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Maldonado deserves to be banned from Formula 1.

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Bradley Vanian, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. What an idiot. Hamilton was on his fastest lap to get into Qualy 3. Maldonado turned into Hamilton at the chicane and there was a slight bump. Then Maldonado PURPOSELY hits Hamilton afterwards causing damage to Hamilton. Maldonado is a disgrace to Formula 1 and Motorsport.

    Or is that too far ?
  2. Nah. Just a penalty for it. Back of the grid or something.
    Btw Hamilton wasnt nice also. Just to swing abit to right when Maldonado passed him. Because of that Maldonado reacted.
  3. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG Premium Member

    I think he should be banned from this race, as an example.
    Also he could take Hamilton out during the race.
  4. I think Hamilton was just turning right to keep some grip in his tyres to get back + to stay on the track. Hamilton was far on the left side and the straight does go slightly left. Hamilton wouldn't purposely hit Maldonado. Hamilton made it into Qualy 3 so it wouldn't effect him so much that he would go into an ALL CAPS RAGE and hit Maldonado. Maldonado did get effected (even though it was a 50/50 incident at the chicane) but he shouldn't of hit Hamilton.

    Schumacher lost all of his championship points in 1997 for purposely hitting Villeneuve.
  5. Nah this was just typical quick move towards a car to let Maldonado know he was angry. Had nothing to do with track or tires.
    He shouldnt have done that then probably Maldonado didnt reacted also. :)
  6. Hamilton was on a very important lap. He wasn't trying to purposely hit Maldonado at the chicane. If anything, Hamilton was trying as hard as possible not to. Maldonado was on a slow lap because of Barrichello and Kovalainen ahead of him. Hamilton needed to complete the lap without being blocked. That's why he tried to pass Maldonado at the chicane.
  7. I am talking about what happened after La Source not at the chicane.
  8. This is nothing. Have you seen those a$$holes who didn't let Alonso pass them? THAT IS A TRAVESTY!
  9. Here is a link of a similar incident that happened in the NASCAR Truck Series.

    Also Ivo, I know you was talking about the main incident, I was talking about the reasons why Maldonado shouldn't of done it and that Hamilton did nothing wrong. By the way, I am not a Hamilton Fan. I am "Anti-Hamilton" but I am completely on his side here.
  10. Urm.... calm down lol

    I am a McLaren supporter (although I admit they are stupid at times like today, only fueling button for 1 or 2 laps) but to day that Pastor is a disgrace is OTT. He probably didnt mean to actually hit Hamilton but just weave infront of him, unfortunatly he hit him and should maybe get a severe warning and a 5/10 grid drop.

    Im just glad Hamilton didnt miss out on pole by 0.01 or something stupid because imagine the threads then...."OMG without the damage he could have done it...etc...etc"
  11. Yeah Maldonado is the bad man indeed here. That at the chicane was normal racing imo. :)
    And the move Maldonado did after La Source was just insane and needs a penalty for it.
    But the move here at 0:02 what Hamilton did deserves a warning or money penalty also. :)
    That quick steering to the right.

  12. And whilst we are at it... The names of Senna and Schumacher should be scrapped from all history books. All of their achievements should to be taken away from them(Prost 6 times champion, Hill triple champion, Barrichello double champion, wouldn't that sound great...??). And it goes without saying that mentionning their names on internet boards should be strictly forbidden, and punishable of death penalty.

  13. Maldonado turned heavily left. If Maldonado was weaving, he wouldn't do it when another car is along side him. He clearly meant to hit Hamilton or at least block him.
  14. Schumacher got his championship points removed in 1997 after that incident. That's why Maldonado deserves a harsh penalty.
  15. If we look at this before Hamilton overtook Maldonado.

    Barricelo didn't let Maldonado pass which obviously ment that Maldonado was 100% going to break earlier then before. Hamilton has around a 0.5 sec gap to Maldonado before Bus Stop Chicane. So when Maldonado brakes he loses this 0.5 sec and Since Hamilton is on a hot lap and can't predict Maldonado to break earlier then usual he brakes normally and at the end of his braking he find finds himself closing in to Maldonado faster then he should. As Maldonado goes very wide to the right Hamilton takes the inside as he has more speed other wise it would mean he neither brakes (if there is time and space for it) or he just hits Maldonado from the back due to lack of time and space.

    You then know the rest.
  16. This was just because of the context around it. They couldn't let him go away with that, he almost turned the title battle into another farce, after taking the championship in 1994 with a similar manoever(without ever being worried by the officials).

    If Maldonado happened to be revenge wrecking... Not the first or the last time something similar happens in motorsports. It's a disgrace, but get over it. No need to launch another unconproductive flame war thread.
  17. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Ill just wait and see what Nigel Mansell has to say.
  18. You should never try and "get revenge" in any motorsport. Especially Formula 1. This incident could of ended up in a much more serious matter if Maldonado had hit Hamilton in a slightly different place or braked right infront of Hamilton.
  19. In a way Maldonado can consider lucky that Nigel's in charge... Considering Nigel's own antics he'll probably be more forgiving than the average.

    Thanks captain obvious. May I ask you though, in which way is this thread constructive? You really hope to get someone to come in here to defend what looks like a blatent revenge wrecking case? Or did you just start it in order to have a fun Maldonado bash wagon?
  20. If they can find him. He is probably on a Golf course somewhere. :p