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Misc Increased McLaren Honda Perfromance 1

McLaren Honda Performance Increase

  1. This is huge! Amazing! Many thanks for this!
  2. @JVille, glad it made you happy :)
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  3. @AudrenLavenerable hi can you put this on every car to make it equal cars?
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  4. Sure I'll try when I get home this evening :)
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  5. This is great! Hey, for a laugh I guess, don't suppose you could do the same for Manor? Or have them on Ferrari level? :p
  6. Working on it :3 ...
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  7. Do you can increase toro rosso performance?
  8. Hi there, I'm new to all of this, how do I add this to f1 2015? Thanks james
  9. Give everyone similar speed and performance if u can PLEASE :D i hate that merc is always on 1 and 2 place :D
  10. What links the handeling file to a sepcific team. As i want to be able to simply change the speeds of the teams by swaping them EG williams with ferrari
  11. i tried this mod, and it seems to only effect my car not my teammates.. broken? or is that intended?