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PC Lotus 49 - Disappointing! :(

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tariq Gamil, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Hi all. Is it just me or is the Lotus 49 too stable? In iRacing or GPL, it really drifts around but in AC, it feels stuck to the road so I don't know how realistic it is. Does anyone else feel the same?
  2. It can be made more lively with a decent setup ( default is a bit to safe for my liking) As much as i like the GPL/iRacing versions I've always felt they were far to slippery, like all Papy physics. If the '49 really was that tricky to drive in real life there would be a lot more dead drivers.

    I'm not saying that AC has it completely right, but it's far more in the right direction than the other two versions you mentioned, imho.
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  3. Even if the Lotus 49's setup is safe, it still scares me :D, it's a beast.
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  4. With the Diff try 45% Power 0% Coast and 0 preload. A slightly shorter 2nd gear also helps for powersliding fun out of those tighter corners. :)
  5. yep the differential is alot on the safe side in the default setup... which is more or less easy to control... but not realy fast.. at least for me... when I turned it a bit more to the "wild side" I got instant 2 seconds faster... but still very slow .. compared to the original laptimes from 66 or 67

    it's realy interesting... at first AC feels quite "easy" and you think.. well should be (too) easy to get to the reallife times with a bit practice.. but then.. you realize how much off the pace you still are :D and then it starts to get realy hard to match that times...

    whats even more funny... iracing feels alot harder to control and so. (sorry for comparing to IR again).. but the laptimes are sometimes.. 10 seconds quicker then the reallife laptimes...
    (just "for that arcade part :D ".. whats more arcade now :D but yes wrong forum for that :D.. I'll drive both but at the moment ofcourse AC only too soon to went back to ir)

    however there is indeed one thing I realized at all AC cars.. that they are extremely stable in a straight line.. maybe a bit too stable... I can drive a straight completely without hands on the wheel.. in reallife I would need to do small correction here and there because the car would follow the grooves, bumps and cambers of the surface

    thats just the one little thing.. that AC feels a little bit flat at the complete zero (straight line.. not turning the wheel)

    but I can look over that because as soon as you start to turn... it becomes the best experience there is yet :)
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  6. I dont recall stories about 60s F1 car's attempting to murder you at all costs driving in a straight line.

    This car is a beast, it coaxes you to go faster and faster but you cant with its ancient tires and brakes from a different era.

    It eats up mid corner accelerates like a mad man but to me feels like it hardly has the brakes of a modern street car lol.
  7. I spent a lot more time with the '49 last night. The more you drive it, the better it gets. It's a dream to drive and any initial feeling that it's too stable passes very quickly as you set it up to go fast and really start finding the limits. I absolutely love this car now. I could never go back to driving any other sims version of it.

    Quite frankly all the cars in AC feel very stable compared to a lot of other sims... initially. You have to spend plenty of time with them before you really start to discover their secrets. You suddenly realise you aren't pushing anywhere near their real limits, and the more you approach the limits the more alive they come...just as it should be.

    Already, even in this early stage the AC physics engine is the best out there imo. Sure it needs some tweaking in places, it's by no means perfect, but there is stuff going on here that no other sims are anywhere near.

    A quote from my other favourite sim racing physics genius, Niels Heusinkveld,
    "I really enjoy AC and that is the first time in years that I enjoy a sim where I didn't do the physics, so hats off to kunos / aris and everybody."

    When Niels is impressed, everyone should be :D
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  8. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    After your tips on wheel setup Stuart i have been trying the Type 49 and as you mention the more you drive the faster you go. Most of the sims i have so far you kind of hit a wall of perfomance quite early on as there just doesnt seem to be any more performance to be extracted but with AC i have that feeling of just one more go, i know i can be abit faster here or brake later there.

    It doesnt feel like a chore and if Niels says it is good then that is good enough for me.
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  9. I absolutely agree on this point. In iRacing i will jump in a car, overdrive completely for a few laps to find the limits, back it down a bit where i know i have to and set nearly my best time for the week within 10 laps. After that i can spend 10's of hours lapping and only make tiny improvements.

    AC is the complete opposite. I treat it as if i were on a real track day, just slowly building up confidence and speed, always feeling the is a lot more to be extracted from the car.

    In most sims i feel I'm just learning how to game the physics engine. In AC you really feel that its pure driving skills and techniques that will make you faster. Throwing out a lot of bad sim racing habits and really thinking 'real driving' is going to be the key to success in AC i suspect.
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  10. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    I got a lot of bad habits while driving and not just picking my nose.:redface:
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  11. Which tracks are you comparing laptimes to? Mosport is the only track with the same layout as 1967, but it was narrower back then with harsher curbs and the '67 GP was wet.

    Zandvoort is completely different, Spa was twice the length, Silverstone was far simpler, Watkins had the old Big Bend. Laptimes are worthless.

    Though if the car's stable on initial release, AC has done pretty well. The iRacing one still drifts around a bit, but at least it can be drifted around corners and caught unlike last season. For AC to beat it right of the bat is promising.
  12. Just curious Bakkster, Whats the reaction to the AC version been like on the iRacing forums? I've let my membership lapse so i cant find out.

  13. i'm on Iracing and follow the AC thread.. .Its all love there. Couple of iracers dont like it but the majority who tried the game like it
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  14. Thanks fortress. Good to hear it's positive :)
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  15. Risto Kappet

    Risto Kappet
    Premium Member

  17. [​IMG]

    And welcome to jackass
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  18. Haha, that's the spirit! That's my diff settings and it a crazy ride now. Much nicer turn in, and plenty of brown trouser moments on corner exit :D
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  19. SPOILER:
    Purpose-built race cars really aren`t all that hard to drive.

    iRacing and GPL are incredibly off the mark when it comes to physics.
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  20. When comparing laptimes it's important to know the conditions they were set in in real life, have around a 1-2 seconds treshold depending on rubber build up, temperature (both track and ambient), etc...

    With that said, the HPD on iRacing isn't accurate. First of, it's the older (2008 ?) LMP2, which were much faster than today, and secondly, it has way too much aero grip. Mechanical grip is quite poor, and traction lost is too abrupt, but downforce is definitely overdone. So especially at Mosport it would show.
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