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RBR FFB/Wheel Settings Tricks and Tips

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Sam Moss, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. RBR does have problems with steering lag from time to time. Being an old game, it does effect G25's, but such as Momo's are absolutely fine.

    Here's a thread on BH Motorsports about the FFB - Click Me

    FFB tips
    1. If you are using the latest wingman drivers (above 5.01) you need to revert to some older ones, best ones seem to be the 5.0 drivers.

    Logitech Wingman 5.0 Drivers

    2.Go into your RBR folder, usually located in C:/ProgramFiles/SCi Games/RBR and find the file RichardBurnsRally.ini, open this up in notepad, and delete the top line that says ConstantForceMultiplayer = ... (wise to make a backup of this file just incase it doesn't work for you).

    3.Rename PC_Inputfilter.ini to PC_Inputfilter.bak or delete completely.

    4.When ingame turn under filter settings, on steering filters turn curvature off on both lines and also turn Fade off. Do this for digital filters too.

    5. If still not enough FFB open the Physics.rbz with winzip and extract the file physics.lsp. Open this with notepad and search for the line (CTRL+F) MaxFFTorque. Default is 130 i think, for more FFB set to a lower number, i have mine on 90.

    Press CTRL+S to save then open the physics.rbz file up again and import/drag the new physics.lsp into physics.rbz

    Pedal Tips
    1. If you have problem with accelerater and brakes being on full on only half pedal, in the filter settings make sure both curvatures are half way full of red bars or there abouts and do this for the digital filters too.

    2. Also RBR has a big tendency to use too much rear brake bias so alter setups and usually around 60:40 (F:R) brake bias does the trick.
  2. nice man!...

    so far i've not had any probs with my g25 on the latest drivers.... (and i added curvature to my wheel filters cause it was too sensitive :D)

    but i clearly have no idea what i'm doing yet...
  3. curvature

    makes me giggle :giggle:
  4. i have a problem with the button and peddles reverting back to default when i restart the game, the other wheel settings stay as i set then ie:- steering force, self centering ect!!!

    also any idea what the brake/accelerate axis is for?
  5. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Nigel I had the same problem until I gave the folder for RBR full write permission.

    Brake/Acc axis is for the digital wheels I think where if you apply brake then throttle cant be applied.

    Any tips to fine tuning G25. After playing this today I am officially a hazard in rally driving techniques.
  6. Ive done what it says in the top post but still absolutely no ffb in RBR
  7. WOW this helped alot. FFB became so great now, Game is alive again^^
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  8. But the Trick doesnt work for the 60GB Mod Real Rally. There is one File Missing or hidden, and these changes have no effect there. The Only Reason i play RBR-World over the other Mods is the better FFB or Physics.
  9. I have to set my rotation on wheel to 120 to match game! If I use 540 on wheel, it's way too loose. Any help?
  10. ignore
  11. What do you mean? I'm new to rbr.
  12. Sorry - realized I was posting in the wrong thread.
  13. Here is an old thread which may help.

    For some reason the link to my G25 / G27 setup is broken, but it must be here somewhere. If I ever find it, I'll re-post it.
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  14. Thanks! Read that one more than once. Still confused. When I set my car to 792 stearing lock and my wheel to 540 it feels so sloppy I cant finish a stage. Maybe I need to go to 360? Gonna try it but according to post that would be wrong.... Will update in case it helps anyone else that's new. Haven't had the time yet but itching for a drive!
  15. I can't possibly know or understand the issues the owners of "more modern" wheels may have to endure with RBR because I use the good old MOMO (oh yes!), but to me, the whole thing is pretty straightforward. Well, relatively straightforward, anyway.

    You should keep the max steering lock setting in the game more or less as it is by default (504, is it?), because I'd imagine something like 792 is just way off in every way. I mean, you would hardly have to turn the wheel for hairpins with that. ;) As Dieselbrain points out in the thread linked by Warren (the very last post), Max steering lock is affecting only the tyres in-game. It doesn't have anything to do with the wheel you're using or the degree setting you'd like to use. To put it simply, it most certainly isn't a case of having to match your wheel degree setting with the steering lock setting in-game or anything like that. You already knew that, Pedro, but I had to clarify anyway since for many others it's been so easy to make that wrong assumption because the default setting of 504 is giving all kinds of ideas. In GTR2, for instance, you happen to have a steering lock setting but it's from 5 to 23 degrees. Well... it's clear that RBR should have presented it in similar fashion and it would have made so much more sense (at least to my mind but then again, I'm not an engineer) but it is what it is.

    (Dieselbrain does mention issues with deadzone beyond a certain point too but that is obviously something I can't know anything about.)

    But that was more or less repeating of what has already been said, what I really wanted to say is that if you'd like to match the animations of the virtual steering wheel in-game with your own wheel, you have to extract the file LM_driver.ini from misc.rbz (rbz files open with WinRAR, for example) --> place LM_driver.ini to Misc folder (create the folder if you don't have it yet) --> Open LM_driver.ini and edit the line "Max Steeringwheel degrees" (degrees divided by 2).

    You can also remove the virtual steering wheel but this is something you have to do car by car. \Cars\"car name"\"car name".ini --> find [i_steeringwheel] --> edit Switch=false to Switch=true

    Hopefully this gets you closer to the finish line, Pedro. :)
  16. I've managed to find some of my old RBR Settings, which worked very well with my G25 / G27. If you have a different wheel, you may need to adjust them to suit. Hopefully they may prove some help.
    The Logitech Profiler (note: I used 460 deg rotation).

    My In-Game Steering Setting: (This was important)


    Accelerator and Brake Settings in-game:



    And the FFB Settings in-game:

  17. Thanks Porridge and Warren! I will try those settings out as soon as I get a chance. I really want to have some kind of realistic settings on this, as Dirt Rally really disappointed me in the stage it's in.

    I think the problem is this game had console versions. I played Dirt and RBR with a gamepad out of curiosity and was way quicker.

    I couldnt pass the final rally school test on rbr with 540 degrees on my wheel everything else standard. Then I match the degrees of rotation of my wheel to the visual movement of the wheel, I estimated 120 degrees, and I passed!

    This makes the game feel arcade-like though and unfulfilling therefore. Hopefully I'll get the chace to try those suggestions out later today and let you know what happened. I need this to get the taste of Dirt out my mouth (hope they fix it).

    Thanks again for your help!
  18. So in this post http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/steering-ratios-in-rbr.21578/ someone has the theory that the engine only supports up to about 180 degree wheel rotation. The in game wheel moves about 120 degree total. That is at max steering lock of 504 degrees.

    The Max steering default dived by the default rotation of visual wheel should give us the ratio of 1 pc steering degree to max rotation degrees


    Now the maximum value of setup of max steering lock divided by the ratio of 4.2:1 should give us the max coded recognition of pc wheel rotation.


    Just about 180...
  19. To be honest, I have never been too concerned with all the theory and trying to emulate real rally cars, I was mainly concerned with what felt good to me and gave me a balance between feeling realistic, and giving me sufficient control. My settings eventually worked for me with the G25 / G27, other wheels may need tweaking.
    I remember even adjusting the in-game car's specific setup for steering lock for some cars eg. the RWD versions in RSRBR. Some of the addon cars had some strange default setups / feel.

    In the end, it's a personal thing.

    BTW, I assume you have made these edits to the .ini files: These help quite a bit.

    in the game directory \SCi Games\Richard Burns Rally)
    - Delete PC_InputFilter.ini
    - In RichardBurnsRally.ini, Delete the first line : "ConstantForceMultiplier = 60".

  20. I am using a fanatec gt3 rs v2. I did make the edits but still find the car way too loose beyond the 190 degree threshold. It's similar in dirt where they recommend to set your wheel to 270. I believe it has to do with making the games gamepad friendly.