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How to Videos

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by James Capper, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. What about a section on either the btb Site or This site, for modders to upload a their own how to videos.
    I'me sure that would be a great help to brendon because it would free him up to concentrate on other things...Not to mention be a great help all us wannabe modders.
  2. :plus1:

    piddys youtube videos have been a great source of help... well made tutes would always be welcomed.... :nod:
  3. I agree. How-to-videos would help out tremendously!:woot2: Sometimes it's hard to comprehend what someone is trying to tell you through words. Having videos would be a big help. What do you say Piddy? Start a new sticky thread. :gimme:
  4. I would agree on this one, i have watched many of his YouTube Vid's.

    One thing i dont understand in this video -- [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT_kDb7Pj_Q&feature=channel_page[/ame] -- Is at the 7:59 mark. This is were he blends the grass and sand together. I have tried and been unsuccessful, im not sure what he is doing here.

    Also, during watching these video's, he moves and does thing's that i dont understand fully. I only recently learned of the "Shift, Y, M, Ctrl" button's, that you hold those and they do certain thing's. I havent seen any "List" of all the button's/shortcut's in the "User's Manuel", maybe this could be incorporated in the next update for beginning users.

    Thanks all for your time.
  5. This is why it would be nice to have this facility, brendon probably dosn't have time to explain in in full because some of the updates are far to complicated to go into briefly. but someone explaining how to do a specific task can go into that task in more detail.
  6. That's the problem I find with the videos is that too much is assumed as known. They are not very user friendly for new users.

    In the above one: how do you select multiple points to drag the terrain out?

    I held shift and nothing happened. I looked in the help file and there is no information on selecting multiple points.

    Plus how do you get the grid\polygons to show on the terrain?
  7. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    A "List" of all the button's/shortcut's: that would be very helpfull.

  8. Maybe someone who know's this could make a post here, would greatly help us out until maybe something comes out in a future update of BTB.

    Or, what would really help us out, is in each section of the User's Manuel, like say Edit Terrain, every "tab/Red Bold Print" in there for example Anchor's, Faces, Adding Terrain Area's, Materials would have a list of button's and each of there uses. Then go into the Materials "tab", explaining how Blending works with what buttons.

    Maybe im asking for a bit to much here, but I believe this would greatly help out us Beginners, making it that much easier to understand. In term, we tell our friends "Hey man im making a track its very easy to understand BTB, and get started, you should check it out". Now Friend goes and tries it, decides he wants to build some tracks and buys it.
    But if most thing's that are more complex then just laying out the track, throwing some grass in and calling it a day are just Assumed then we are going to be confused and not know what we are doing, resulting in poorer made tracks, and now the friend hear's this "Hey man im making a track but its pretty hard, and the user's manuel isnt of much help either. Im think im going to give up on it, do something else".

    Just found this in another thread which i didnt know of, which talks about merging tracks together.

    For intersections I now use the new 3d editing for combining/overlaying.
    It's absolutely brilliant for merging off camber roads which most of mine are.

    I just add new sections ( ctrl left click ) where needed and adjust in the 3d window live!:woop: , Possibly the single best advance yet well one of many!....
    grab a node and move left or right up or down.

    Me too. In previous versions it was difficult to work out which point in the 2d cross-section window corresponded to what I was looking at in the 3d window, but now things are much easier.

    Piddy did say use 'y' for up and down but it works without!
    It locks the movement direction to up/down in the 3d view. And X locks it from side to side, also in the 3d window.
  9. Pressing the W key [W for wireframe] cycles through wireframe, wireframe+terrain and terrain in the 3d view.

    A list of keyboard controls would certainly be useful, but why not assemble one ourselves rather than asking Brendon to do it?

    My first contribution's above :) - I'd be happy to make up a list and maybe get it 'stickied' at the top if you'll all post any you know of.

    To be frank, I don't think there are that many though . .
  10. m=joint track
    ctrl = added extra nodes to wall/road.
    j=jump to location on 3d map
    shift= selected multi points
  11. Cheers!

    Am I right that there's also
    control = deselect a previously selected point ?
  12. @chub :well i tryed it on terrain,objects ,does the same adds objects.?

    left mouse+lasso+delete =deletes all object selected
    shift+mouse right+mouse move = rotate camera axis view
    shift+middle mouse+mouse move = speedy left/right
  13. bump
  14. I Like the idea of video tutorials, but Id still rather/also prefer to have a written tutorial with images) as well.

    It might be an idea for us to compile a thread which contains none of this conversation, and only keyboard shortcuts, hints, tips etc, and perhaps start another forum section specifically for written tutorials (With or without video links).