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Max Framerate: smooth picture and helps FreeTrack!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Insert Coin, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. I know it has been mentioned in several topics, but I would like bring this to your attention. I have moved from an AMD 6950 graphics card to an nVidia GTX 970. My PC has a Core i7 @ 4.4 Ghz by the way. The new graphics card gives a nice FPS boost to GSCE, but strangely enough my FreeTrack lagged.
    Now I have set Max Framerate="-120" in my .PLR file and the problem is gone. Not only the FreeTrack lag has disappeared, but also the picture is smooth now.
    I think FreeTrack lags less because the GPU is not at 99% all the time and the CPU is waiting on the GPU. Limiting the frame rate gives the CPU more time to do something else. Or maybe it's a priority problem between GSCE and FreeTrack, don't know.

    Although my monitor is 60 Hz I have set Max Framerate to 120, since the FFB and physics are tied to the FPS (see this topic). As someone else said: "Having a higher FPS also can improve FFB response time, as well as increase user response time."

    Maybe this will help others too.
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  2. What does the value of 120 mean? And can you clarify, did you set yours to "-120" or "120"? We have the same monitor frequency and gpu, and I'd like to test it. Currently I have my value set to 0.

    BTW, what's Freetrack?
  3. 120 means the GPU will not output more than 120 frames per second; it drops the GPU load.
    I have set Max Framerate at -120. A few quotes from this topic:
    "Try using -60 in the framerate limit thingy in the PLR, much tighter and more consistent, works better! Also if your pc is fast enough, use -120 (on a 60hz screen) and you loose another frame of input lag. The tearing is less too. Seems to be marginally better still at -180 but at that point you need a fast machine"
    "set the limit framerate to NEGATIVE values to make rfactor use an alternative timing thingy which works better"

    FreeTrack is a DIY head tracking solution. It gives you the possibility to look left, right, up and down by turning your head. While racing you can look into mirrors easily and take a look at someone driving next to you (who would otherwise be 'invisible'). Best used when you do not own triple screens.
    I use a three point IR cap in combination with a PS3 Eye camera with the IR filter removed and a daylight filter added to it.
    See here.
  4. Thanks. I'm aware of frame rates but wasn't sure of the logic behind the value of 120, rather than either 60 (similar to vsync, to match monitors rate) or 84 (i.e. 60 x 1.4, as suggested in some threads). Will give it a try.

    I see, cool! Similar to Real Head Motion app in AC.
  5. See this post as an example of FreeTrack in use.
  6. While Freetrack works nice I switched to Edtracker:
    Very easy to build or just buy it complete. Build mine on a breadboard and mounted it on top of my headphones.
    It works directly with GSCE as a joystick. Assign the look X... to the different axis.

    Or use it with OpenTrack that way it works without any setup.
    The advantage compared to the cam version is no Lag, no worries about lighting in the room and no frame drops as fare as I can measure.Also no issue with screen dpi as Freetrack has.
    The disadvantage is no X,Y and Z position. You can fake the position with Opentrack but for me it didn't work that well and really not needed for a race-sim.
    I can drive a little faster on some tracks due to the better feel of the rear end grip. But use it more for the fun factor.
    Makes you look forward to fully working VR-Headsets
  7. I'm using my Edtracker for 2 days now and it's better than any other free solutions like opentrack, freetrackir or FaceTrackNoIr (haven't try TrackIr, so I can't compare).
    It has no lag, no cpu usage, doesn't affecting from lighting
    I build my own using the cheap mpu-6050 but I'm suffering from a little yaw drift and I order the one with the magnetometer mpu-9150.
    btw I found out about Edtracker by chance from a discussion here in rf2 forum but it would be nice if it was where it is belong ,in Sim Hardware section, so more people learn about it.
  8. Make sure it is on op working temperature and then re-calibrate. Mine works on ~ 33 C and do not drift much. Resetting every 20-30 min so really an none issue.
    Only combine it with Opentrack because I like the filter and curve option.