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leaving for 32 days, gonna miss you all

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Marshall, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Ok guys and girls

    Ive gotta fly off to do some work for a mining company, they have a few issues at the moment and i need to sort it out... Ill be gone for approx 32 days and i might be able to jump out a little early if things go 'right or wrong'.

    Sunday night race will be my last race for the time , but ill try and log onto the forum, not sure how much signal i will get,but ill try.

    heres where im going, if you see anything on the News, it wasnt me :eek:
    Dwm 2011-01-09 16-11-13-45.jpg
  2. i hope you got ur survival kit ready... be SAFE and may god bless you..
  3. yeh ive got all my Kit, packed and ready to go,,,,40kilos of stuff !!!!!!!!

    thanks Fahad, ill be ok, ive got some protection and a couple of escorts, armed so ill be good
  4. i will be follwing the news regularly.. jk..
  5. AH now we have his locations and a map, we can stalk him Fahad and when he sleeps break his thumb's to knobble him and it will be blamed on insurgents muwhahaha. Chris take care buddy !
  6. Be careful where you step mate :)

    Have fun and most of all take care Chris.