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How to make AI use your own car setups

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Marco Versele, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    When driving a race weekend in GSC, I was always a bit disappointed to see the AI's top speed was limited.
    It made me go for a search to change the AI behaviour, and I found a post in RaceDepartment http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/how-to-change-ai-setups.9002
    That didn't change anything and did not work for me. I could not make it function.
    After some further searching I found what I needed (http://fatbob56.com/forum/mcomod/viewtopic.php?t=145), but the solution is somewhat spread over several posts.
    So, to make life easier for the interested, here's a description of how you can make the AI use your own setups: don't be overwhelmed by the procedure: it seems complicated at first site, but it really is all very logic.

    WARNING! ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL FILES! You won't be able to go online withe modified track.gdb or vehicle.veh files!

    Make a decent car setup you want the AI to use for, let's say, a Porsche 997 RSR GTE, that I want to use in Le Mans 2014. I named it 997RSR_LM24.svm.

    Look for the relevant track.gdb file in the folder \GameData\Locations\track or, in my case: \GameData\Locations\SR_LeMans\SR_LeMans.gdb, and open it with notepad. At the end of the file you'll find some lines like:
    SettingsFolder = SR24h_2014
    SettingsCopy = Grip.svm
    SettingsCopy = 24h2014.svm
    SettingsAI = 24h_2014.svm

    We're interested in the line how you should name the AI setup (SettingsAI = ***.svm), which in my case would be: SettinsAI = 24h_2014.svm

    ATTENTION! This is the moment to check a crucial step for the AI setup to work: the structure of the AI setup needs to be the same as the structure of SettingsFolder in the lines at the end of the track.gdb file.
    (SettingsFolder = SR24h_2014 in my case). So in the track.gdb file I had to change the line SettingsAI = 24h_2014.svm to SettingsAI = SR24h_2014.svm.
    If the structure of the AI setup doesn't match with the SettingsFolder, your adjustments won't work!

    Look for the car setup you made by going to \GameData\UserData\YOURNAME\Settings\track directory, and copy your car setup.
    Rename the copy to the SettingsAI name you found (or changed) in the track.gdb file. In my case: I changed 997RSR_LM24.svm to SR24h_2014.svm.
    Now copy your renamed car setup file to the directory of your vehicle: \GameData\Vehicles\vehiclemodname\YOURVEHICLETYPE\,
    or in my case: I copied SR24h_2014.svm to \GameData\Vehicles\EnduranceSeries\GTE\Porsche_997RSR\ directory.

    Start GSC, go to the garage and select The AI setup, or in my case I selected SR24h_2014.svm. Then click on the assign button.
    Now all the cars where you copied a AISettings.svm in their respective vehicles folder will use your setup!

    You can repeat this procedure for any other type of car in exactly the same manner, so that all different types of car use all their own setup made by you.

    Warning! : the new AI behaviour can be altered by the new setup, so you might adjust the AI strength at your level.

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  2. Its not working for me mate??

    Can you help?
  3. I installed a mod FN2008 F£ Formula Nippion Cars, Created a Championship. Tested Several times doing a raceweekend to test setup for AI. Nothing>
    Took InterlagosGP and created a good setup. I then went to Gamedata/Locations/Interlagos/InterlagosGP and opened the file to edit. I scrolled to the bottom but all I had was the SettingsFolder = Interlagos so I added underneath the text CopySettings= and SettingsAI =.

    I then went to my game folder to UserData/My Name/Settings/Interlagos and found my setup, I copied and pasted in same folder calling it Interlagos.svm.

    I then pasted this Interlagos.svm in GameData/Vehicles/FN2008/All Teams/EACH INDIVIDUAL TEAM FOLDER and into each vehicle folder that I wanted to use the setup, I mean into each actual team folder which contaings the paint of car and Vehicle files.

    I then went back to the track file and changed to read:
    SettingsFolder = Interlagos
    CopySettings = Interlagos.svm
    SettingsAI = Interlagos.svm

    I purposely put the fuel on each stint to test if ai where pitting after 3 or 4 laps but they dont, nothing, they did the 30 lap race no stops mate.

    Started many race weekends top test, loaded, went to settings, selected the Interlagos setup and pressed assign many times.

    They dont pit and there is no change what so ever in the laptimes from when i didnt try to assign the setup, no pits so i know its not working, maybe something i am doing??

    The Vehicle folders where I put are structured like below:

    GameData/Vehicles/FN2008/(here it has a ALL TEAMS folder and all the car files) -- Do I Drop it here or
    GameData/Vehicles/FN2008/ALL TEAMS//(here it has a Each Individual Team Folder folder and all the car files)
    EG. TEAM 1
    TEAM 2
    TEAM 3 and so on.

    In each team folder it has its car paint scheme etc and vehicle files, this is where i have being putting the Interlagos.svm , I have also pasted in the higher directories but still nothing.

    Spent 6 hours trying yesterday, no joy, really really want this mate. Please Help
  4. Colin, I have assigned my setups to AI in the past.

    I did basically what you describe but I seem to remember having to change a setting in plr file as well - have you looked in there? Look for Fixed setups and change it to 1, and also Fixed AI setups.
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  5. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    This is indeed a possibility, BUT:
    1. Then you don't need to apply the hole procedure described in my post.
    2. All the drivers, yourself included, use that same setup, and it is not possible to modify the slightest thing in your setup when you want to go that little bit faster or smoother.
  6. So Marco, are you saying you can give the AI a setup without using the Fixed option? That would be great if it is possible.
    I had the problem you describe - I was able to reach 200mph along the straight at the old Hockenheim circuit, but the AI were only in the 180s. I used Fixed setups to solve it, but I really wanted to find another way.
    I will try what you say, but it does not seem to be working for Colin.
  7. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    Colin, You don't mention in your post that you assigned the setup to AI (see my point 4.) The thing is: you can make 10 different setups, and each one will be named Interlagos.svm, but assigned to a different team. By starting the game and clicking the assign button with your own Interlagos.svm selected, all AI will use their own different Interlagos.svm. Then you select your original good setup (don't give it the same name as the AI-setups, to be sure), and there you go with all drivers running each their own setup made by you.
  8. Marco, hats off to you, it really works, thank you. I was trying to do this for ages a while back!
    I can finally let the AI go quicker at Hockenheim and still keep my own setup :)
  9. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    Fine! I'm glad for you!
  10. Thanks guys, but Marcos I am clicking assign, I load up the interlagos race weekend, in all practices I press assign and even before the race, still nothing, is that where you are talking about to press assign, in the pits setup??

    "Started many race weekends top test, loaded, went to settings, selected the Interlagos setup and pressed assign many times.
    They dont pit and there is no change what so ever in the laptimes from when i didnt try to assign the setup, no pits so i know its not working, maybe something i am doing??
  11. Giving up, re-installing, maybe something to do with all the mods I have in, gonna start fresh from the start.
  12. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    Applying your setup should change their top speed, cornering capabilities, tyre wear etc.
    I am not totally sure about the following, but I think AI can drive for ever and ever regardless of the fuel in the tank (??) Anyway, you can make the AI pit by the following procedure that I found here:

    Read and apply, and see what is the result.

    Check the top speed of the AI by making them use a ridiculous low speed setup, and verify. That way you know if the setup is applied or not. Then try the pitstop strategies.

    CAUTION!! Take a backup of your .gdb files of the track, because you won't be able to go online with the modified track data!!

    Good luck!
  13. hmm, I was trying regarding pits not looking at speeds, maybe that's working and they just not pitting. I will try and let you know dude, thanksagain
  14. Pits works mate, thanks so so much, will test speeds and laptimes.now
  15. I'm sorry to necro this thread, but I just purchased this game yesterday and am very interested in exactly what this thread describes.

    However, I have purchased GSCE, and this thread appears to explain how to do this for the original GSC. I've found most things to match up, but there's no "assign" option that I see anywhere to assign the setup to an AI. Is this still possible with GSCE? Or is there anyway to edit individual AI setups with GSCE or did they remove this ability with the new game?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. Yes it should definitely still work, but the word 'assign' is misleading, that has never actually been in the options on the setup page.
    Once you have loaded the required setup in, click on 'favourite' and this will make it the 'assigned' setup.
  17. PieterN

    Premium Member

    Isn't it the 'favourite 'setup the one that is preloaded for yourself to use ?
  18. Gringo

    Premium Member

    There is a manual method that places a copy of your setup SVM file to the class folder of the cars you are using. You rename the SVM to the name of the track the setup is built for.

    You get the track name from the first line in the track GDB.

    Filter Properties = StockV8 *
    Attrition = 30
    TrackName = Autopolis
    GrandPrixName = Autopolis //This must be the same as event name in order to sort circuit info correctly.
    EventName = Autopolis
    VenueName = Autopolis
    Location = Autopolis, Japan
    Length = 4.650 km / 2.880 mi
    TrackType = Permanent Circuit
    Track Record = N/A
    TerrainDataFile= Autopolis.tdf

    Max Vehicles = 45

    GarageDepth = 3.0
    RacePitKPH = 60
    NormalPitKPH = 60
    Practice1Day = Friday
    Practice1Start = 09:30
    Practice1Duration = 60
    Practice2Day = Friday
    Practice2Start = 12:30
    Practice2Duration = 60
    Practice3Day = Saturday
    Practice3Start = 11:00
    Practice3Duration = 60
    QualifyDay = Saturday
    QualifyStart = 14:30
    QualifyDuration = 60
    QualifyLaps = 20
    RaceDay = Sunday
    RaceStart = 13:00
    RaceLaps = 50
    RaceTime = 180

    SettingsFolder = Autopolis

    Latitude = -23 // degs from Equator (range: -90 to 90, positive is Northern Hemisphere)
    NorthDirection = 0 // the direction of North in degrees (range: 0 to 359)
    RaceDate = March 3 // default date for the race

    FogIntervals = (330,180,1080,150)

    SunriseAmbientRGB = (54,57,84)
    SunriseDirectionalRGB = (223,156,96)
    SunriseFogRGB = (98,85,85)
    SunriseFogin = (0)
    SunriseFogout = (1000)
    //SunriseFogDensity = (-1.000000)

    DayAmbientRGB = (130,130,140)
    DayDirectionalRGB = (255,245,230)
    DayFogRGB = (74,94,130)
    DayFogin = (0)
    DayFogout = (2250)
    //DayFogDensity = (-1.000000)

    SunsetAmbientRGB = (114,119,141)
    SunsetDirectionalRGB = (255,173,91)
    SunsetFogRGB = (62,69,85)
    SunsetFogin = (0)
    SunsetFogout = (1000)
    //NightFogDensity = (-1.000000)

    NightAmbientRGB = (12,16,20)
    NightDirectionalRGB = (10,10,12)
    NightFogRGB = (0,0,0)
    NightFogin = (0)
    NightFogout = (1500)
    //NightFogDensity = (-1.000000)

    QualPitKPH = 60
    //FormationAndStart=0 // 0=standing start, 1=formation lap & standing start, 2=lap behind safety car & rolling start, 3=use track default, 4=fast rolling start
    FormationSpeedKPH = 90

    // Pitstop locations in order from front to back, with the number
    // of vehicles sharing each pit ... if the order needs to be
    // reversed on an individual track, set "ReversePitOrder=1" in
    // the track-specific GDB file.
    // These are now "pit group" names, not necessarily team names.
    // In the VEH file, the pit group defaults to the team name but
    // can be overridden by defining "PitGroup=<name>".

    PitOrderByQualifying = false // whether to set the pit order in the race by qualifying results

    // format is: PitGroup = <# of vehicles sharing pit>, <groupname>
    PitGroup = 2, Group1
    PitGroup = 2, Group2
    PitGroup = 2, Group3
    PitGroup = 2, Group4
    PitGroup = 2, Group5
    PitGroup = 2, Group6
    PitGroup = 2, Group7
    PitGroup = 2, Group8
    PitGroup = 2, Group9
    PitGroup = 2, Group10
    PitGroup = 2, Group11
    PitGroup = 2, Group12
    PitGroup = 2, Group13
    PitGroup = 2, Group14
    PitGroup = 2, Group15

    In this case the first line in the GDB is "Autopolis"... don't use "TrackName = " because that could be any text and is used by the UI for the track list.

    Now that we have the track name the rest is straight forward. Take note in the GDB of this line "SettingsFolder = Autopolis" This is the folder that your setups will be saved under "USERDATA\yourname\SETTINGS\"

    Rename your AI SVM setup file to "Autopolis.svm" and copy it to the Class folder for the car you made the setup for. For example the Super V8 class folder is "SuperV8"... the Formula Extreme class folder is "F_Extreme"... and so on. You could just copy your AI setup to the "Vehicles" folder but that might cause trouble for other car types that you use at Autopolis.

    If you generate a trace.txt log you will see references as the game attempts to locate and load a custom AI setup. Its one way to confirm your setup is being loaded.

    One thing about AI setups... other than basic things like wing settings and gear ratios, don't spend to much time on them because of the simplified AI physics.

  19. PieterN

    Premium Member

    Thanks Gregory,

    I'm asking because at some tracks the AI oversteers a lot and causes crashes. Like Phillip Island and Pukekohe. I'm attempting to give the AI a more stable setup by adjusting the ARB's for instance. Or do you think that doesn't help ?

    Good tip by the way about using the trace.txt to see if the AI actually uses the intended setup. Up until now i was testing by trial and error (1 litre of fuel for the AI and checking if they run out of fuel....)
  20. Pieter,
    the fuel is something entirely different, don't waste your time there :) The AI decide for themselves what fuel they use.

    If you want to test that they are using your setups, change the downforce or gearing and watch them on a long straight e.g you will see their top speed change at the end of the straight depending on the downforce settings .