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Mod Tracks & Maps

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by MeMyselfAndI, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. This mite be common knowledge but I thought I give an heads up anyway.

    I had some Modded Tracks that had no map or an image with Map.png
    written all over it instead of an map.

    Today I messed around with some files and removed the "Map.png" from the track folder and the "map.ini" from the Data folder.

    When I reloaded the track it recreated the moved files and I had a working map.

    This has worked on 100% of the tracks I had map problems with (5 tracks in total.)
    I think this is an resolution thing? It creates an map for the resolution set in game?

    Anyway hope it helps some people
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  2. Excellent discovery such a great solution. Have always hoped that snoopys Nürburgring track showed the map instead of the whole thing at once. makes it easier for learning the track.
    Nice one!!
  3. Realy works, thanks for sharing this!:thumbsup:
  4. Cool that it useful for some people!
    I only had AC 2 weeks so I want the map on some tracks.

    Anyway an heads up on an specific track, and in this case an reason to the failed map?

    today I added Road Atlanta to my tracks - NO map in sight!
    OK no problem I can fix this....Did not work!!

    I noticed the Track folder name was "road atlanta" No track I have has an space in the name.

    I renamed the kn5 to "road_atlanta" and the same with the Track Folder.
    Deleted the ini/png files again and I had an working map.:)
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