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Apps Joycam 0.3.1

Controller input for AC's free cameras

  1. Stereo

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    Stereo submitted a new resource:

    Joycam - Controller input for AC's free cameras

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  2. How about add button to make shots? Are you test this app while steering wheel is working with Xbox controller?
    Interesting, Thanks
  3. Stereo

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    Stereo updated Joycam with a new update entry:


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  4. It seems a lot of people dont know about the F5 cam (works in replay and live on track) with changing this line to "sperichal coords=0" (from "1") in the system/cfg "camera_onboard_free.ini". Now the camera is free with WASD+mouse to fly around with and numpad -/+ is FOV. "Shift" = slower moving camera, and "TAB" = faster moving camera. :)

    Yours is probably better for really smooth flying cam though. Just mentioned the above as i used that since years.
  5. could you add left and right shoulder button support so roll can be controlled with RB/LB instead of the d-pad? it allows use of all possible movement and direction without having to take your thumb off the left stick
  6. Stereo

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  7. Stereo

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  8. is there a chance to use the keyboard instead of xbox controller?
  9. That's what the standard F5 camera is for; this has been made so that controllers can be used to control the camera.
  10. yes I know it, I want to know how I can get smoothness with camera movement using the keyboard.. I haven't the xbox controller and I don't want buy it only for this..

    I often make video highligths for a symcommunity that organize championships, this should be wonderful to realize great videos!!! please let me know if there is a chance to have the same result with keyboard.