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Just got rFactor - what a letdown.

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by John Bergqvist, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Um what it says really, ive bought a legit copy, but even so its just so unstable, it crashes a lot (im running xp 32bit and ive updated all my drivers, and rolled back to no avail) and it suffers from one major problem, after (i think) a certain amount of time all the textures just reduce in quality and i have to quit and restart the game to get them normal again, until they suddenly reduce again. Here's a copy of the reduced quality textures, the proper ones should look much better. Any ideas on how to fix this? the shader setting is set to DX9.

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  2. Humm... I bought a copy last weekend as well and don't have a single problem. Can you post your system configuration?
  3. ok,
    RAM: 2GB
    CPU: AMD 64 4000 2.4Ghz
    Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 6600GT 128mb
    OS: Win XP Home (legit) 32bit SP3.
    The main problem is the textures reducing in quality, i think the crashes were due to the mods.
  4. I think the crashes are because of the videocard :)

    Recommended graphics memory says 256MB, where you have only 128.
  5. hmmmm. i think it only happens when i accelerate time, but i might not be correct, and ive tried it same spec with a better graphics card and it still had the same problems.
  6. Is your cpu a 64 bit? and 32 bit XP? Something seems kinda off to me
  7. theres nothing wrong with 32 bit os on 64 bit cpu. there is with a 32bit cpu on a 64bit os, but not the other way round.
  8. its not multi-core, its standard amd64, not amdX2
  9. No Tim, it is perfectly fine to run a 32bit OS on a 64bit CPU.

    John, take a look at this rFactor thread. A few interesting tips on improving your performance: http://forum.racesimcentral.com/showthread.php?t=272347
  10. There is your problem:jump: an AMD CPU, it's like driving these historic Minis :laugh2:
  11. ??? ive never had any other problems with any other game at all, all other ISI games work fine, including all simbin games, i dont know what would cause all graphics to suddenly reduce in quality (it was playing fine, no jitters before it reduces) for no apparent reason, randomly ingame.
  12. Those specs should be ok for rFactor and you should not really have any problems.

    rFactor is not that system hungry at all and it does not use dual core at default without some tweaks so a X2 at the same clock speed would make no difference compared to his Single core Athlon 64.

    It's strange you have these problems, what better GPU did you try? you said you tried another one and had the same problem? as what your saying sounds like it could be your video card that is the problem or drivers (I've seen / had problems like this with past GPU's / driver combo's etc)

    Have you tried at some other tracks? like some add on ones?
  13. ive tried add-ons and still the same problem, its really annoying. on my old mobo with same specs, the gpu was ATI x1650 pro agp 512mb.
  14. I haven't had any problems with my AMD64 3200 (7800GT + 1.5GB RAM).
  15. ok, well ill try it again on a new track and ill see what causes the change.
  16. Did you use driver cleaner to remove older drivers before installing newer ones? (First remove old drivers by navigating to device manager, and select display adapters, double click on your gpu, select the driver tab, and select uninstall for your drivers)

    Download and install driver cleaner pro Here

    Did you have that Ati GPU on the same system your using with the Nvidia 6600gt now? As there could be potential conflicts with the drivers.
  17. yes and no. different system (now at my dads) lol
  18. hmm no problems this time, ive also now changed the overall quality settings in the nvidia control centre to let the application decide.
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