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Life, Universe and everything within

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hampus Andersson, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Thought i´d make a thread and i hope many contribute in different ways.

    Doesn´t really matter what it is, could be documentaries on biology, atoms, space, quantum physics, stars, civilization etc etc.

    Everything except facebook, twitter or myface ;)

    Video from the other thread, some highly interesting things about Egypt and the pyramids.
    Just watch it and then tell us what you think, the things spoken of you can´t find in a history book or similar.
    But if you can´t read about it in history books then it must be false right? Nope, the problem is mainstream science/archeology has no asnwers for these questions so they simply ignore it.
    Which is stupid thing to do.

    Egypt talk at around 3 hours into the video but there´s plenty of interesting things before that.
    Maybe this thread will contain more then 3 people talking about things that actually matters.

    The skulls are just mindblowing. Like this one,

    These are not the typical deformed skulls as it would be impossible to create more bone structure then there is on a human head.
    You would have to cut the skull, lift the bones up a couple of millimeters, wait a year or more for it to grow together then repeat the process again.

    Measurements have been taken and they estimate that the length of these "people" were around 4-4.5 meters in height.
    12-15 feet for the Imperial crowd.
    Now...how many humans are 4.5m?

    Tallest human to ever live was 2.72 meters or 8ft.

    Edit: here´s just about the Ancient Civilization.

  2. I suggest watching this one as well if you want to see how regular lights look at 1 trillion frames per second.
    It acts just like water almost.

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  3. If we want to learn about the universe why not talk to "My. Universe" himself lol.

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  4. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but...isn't your intention to look at Life, Universe and "everything within" from a scientific or at least a knowledgeable perspective, Hampus?

    lolling about and showing a video of a ice-hockey player's "expert" opinion on the "universe" is rather misplaced here.

    @Rhys, interesting site, the type of thing one shows to a son or daughter when they're growing up and want (and need) to better understand reality. Good one. :thumbsup:
  5. That one is crazy :)
    And if you could in some ways zoom in on the fabric of time space itself you would probably see a billion particles that makes that up.
    then when you zoom in on one of those a new thing will pop up.
    Infinity possibly.
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  6. Yea that was the plan :)

    Even if it´s not scientifically correct or if it´s religion or whatever, almost everything goes if it´s something interesting you want to share.
    Goal is to open everyone´s mind a bit.
  7. Oh come on have a sense of humor lol. Ilya Bryzgalov is a boss and we all know it.
  8. Excuse me for a second, I have to pick my jaw up off the floor...
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  9. lol what you want, m8.

    if the goal was to discuss the theme posted as thread title, the uninformed opinion of a ice-hockey player is as interesting as Britney Spears opinions under a load of alcohol.

    But hey, Hampus explained his goal above and I humbly step aside...
  10. And to imagine that´s one galaxy out of more then Galaxies (that we can see)
    Is just insane.

    So when people say "well we have to take into consideration that we are alone" I just laugh as hard as i can.

    I think they estimate around 10.000 civilizations in our Galaxy alone.
    If you look at the dust...i mean stars in the link it´s not that hard to imagine.
    In fact it could probably be double that or more in our Galaxy alone.
  11. I think that Hockey player actually had some good points, great to see that he´s aware and not some robot walking around like most people.
  12. @Chronus have you watched the whole 6 hour clip?
    The way he connects space, geometry, ancient civilization, aliens, religion it´s pretty apparent that it´s all connected. Even the eye that we have talked about so much in another thread :)
    You could even take him out of the equation and just show the connections really.

    We should also not forget it took around 50 years for the Quantum Theory to become "mainstream" as well.
    I think he might be on to something here...will be interesting to see what happens with this.
  13. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Why? That is also a possibility. How can you know?
  14. It's a mathematical certainty.
  15. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    I really don't get it. Who calculates it?
  16. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    And so do I, it's really ridiculous that some people can think that we are alone in the universe. The universe has an unimaginably big size and we know that life exists in a place inside the universe, so there has to be life somewhere else. Really what confuses me is not if other civilizations exist, but why we haven't communicated with them yet...

    BTW, great idea for a tread :thumbsup:
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  17. Has anyone watched the series on BBC "Wonders of the universe"? Brian cox presents it and I thought it was really amazing.. There has got to be life out there of some kind. There are billions of stars which means there must be a planet orbiting one of those which is in a hospitable zone i.e water is present.
  18. There are about 100-200 billion galaxies in the visible universe.
    Amount of stars in a galaxy ranges from 10 million to over a trillion.

    Lets use 100 billion for both. 100 billion times 100 billion :) or in other words 10.000 trillion stars.
    (counted relatively low)