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I want to like Richard Burns Rally

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by AnaloguePlay, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. Hi after playing about 150 hours of Dirt Rally I thought I would try the highly rated Rally Sim Richard Burns Rally. I ended up paying £14.99 for it.

    Its bad in my opinion Force Feedback is basically just resistance there's no detail or anything well very very occasionally your steering wheel goes light to indicate lost of grip or wheelspin etc but maybe once in stage.

    I have even downloaded the highly rated RSRBR 2015 but that just as bad FFB, stages you go round a corner and you see holes through the track or trees will pop in amd out sounds you can't even hear engine just your navigator. I don't expect visuals or anything or even good sounds I would just like sound :(
    I've never driven a rally car but it seems to easy to remain in a slide the stages aren't uneven they are just up down round a corner back down over a crest back down round a hairpin etc etc

    The only thing I really liked is the cam hack. Is there one for Dirt Rally or something similar?

    PS help me out on Richard burns I want to like it I love Dirt Rally so I should like RBR
  2. Anybody?
  3. Well you are probably in a minority. No rally sim has ever got as close to reality as RBR. Having done loads of Dirt Rally lately I rebooted my old RBR up over the weekend and it is by far still superior in every department except for eye candy but it's not far off for such an old sim. For me the FFB is far superior in RBR and the physics of the car handling is still the best.
    Yes Dirt Rally is pretty and it is getting better even if it has those god aweful Codemasters silly replay camera's, but RBR once dialled in is the best ever. And a greater challenge to get right too. Long live RBR.
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  4. RBR is mostly viewed through rose-tinted glasses these days.

    Dirt Rally is vastly superior in many ways.

    I know I earned a gazillion dislikes and disagrees for that one, but really, it's an awful game, was great in it's time yes, but time to move on. :)
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  5. Can you please help me setup rbr? I've searched g27 settings and done what they've said also the filters in game. I have RSRBR 2015 downloaded. I'm talking about FFB not being realistic not the racing/rally physics although the sense of speed reminds me of an EA Need For Speed title with out the over done blur effects.

    Please share file configs etc sound files etc with me because I want to like RBR as much as Dirt Rally. But Dirt Rally is a challenge because you have to create the slide rather than on RBR you just have to travel at almost any speed into a corner and tap the stupid ridiculously powerful brakes that lock up instantly but still stop you as fast on dirt or gravel than a abs brakes could.

    Im sure theres an easy fix to FFB and some physics aspects of the game I will say I love the damage when you hit something at x amount of speed what should break or stop working does break or stop working.
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  6. I'll take my rose-tinted glasses over magical tires any day of the week. Cause at least the glasses actually exist. It's hilarious seeing fanboys time after time explaining the excessive grip levels on all surfaces and conditions as the wonder of modern rally tires. :| When all one has to do is go to youtube and look at clips of WRC cars using the latest tech, including tires, sliding around and spinning their wheels to regain traction. I won't even mention the half finished FFB.

    Not saying (RS)RBR is perfect, but it's still better than Dirt Rally.
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  7. Unfortunetly we can't give you all the dislikes and disagree's you deserve any more.

    But lets hear it from you. In what way (other than eye candy) is Dirt rally better than RBR? Please enlighten us.
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  8. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Win 7 , 8, 8.1? Vista? XP?

    What I do, which shouldn't really fix it, but somehow does is: Install the game - install patch 1.02 - install RSRBR in correct order.
    That way FFB have always worked. I've experienced a lack of FFB if I don't install patch 1.02 before RSRBR for some reason.
  9. If you want compare two games with 10 years different between, you must keep in mind a lot of things: RBR is based on DX9 and don't have a lot nice visual things, like in DIrt. But, a lot peoples (high level rally specialist too) work on RBR physics, real car physics, so it must to be close to real situation. But you must to know that old game engine have a lot limitation and you can't used all modern "stuff" in game.
    I'm working with new track modeling for RBR and I know about what I talking... I try new DIrt version and I like it, but always hard to drive on DIrt after RBR and vice versa, too. Because Dirt doesn't have filter settings for driving devices is one, camera position is different and it to changes driving impression. So, a lot of things is different and hard to compare, but, so far, RBR in my heart...
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  10. This is my checklist for messing around with RBR any time I do a new OS install:

    1. Install game. Install patch 1.02.
    2. Download and install the latest version of Fixup from RD (comes with RSRBR I believe, but you can install it to the base game if you want to test). Set 1080p resolution and any other changes you feel you need.
    3. Start RBR and go to the Options - Controls - Filter Settings - Steering.
    Turn "Saturation Speed" off.
    "Maximum Fade" off = completely linear steering / full = non-linear steering
    That is mostly a personal preference but it also depends on your wheel's steering range.
    If you have no idea what this means you probably want to set it full.
    Put "Fall Rate" and "Rise Rate" to Instant.
    Do these all settings mentioned above for both menus ("Axis" and "Digital Button" menus).
    4. Find 'PC_InputFilter.ini' from your RBR folder and delete it or rename it to something else.
    RBR doesn't need this file anymore.
    5. Open 'RichardBurnsRally.ini' and delete a whole line that says 'ConstantForceMultiplier'.

    For referece, I've played RBR with a G25, T500RS and T300RS in my latest install (Win 8.1, not played since upgrading to Win 10) and it gave excellent FFB in all cases. The FFB is just different from what you might expect, with effectively just the forces on the steering rack. Once you accept that, you can appreciate it properly.
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  11. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    What have you smoked bro?
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  12. I don't want to start a war lol so I will keep quite just tell me how to improve RBR
  13. Have you tried the G25/27 settings that I posted here:

    Also, as Skazz has pointed out, you need to make a few changes to your config settings ie. check my last post in the thread I have linked.
    Also, make sure to change the RBR.ini settings to match the game video settings to your monitor resolution. This, and some other useful tips are found in the FAQ thread:

    To install RSRBR, here is my guide for the earlier versions:

    I haven't installed the more recent version (RSRBR2015) but the procedure should be almost the same (maybe others can advise about that).
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  14. Tobbe Bergman

    Tobbe Bergman
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Could you please go troll some other place OK !
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  15. Warren thanks so much for posting this. Much appreciated
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  16. RBR 9/10 (No such thing 10/10) but as an amateur rally driver, its THE only sim that came close to real life, Also just pointing that you are only looking for a good sound... that mean you don't understand the foundation of rallying (just saying!), it was and still never about the graphics or the sound, FFB for RBR needs to be adjusted exactly right or it won't feel good. but this sim is 10 years old...

    Dirt Rally 6.5/10, for me the PHYSICS are simply not there yet, this game is shaping up to be a great rally game and it showing a great promise, But i truly don't believe for a second that it will kill or replace RBR, EVER.

    Just a friendly note, the fact that you played 150 hours of Dirt, you can go and sign up for a three-days rally schools, its very cheap and you will see for your self how a rally car handles on a loose surface..
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