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Apps Joycam 0.3.1

Controller input for AC's free cameras

  1. Stereo submitted a new resource:

    Joycam - Controller input for AC's free cameras

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  2. How about add button to make shots? Are you test this app while steering wheel is working with Xbox controller?
    Interesting, Thanks
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  4. It seems a lot of people dont know about the F5 cam (works in replay and live on track) with changing this line to "sperichal coords=0" (from "1") in the system/cfg "camera_onboard_free.ini". Now the camera is free with WASD+mouse to fly around with and numpad -/+ is FOV. "Shift" = slower moving camera, and "TAB" = faster moving camera. :)

    Yours is probably better for really smooth flying cam though. Just mentioned the above as i used that since years.
  5. could you add left and right shoulder button support so roll can be controlled with RB/LB instead of the d-pad? it allows use of all possible movement and direction without having to take your thumb off the left stick
  6. is there a chance to use the keyboard instead of xbox controller?
  7. That's what the standard F5 camera is for; this has been made so that controllers can be used to control the camera.
  8. yes I know it, I want to know how I can get smoothness with camera movement using the keyboard.. I haven't the xbox controller and I don't want buy it only for this..

    I often make video highligths for a symcommunity that organize championships, this should be wonderful to realize great videos!!! please let me know if there is a chance to have the same result with keyboard.
  9. Esotic


    I was checking youtube for some examples of JoyCam being used. Somebody was attempting to follow their car around Tsukuba while drifting, and I was thinking "it would be nice if you could toggle JoyCam to lock focus on the car". Kinda like how F5 locks focus, but does not allow for as much range of motion (which has always irritated me).

    I look forward to testing JoyCam for myself. I spent more than a few hours using PhotoMode in GT5/6. :)


  10. Unfortunately AC doesn't provide any information about the camera's current position or direction to apps so I can't do that. If it did I'm sure much better camera apps would come out.

    This app is pretty much just giving you controller buttons for every camera function that the game has for apps (ie. move forward, move sideways, move up, and rotates)

    One thing I suppose I could do is scale the "forward" to the car's speed, so full stick is a set percent of the car's (eg. 100%, or 110% if you wanted to be able to catch up)
  11. Esotic


    Something I would personally love for league races/replays would be predefined "camera drone paths" where the x,y,z world position splines were predefined, and maybe even the direction the camera pointed at each position along the spline. Then you'd just be controlling how fast you moved fowards/backwards along the 3d spline. One can always dream. ;)
  12. acs.exe crash when joycam is enabled.

    Someone can help me?

  13. I used joycam perfectly for about 20 minutes: i recorded few scenes and when i came back to game for making new replays, the wheel and the x360 controller stopped working.
    The wheel (DFGT) sorted it out by re-connecting the USB, but the gamepad won't cooperate with joycam no more.
    The gamepad works fine with everithing but joycam...
    I tried everything: is not the mod, is not any .ini file, is not the gamepad driver...
    Please help me.
    I really need to fix this problem.