars, but now and again throw in the Dallara Indycar).
    - Every week on Tuesday night Road racing (completely free format, fun is the only thing that matters; so it could be from mixed class to cup racing to banger racing!).
    - Every week on Wednesday night Road racing (completely free format, fun is the only thing that matters; so it could be from mixed class to cup racing to banger racing!).

    It will all be mid-length events, around 45 race sessions with this time-schedule:
    - Practice start around 19.00GMT (40 mins)
    - Qualify around 19.40GMT (15 mins Open Qualify)
    - Warmup 5 mins
    - Race around 20.00GMT (45 mins)

    All hosted sessions will initially set to 2hours max. We are able to start from next week on!

    Feedback for this proposal is appreciated!
    Also I like to know what format (car(s), tracks, type of event) you want on for the next weeks. I will be away till end of July so I need to set things up beforehand!
    (In case of Oval, also mention the best way to set the Fast Tows/Caution/Restarts)

    [Edit] To All: Make sure you keep this sheet up to date. Makes planning a lot easier!
  19. Cool! I'm ready!
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