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Cars IER Car Pack #1 - USCC Mod 1.1

The Oreca FLM09 and Corvette DP are brought to AC in the first installment of the USCC mod by IER.

  1. mclarenf1papa submitted a new resource:

    IER Car Pack #1 - USCC Mod - The Oreca FLM09 and Corvette DP are brought to AC in the first installment of the USCC mod by IER.

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  2. woohooo.
  3. Standard (2048^2) definition skin pack for the cars should come tomorrow. Worked (literally) all day today getting it ready for the release. Need some rest.
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  4. Get your rest bro. Thank you for this mod. I just did a quick stint around The ring and this DP feels great. FFB is on point. The wheel isnt moving when I turn but that doesnt really bother me. Thank you to you and your team for your hard work
  5. It's been reported that the Dallara has incorrect positioning of the driver view camera. That (and anything else that comes up) will be fixed tomorrow.

    I don't believe this is on our end, so can you check your AC visual settings to make sure you don't have wheel rotation locked?

    edit: never mind, it's been reported again. Will be fixed tomorrow. Last minute 3D export broke it :/
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2015
  6. yah the dallara version the camera is in the wrong seat, and the other DP the wheel doesnt turn.
  7. Not sure if it is intended but sound is missing in early revs and off throttle/negative throttle. Other than that sound's that are, are good.

    I had to pull everything towards more oversteer and turn off TC and the cars come alive and became quite fun to drive, although still quite forgiving. Guess they┬┤re suppose to be like that.

    Amazing first release really! Looking forward to where this might end up when finished. The Oreca especially I appreciated to drive.
  8. What sound system are you using? Not heard of this before.
  9. mclarenf1papa updated IER Car Pack #1 - USCC Mod with a new update entry:

    IER Car Pack #1 - USCC Mod - 0.31

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  10. Masterpiece!! what improvements!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just a comment, please, correct eye view, when I drive from cockpit view the road is white by reflections even if I change filters, I dont like to drive from the hood... thank you!!
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  11. Nothing we can do about it; it's dependent on the auto exposure settings, which are in turn dependent upon driver eye position, FOV, etc. e.g. http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/i...k-1-updated-9-15-15.5054/page-323#post-543663 - same settings with simply a changed FOV...
  12. Great update! Thanx a lot!!!!
  13. I found a position it is not too close to the hood and fits good for auto exposure...
    I attatched a image with FOV 46.3 with eyes a little bit lower, I suggest you should apply for the next release, this was the same problem with CAMARO GT3 Sareni already fix it.

    Thank you!!

    Attached Files:

  14. Theres nothing wrong with my sound system.. Everything else works. It's just these cars. Maybe it is as intended.
  15. A correct viewing position is more important than having an incorrect perspective that works better with auto-exposure. Anyway, FOV will vary on every system, so we simply can't make a baseline that works with everything. In 1.3 of Assetto Corsa, your adjustments to the exposure (with Page Up and Down) will be saved.

    No need to be defensive...I asked as it will help us find the issue.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2015
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  16. Well drive the Dallara.. and go in to some speed, say 2:nd, 3:rd or 4:th gear and let go completely of the throttle, the engine is 99% silent for me. All other sounds take over, like the engine shut off completely, I only hear crackling from going off track, or tire scrubbing the ground.

    Maybe I can make a video and you can see if it is something wrong.
  17. Here is an example how it sounds for me:

    Listen in the start, the sound is almost completely silent until I reach 60-70 km/h.
    The first left (Hatzenbachbogen) when I coast in second gear, it's almost as if the car is shut off, sound wise.
    Metzgesfeld at about 2.10 in the video, the some kind of strange silence off throttle.
    Wehrseifen after 2.35 in the video.

    To me it sounds like a sound is missing, or it's volume is way down.
  18. Yeah that's just as designed... compared to our reference video, it's quite similar:

  19. Never in that video does the engine sound disappear completely off throttle.

    First off the on throttle base sound is a quite aggressively vibrating sound that is way understated in the mod. You can even see the vibration in the shaking of the interior of the car, which the sound is a part of. You can still hear and feel that vibration clearly off throttle in the whole video.
    It's really not similar with all due respect. And no matter about the specifics, the sound does definitely not disappear completely off throttle in the real car, like it's engine went missing
  20. Great mod!! Jaw dropper!
    But I have one problem. The forcefeedback on Oreca is very weak.
    I had to crank it up to 190% to have similar feel on the wheel as other cars in the game.