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Misc Increased Manor Marussia Performance 2016-03-02

Performance of the Manor increased

  1. Audren Lavenerable submitted a new resource:

    Increased Manor Marussia Performance - Performance of the Manor increased

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  2. If you can make all cars equal you would make me very happy :)
  3. That's a biggy ... I'll search around to see if I can do that.
  4. Im quite busy these days, but they're coming.. Takes me 10 mins to do them but work schedule is killing me. Plus I got sick..
  5. This and the Mclaren mod are great would love to see equal cars
  6. How did you edited these *.ERP files for handling? I can't open them.. :)
  7. Hello! The game will continue after the application of fashion ?
  8. @Audren Lavenerable hi mate are you feeling any better love your mods and can't wait for the future ones
  9. Y
    Hi mate you can do that without a mod, go on to quick race then press 'x' to add race then you can make your own calendar :)