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Tracks Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit 1.0

Albert Park GP circuit

  1. jtom submitted a new resource:

    Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit - Albert Park GP circuit

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  2. Amazing job, best mod so far.
    Many thanks
  3. Nice, but you should improve that to match quality of original tracks
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  5. Overall I like this track. Great object detail and I like the trees. Its something really important to me personally. Very immersive.

    That said there is room for improvement. For example the green walls to are not exactly the right color. Too bright I think. More importantly, maybe you could improve the surface detail. It feels too smooth also also missing some camber IMO. I've seen many times on TV the F1 cars almost spin to the right exiting the last turn for there is a bit of a crest one the outside of the turn's exit. Even Schumacher once spun out there. If you could get that sort of detail in, it would be very nice.
  6. I think I lost some of the 'roughness' of the circuit when I was editing it for AC. Straight conversions from rFactor seem to be really bumpy, you might have noticed with some other conversions. I smoothed the whole course to eliminate that but it might have lost some of the subtle bumps in the process.
  7. looks real good will download it this weekend and give it go.......
    Mods 4 ever....
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  8. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    Thank u for your fine work
  9. Great track!! Physics are super fine. Only had a slight glitch with the texture filtering blurring out too quickly.

    Anyway, love it, keep it up. Here's my best laps in a Lotus Classic
  10. Thanks.
    The texture filtering has been an issue with my tracks for a while, I'm not exactly sure what the issue is but I've been trying to fix it. I thought it was a problem with mipmaps from the .dds textures but I've double and triple checked them. As you mentioned it is more of an issue in 'lower' cars.

    Anisotropic filtering in the game/graphics drivers helps a bit but obviously hurts performance.
  11. Thank you:)
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  13. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Great track but too clean looking. Needs more skid marks. compared to real life photos the colours are too virbrant. Awesome track to drive though, keep up the fine work.
  15. Very nice so far looking forward to next update.
    Can you include a mini map please.
  16. Any updates? Would like to feature this track in the Racing Club with GP2 cars.
  17. Dexter


    map for this track?
  18. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

  19. Dexter


    work .. thx