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Logitech G27 settings

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jason Woodgate, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Hey all,
    After messing around with the steering wheel settings for about 6 hours I still haven't found a comfortable set-up.
    Currently I'm using 330 degrees in the profiler and 0% in all settings in-game (FFB is 50-70-100)
    The on screen wheel matches my movements great but I cant help feeling its still not dialled in.
    In slow corners it seems ok but in faster ones and on the straights my car is all over the place with oversteer. Id like a little more resistance from the wheel at higher speeds tbh.
    Anyone else found a decent set-up yet?
  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

  3. Sorry forgot to mention I first tried settings that I used in f1 2010 and they didn't work so well, will try these ones when I get home from work but my set-up was just a slightly altered version of that f1 2010 set-up and the wheel turned way too fast.
  4. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    have you set it up in logitech profiler too?
  5. Driving me crazy too. Nothing like 2010. What are your other profile settings besides 330 degrees of rotation?
  6. When I do get my movements to match onscreen (330% Degrees of Rotation in Profiler & 16% Steering Saturation in game), you have to turn the wheel much farther than in 2010, so it feels a bit unnatural, though it is true to the game because the driver does turn the wheel a bit farther than in 2010.
  7. I got mine to work fine until it stopped working properly. Now I can't even play the game. While it was working I was able to adjust it in game to work pretty good, not perfect like in 2010 but close. I never touched the Logitech Profiler. The first three settings in the game if I remember where like 4, 10, 25. I remember one was the one that affected how much the tires turned compared to you turning the wheel. That was the first thing I noticed, the tires where turning too fast, so it was getting loose in the back.
  8. Use the wheel/shifter to start the game instead of the Enter key.
  9. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Are we talking about the PC game guys?
  10. Yeah, F1 2011 :)

    I used your old settings for F1 2010 and they were perfect. F1 2011 is drastically different. The old settings are undrivable in F1 2011. I've wasted a good part of the day trying to come up with something that works, but have gone back to the game's default ones for now, just so I can get on with enjoying the game for a bit instead of messing with wheel settings.
  11. Yes pc version
    330 rotation
    108 overall effects
    50 springs and damper
    Yes to centering springs at 0
    All 0 ingame

    I noticed you have to turn more sometimes but my problem is too much oversteer even when extra careful in a turn

    Edit-plus steering just feels too light even with 50-70-100 ffb in game
  12. For the degree of rotation you should use between 420° to 540° (Mostly used on street circuits)

    And if you can adjust the steering lock in-game (I'm only giving realistic settings, I don't have the game) put it to 20° with 420° and about 25° with 540°... Roughly a 10:1 steering ratio :)

    I don't know how light it is but remember that they have Power-Steering in real life :)
  13. This is what I got

    Overall Effects-100%
    Spring Effect-100%
    Damper Effect-100%
    Centering Spring Enabled-100%
    degrees of Rotation- 200

    Advanced Wheel Settings
    Steering Deadzone-4%
    steering Saturation-5%
    Steering Linearity-25%
    Throttle Deadzone-0%
    Throttle saturation-0%
    Brake Deadzone-0%
    Brake saturation-8%

    FFB 50-90-100
  14. Is there any FFB deadzone with the g27 in this game?
  15. No, all you got is FFB on/off, enviromental effects, feedback strength, and wheel weight. As of right now I have to turn my FFB off to be able to play, it's whacked.
  16. I've got mine set up at

    Overall Effects-100%
    Spring Effect-100%
    Damper Effect-100%
    Centering Spring Enabled-100%
    degrees of Rotation- 250

    Advanced Wheel Settings
    Steering Deadzone-0%
    steering Saturation-0%
    Steering Linearity-10%
    Throttle Deadzone-0%
    Throttle saturation-0%
    Brake Deadzone-0%
    Brake saturation-0%


    environmental: 100
    effects: 100
    wheel weight : 0

    And it feels awesome, I've also remapped 'brake' to the clutch pedal, because it's a lighter pedal and I feel I have more control.

    I tried playing with the wheel weight at the default 50 and it felt way to heavy to me, slow corners were literally painful (i'm a drummer so my wrists are shot).

    I too have had some oversteer problems but I think it's more gas pedal related than steering, I seem to be steering smooth enough just remember that going off-line or off the track even a tiny bit can spin you now, it's much less forgiving.

    I'm having to remind myself to be careful, around Albert Park I keep finding myself sideways after turns 5 and 12, which were the fastest turns on the track last year.
  17. Has anyone gotten it to be a 1:1 ratio with the steering wheel yet? I seem to have no problem until I hit about 3/4s of maximum turning and the steering wheel turns faster then my steering wheel....anyone else have this problem?
  18. When posting..can you tell us what console and wheel you are using....it get very confusing givening us setting and don't have this information....just spinning are wheel
  19. After playing a bit more i've noticed a lot of lag from the on screen wheel, that wasn't there in 2010. This is VERY noticeable if you snap quick left and right even on 95 (max) saturation.

    this is a thread for G27, im using a PC :)
    sorted lag with over-ride device type (still no luck with set up tho :( )
  20. Yeah, sorry. I'm playing on PC