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Logitech G27 settings

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Kirk Heath, May 20, 2011.

  1. Apologies foremost, I tried to search for similar posts with settings but my skills at searching must be inexistent.

    So I received and hooked up my G27 yesterday, and started cruising around Donnington trying not to stall the car and getting used to a proper manual instead of pressing the X and B buttons on my old 360 controller.

    I feel though that the settings are not quite right! on default there is ALOT of FFB. Can guys reccommend nice stable settings and the steering lock seems narrow also. What do I need to change? as I play alot of RACE, but also would like to get into F1 more now that I have a proper wheel.

    Any help is appreciated,it was like a real driving lesson just going round Donnington national at 50mph last night XD
  2. Just my 2 cents, but I got the G27 and was playing a lot of F1 2010 till now, so have it set primarily for that, but I literally loaded up Race and everything feels goood to drive with. So maybe these settings will help you for Race and F1.


    Im sure there are purists out there who will go loco over my rotation and the fact I have tweaked nothing in the game settings - but it feels really good to me, and thats the main thing.

    Something ive realised is how hopeless the FFB in F1 2010 is compared to Race. You really can feel what the car is up to, and more importantly, what its going to do - whereas F1 seems all guess work, luck and corrections after the event. Thank the lord Steam were peddling Race07 for £3.99 - best money ive spent lately plus the Evo pack :D :D
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    My settings:


    Rotation: 400
    Overall Effects: 101%
    Spring Effect: 0%
    Damper Effect: 0%
    Center Spring: enabled
    Center Spring Strength: 0%

    Dont allow the game to adjust my settings

    Speed sensitive steering: 0%
    All sensitivities: 50%

    Force Feedback Effect: High
    FFB: 70%
    Reverse: On
    Steering Force: 100%
  4. Thankyou guys they seems to be good settings in RACE, not tested F1. Just need to practice now! but darn public servers are annoying
  5. Try those settings for G27.


    Overall Effects: 100%
    Spring Effect: 77%
    Damper Effect: 65%
    Center Spring: enabled
    Center Spring Strength: 0%

    Allow the game to adjust the settings.

    In game:

    Force Feedback Effects - MEDIUM -
    Force Feedback Strength - 90% -
    Steering Force - 84% -
    Steering Vibration - 0% -
    Engine - 0% -
    Brakes - 0% -
    Curbs - 10% -
    Impact - 20% -

    Steering sensitivity: 50%
    Throttle sensitivity: 30%
    Brake sensitivity: 20%

    Force Feedback Effects and what effects it will give you in game:

    - LOW - steering force ( steering+grip )
    - MEDIUM - steering force+ damper+ friction+ strips rumble
    - HIGH - steering force+ damper+ friction+ strips rumble+ brakes vibration
    - MAX - steering force+ damper+ friction+ strips rumble+ brakes vibration+ throttle vibration+ steering vibration

    The max number of effects from the game is at medium.
    On high & max the game generate additional ARTIFICIAL effects ( for brake and steering vibration ), those should not be used as it will mask all the important little clues in FFB the wheel gives.

    Enjoy. :)
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  6. Indeed Paul :)
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  7. Thanks again Dariuz, good settings, though I feel that when at speed, i have to put a lot of steering on and cars understeer very easily, even rund easy corners. Why is this?
  8. Car setup? Can't be the wheel setup as its got nothing to do with understeery car....also check your wheel to lock ratio, roughly 10 decrees for every 200% at the wheel.....
  9. Hi Dariuz,, I usually use the default setups as still getting to grips with the wheel and do not know alot about settings up cars either XD and where do I find out about the wheel to lock ratio?
  10. As i mentioned 10 decrees for every 200% on wheel is good starting point ( 400% - 20 in game lock ect.. ) a couple more decrees for more twisty track....
    I use 420% on wheel and 21 - 23 decrees in game :)
    There are some very good setups here:
  11. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    When you go to the garage on the bottom left of one of the tabs it shows wheel lock. You can't adjust your wheel turning but you can set the lock to work well with your rotation.
  12. I really do not know if I am doing something wrong here, just been in the mini, 423 degrees steering angle set on device settings and steering lock of 18/20/25 to do seperate tests but they all seem to just not respond very well. Like the 3rd corner at istanbul, I slow down and turn in and apply some power but the car just understeers alot on full lock steering
  13. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Maybe it is the car setup? The front wheel drive cars will understeer in turns when throttle is applies, it is the nature of front wheel drive. Steering lock won't make this not happen. What steering lock does is either make it take more rotation of your wheel to turn the car to the lock or less depending on the settings.
  14. I think set at 25 the car responded quickly and required less turning but made steering twitchy and unstable - not smooth. But yesterday I was in F3000 at Imola and steering was responding nicely. Also I realise FWD do understeer with power on as RWD cars understeer with no power on. If you do not mind me asking Jim, what settings do you use?

    Perhaps it solely is just car setup. I have downloaded Bram's car setup pack so will try and install them and just practice more
  15. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    I typically set my wheel to 270 degrees and set the ingame steering lock to around 14 or 16 depending on how the car feels. Also by downloading a setup pack, you are getting the basics, but you have to adjust them to suit your driving style. If you don't do this, then the car might not handle like you would expect. This is due the person setting up the car liking the way it felt when he saved it and it suited his style.
  16. Ok thanks for the Advice Jim, I know I seem to be a gentle driver and lack the huge agression some of the faster drivers have and will minorly adjust settings.
  17. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    If you are not real familiar with setting up the car, take baby steps and run laps to verify that the changes were what you were wanting. I would start off with adjusting the tire pressure and brake bias. once you have those where you want, then move on to adjusting spring tension, again baby steps, 1 or 2 clicks and then run the car on the track to see the changes. Make sure that the car doesn't bottom out very much. You can tell easily by watching a replay of your event and see if there are any sparks coming from under the car on certain parts of the track.
  18. Adam Farmer

    Adam Farmer

    I'm struggling to get the rotation right for Race On. Someone I know reckons there's is set to 540 degrees - and the hands on screen move in sync with his hands. When I try this the on screen movement is much less, not just the steering wheel/hands, but also the movement of the car. Got to turn the wheel a long way to get the car to turn - it's really not much fun.

    Incidentally, I have the same problem in Richard Burns Rally, the car just doesn't want to turn.

    On the other hand, in netKar Pro and iRacing, with 900 degrees rotation - it's perfect.


  19. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    IMHO, dump the onscreen wheel, just a distraction and and adds nothing to your driving.

    Assuming that you're not just plowing thru corners there are two simple solutions, decrease the amount of degrees in your steering wheel or increase the amount of steering lock ingame.
  20. yes but in i racing although you set the logitech profile to 900 in iracing it is actualy 500,

    You must not get confused with profiler and in game. Setup your logi profile and then make your adjustments in each game to suit. You will find differences in each and every one.

    you can set your prifiler to match every game by making a different profile for each one.

    I have my race profiles no where near the same as iracing as the game is so different and you cannot compare at all