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Lotus E20 F1 2012 3D model for F1 2011 (download)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Rian Speed, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. No more using of Mercedes chassis! Its now the real deal! Will finish uploading all other models within a day or two...Also includes offset tv camera.. Enjoy! :D

    PS: Mirrors to be fixed as soon as the F1 2012 full version is released.

    Download- <removed - 2012 game content doesn't belong to the 2011 game and could cause legal trouble>

    Screenshot of F1 2011.
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  2. please post the rest of the teams as well?? thanks you a star:)
  3. Yes! :D
  4. Hey Rian, could you possibly do me a favour and upload the 2010's Ferrari F10? I haven't got F1 2010, but I'd love to have it in F1 2011 :)
  5. I think is not possible, F1 2010 versus F1 2011 the way how is build is different. Its not like F1 2011 versus F1 2012. If they find how before the official release to import 2012 car on 2011 game. Since long time we was probably know it for 2010 with 2011 car
  6. @Matthew327 Yes,exactly as Schifty said. It isn't possible with 2010...F1 2012 is build just the same way f1 2011 was(except very minor changes)...but f1 2010 was whole different build...i haven't ever seen one model swapped between f1 2010 and 2011.
  7. How U ll fix mirrors after release? Williams and Maclaren convertions to the F1 2011 have the same problem and they are full file complect in the demo for conversions.
  8. 1st Thank you very much for this! But i have a Problem Now: Ingame the Lotus Renault have Grey/White Tires!! the Yellow stripes are ok. only the Tires are Grey/White :( I'm not sure that i'm the onlyone with this problem. someone can help me?
  9. @Rian Speed and @Schifty031:

    Okay, thanks a lot for explaining - I'll have to just live with the 2011's Ferrari then :)
  10. Mirrors wont be fixed like real f1 2012 but atleast mirrors out of no where would float over the body. The space for mirror would be just empty.

    I hv fixes for working mirrors for sauber,red bull and ferrari....sauber is tested and works 80%...others yet to test.
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  11. LOL yeah....sorry for you...:cry:
  12. No one have faced this problem yet...can u show me a screenshot??
  13. Thanks for the conversion, Rian. If some have a windows xp installed 2011 game will he have a probs with this?
  14. Ahh, never mind - it's only a pity 'cause I think that the F10 was the most beautiful F1 Ferrari for a heck of a long time :) But I think pretty much everything is better than this year's Ferrari (ugly, ugly stairway nose)
  15. Yea i will post a screenshot next minutes here
  16. I can't guarantee as i haven't tried but hopefully won't be any issue :thumbsup:
  17. Hey Rian, is this going to work the other way round as well? I mean, will I be able to import 2011's cars in F1 2012?
  18. LOL i'm kinda used to the design now....be happy with what we hv right now...there will be time when u'll just miss Formula 1! FIA trying to introduce closed cockpits....I bet all the drivers and fans will leave except Grosjean and Maldonado...
  19. Yes,it works like charm! but problem is the mirror....both games don't support each others mirrors.
  20. wouuuu!!! if it corrects the problem of mirrors would be an interesting option, because I personally do not like anything the demo.
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