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Will AC have a proper entry in TrackIR?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Fernando Zart, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. Currently, my AC is using the Lock-On:Modern Air Combat profile on TrackIR.
    Does Kunos plan to give it a proper profile entry, to allow those who have Lock-On to use different profiles for both games?

  2. Can't you create your own like I have in Freetrack?
  3. Unfortunately, not. TrackIR is "protected", for a game to work with it, it must have a "signature". Actually, AC is using the signature of Lock-On (I don't even know if this is "legal").
  4. Dave Fox

    Dave Fox
    I get there...eventually.

    You can't create a profile ? :O_o:
    Why doesn't track-ir allow user profiles ?
  5. Dave Fox

    Dave Fox
    I get there...eventually.

    I never used track-ir but really wanted to get it because i thought it was the 'daddy' of face tracking (outside of VR).... but maybe freetrack is a better option for both price and functionality,,,, opinions ?

    note: I want it for racing sims and Arma3
  6. Ok, so this is what I know (and it may be all wrong, hence the actual thread):
    Fact: You can customize a native profile only if the game is officially supported in the game's list inside the TrackIR software.
    As far as I know, for the game to appear in the TrackIR's game list, the developer company must buy a "code" (kind of digital signature) with Natural Point (maker of TrackIR) and " sign" his game with it. TrackIR software will in turn detect when this code is active (i.e., executing) and activate the corresponding profile (which you can customize).
    If your game isn't listed in the supported games list (i.e., you didn't buy a signature), then you'll not be able to use native TrackIR support (unless you use another game's code - but this would be illegal).
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  7. I've been using TrackIR since v4, and now I'm at v5. I tested freetrack and others, and I can assure you: TrackIR is miles ahead in precision, speed and easy of use. If you can buy one, do it.
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  8. Though I have never used TrackIR, I'm very happy with FreeTrack. I'm using it with a PS3 Eye camera (640x480 75 FPS, IR filter removed, daylight filter added) and a 3-point cap. Hardly any lag, very precise, never skips. Wouldn't race without it. Cheap solution. Example on YouTube here (no, that's not me ;)).
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  9. Agree with insert coin, I have a very similar setup with the ps3 eyetoy. I also built a clip for the leds that runs off usb power and is far more durable than the pro-clip. In my experience Freetrack is just as accurate as TrackIR, and as long as you are willing to put a little effort into putting it together then you will have a head tracking solution that is as good as anything out there for, well my setup cost around £30 including the soldering iron, as opposed to £120 ish for TrackIR. No contest IMO.
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  10. You make it sound like Trackir doesn't work in AC......which is simply not true.
    You can use ANY profile within TIR's collection of profiles and the device will work beautifully.....You can also make a profile called anything you want to call it, and when you open TIR just select that profile and then start the game.....the game will detect TIR automatically and when you load up a car it will work.
    I haven't tried any of the less expensive options for head tracking so I cant comment on how they compare...I have read that they really are not as good??....But I can tell you that Trackir is Brilliant
    Great for flight sims, driving sims, and I recently acquired Arma3.....which is still gonna take some work for me to figure out ;)
    If you are thinking about TIR..... don't hesitate
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  11. FYI: you can buy a complete FreeTrack kit with pre-modded PS3 Eye camera for 34.30 pounds (shipping costs excluded).
  12. I agree with you that TrackIR is excellent. Perhaps I have expressed myself in a wrong manner (sorry, english isn't my native tongue). What I'm trying to ask is about the "game entry", not the profile "per se". Of course I can create a profile and "force" it through TrackIR interface, and it will work, but I would like to have a proper entry allowing the software itself to select the correct profile (which I assigned to AC) to load, like it do to all other games.
    I discovered that currently, the software is "identifying AC as Lock-On: Modern Air Combat". The way I tested it was to just altering the corresponding profile for Lock-On and then starting AC. Thing is that I also have Lock-On, and obviously it uses a different profile (air combat doesn't relate very well to racing). :)

    Anyway, a little OT, if you want to try my profile for Arma3, here it is. Just rename the extension to .xml and drop it into profiles folder under TrackIR install. I use it with 0.9 speed / 35 smooth.


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  13. Thanks for the Arma 3 profile......I will definitely give it try, I'm not really much of a first person shooter guy......but I got Arma knowing that it was supposed to be the best FPS for using TIR......I just need to invest the time.
  14. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    Just use track ir default , then adjust and save? I did that? Works great
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  15. Yeah, I have a customized profile for Assetto Corsa that I load under Lock-ON every time I want to play AC, and then change back do Lock-ON when playing that title. Other way to do this is to load the profile and set it "forced". Thing is that this is a PITA to do everytime, and I would expect that AC would *at least* use the NKPro signature in order not to mess with other game's entry under TrackIR software. I doubt that people playing AC still have NKPro installed, and NKPro is Kuno's child too.
    So, the problem is not related to TrackIR functionality, but rather correct signature for AC.
    Waiting for some dev to shed some light on the matter.